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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Gold; Best Pokemon Author; MotY'10]

Served his purpose? Is that all they are to you? Tools to be used?!” My cheeks sparked with electricity. I could not believe this. Here I had walked straight into another trap and I realised too late that Rye was right. His father was bad news and I should have stayed away. But I wanted so much to prove him wrong I dragged the others into danger with me. It was unforgivable. I was unforgivable.

“Of course they’re tools! What else would I make them for?” Virok continued. “I have a whole army of tools which I will soon employ to kill Deoxys. He is a threat and he must be eliminated. You Light Pokemon,” – he spat the words – “are too weak and powerless for the job. You can only heal for Arceus’ sake! How on earth can you ever hope to beat him!”

That surprised me. He knew I could heal… how? What else did he know? Did he know the other powers that I would gain? My strengths and weaknesses? Had the tracer worked after all? No, that wasn’t it. He’d been spying on me from the very start. Rakai had something to do with this, I knew it. And Tali… Oh no. I’d left her alone with Lani.

“You’re crazy!” I shouted up at the Electivire. “I need to go… I have to go help!” I panicked and turned to run, but a tight grip clamped down across my waist, pinning me to the spot.

“My dear Pikachu, you are going nowhere. You will see nothing. Except perhaps the inside of my dungeon.” He smirked. “Rakai is dealing with your friends as I speak. I expect the Buizel will be quite relieved to see him again.”

“Let me go!” I cried angrily, lashing out with electric attacks, but they were no use against Virok. He was the same type as I was; my weak attacks would have absolutely no effect. “Lani, Tali!” I cried. Too late had I seen the warning, now I would pay the price.


Halfway to the medical wing and Tali was beginning to regret she had agreed to haul Lani there. The Houndoom was heavier than she looked, and even with the help of her powers it was still a strain. The Buizel set the Houndoom down and panted. “I sure hope that Pikachu knows what she’s doing,” she muttered haughtily.

She didn’t trust Zanna, not like Dash did. Then again, she was never quick to trust these days. How could she? After everything she had known was torn apart… How could she trust anyone ever again? Shaking the thoughts aside, Tali sighed and prepared to set off once more.

“Tali. Fancy seeing you here.”

Her ears pricked instantly and the Buizel raised her head. No, it can’t be.

The Weavile in front of her grinned, guessing her thoughts. “Aye, but it is. I’ve long awaited for your return, my dear.”

Tali’s eyes widened and wavered ever so slightly. “R-Rakai…” She barely had a clear thought in her head. This was the one who had caused all her pain. This was the one whom she hated with her entire being. And yet…

The Buizel immediately forsook Lani’s side and bounded over to Rakai, grasping him tightly around the waist. “Rakai, I missed you so much!” She was proud, but not proud enough to stop the tears from flowing. It was all like a dream. She had waited so long for this. So long.

Rakai held a paw to her head, resting it lightly and tousling her fur. “I am sorry, Tali. There were things I had to do; things that called to me.”

“Why?!” Tali took a sudden step back and screamed. “Why did you leave?! You said you’d never leave me! But you were just like the rest! Worthless and weak and scum! I should never have trusted you, NEVER!” She inched forward and struck out with a paw. The blow connected to Rakai’s chest directly, for he failed to move to the side. The Weavile just withstood the attack and grunted, which caused the Buizel to grow even angrier. “TO HELL WITH YOU!” She struck out again and again, each time her paws thumping weaker against his chest. The Weavile bore it. “ARGH!” This time when she aimed for Rakai’s face he caught her paw mid-strike. Tali gasped in surprise.

“That’s quite enough of that,” Rakai said with firm conviction. He pulled her in and sealed her mouth with his in one brief stroke.

Tali, who was still infuriated, felt the anger ebbing away at the contact. She felt herself melt into his arms again, as she once had done a lifetime ago, when things were different. When she was different. Happy and bubbling and carefree. But this…This was a lie. And I will never forgive myself.

Tali broke from the contact and drew away, gasping and hurt. She wiped a paw across her mouth deftly. “You don’t love me,” she hissed with poison. “You can’t anymore.”

Shock flitted across Rakai’s face, and he tried a hurt expression. “My dear, that stings. Of course I adore y-”

But the Weavile was cut off as Tali’s paw slashed across his face, this time with fierce impact. Rakai doubled back from the blow and snarled. “You’re going to wish you’d never done that.”

Heart pounding, the Buizel readied for a counter attack, pleading with her thoughts to leave her alone. He does not love me, he does not love me, he can’t love me, she repeated to herself firmly. He is tainted now; whatever was left of his heart is long gone. Long…gone.

Another tear slid down her cheek and she whisked it away with a paw. Now was no time to be sappy and sentimental. This Weavile deserved to pay. Most of all for kissing her like that! THE NERVE!

Tali lunged and Rakai dodged, anticipating her attack. She was too slow; she’d have to gain speed. Using agility, she lunged again, but again Rakai dodged. To outsiders it would have seemed like a dance the two were having, but it was a deadly serenade.

“Oh my,” Rakai crooned, “how slow you have gotten!” He let out a harsh laugh as Tali struck out once, twice, three times. None made contact, however.

“Stay still so I can strike, you coward!” Tali taunted. But she was breathing way too hard – anger had taken hold over her mind. Red hot, seething anger.

Rakai was as cool as could be. He dodged the Buizel’s attacks with ease, though never seeming to strike back. He withstood her assault. And when Tali halted to regain her breath, the Weavile was upon her in an instant. He knocked her to the ground with a paw and raised a foot, sliding it across her stomach and pinning her in place.

Tali gasped, breathless, unable to move an inch. “G-get off me!” she wheezed.

Rakai lowered his gaze to hers with a smirk, but his eyes – once glaring and vicious – seemed to have softened. “Tali. Please understand that I did what I had to do for our safety. It was the only way.”

“Our safety?” Tali spat with such ferocity Rakai’s foot wavered. “There was no ‘our’ involved! It was always you, Rakai. You and you alone. If you were so concerned about me, then how come you ignored me all those times I tried to talk to you? How come you never once told me what was going on? You never shared anything with me! After all that, am I supposed to trust you now? AM I?”

“No.” It was not a threat, but a fact. Rakai knew that even now Tali would not trust him, nor would she believe a word he said. He may be dark, but there was still shame that resided in his heart for the way he had treated the one he once loved.

“So then…what?” Tali stared up at the Weavile curiously. If he was not here to fight, then what was he doing here? “What do you want!?”

Rakai remained still, a stone-cold expression staring down at her. With a sigh, he lifted his foot off her and turned. “I would have died to protect you.” The words came out in a whisper. “I was willing to offer my life to those I protected. I am what I am because there was no other choice. To stop Deoxys we all had to become stronger. This was the price I had to pay.” The Weavile arched his head round an inch, locking eyes with the shocked Buizel. “I am sorry…Truly.”

Tali’s eyes wavered, her heart pounded. “Ra…kai-” But her words were cut short as the Weavile deftly picked her up with a claw. She was too stunned to utter a sound, least of all fight back.

“I would have died to protect you…”

Tali closed her eyes with sorrow, not wishing for the Weavile to see the tears that slipped down her fur as he walked off with her thrown over his shoulder. Rakai, what have you become?

In all the confusion she was dimly aware that Lani’s body was getting further and further away, and that several pairs of red eyes were now surrounding them.


A creak greeted them as they entered a dark room. A cage. The walls were stripped and bare. Unlike the cool marble surfaces of the halls above, the dungeon was cased in stone bricks dripping with ice.

The Weavile steered Tali into the cage and tossed her upright, pushing her to the ground. She struggled to stay upright and not crash into the wall as Rakai slid the cell door shut behind him. When she found her balance, all she could do was stare at the Weavile. He caught her gaze but remained expressionless.

In the turmoil, Tali had cut her paw. It was now Rakai lowered his eyes to the bright red gash which she fondled cautiously. That was all he did, however, and turned without a word. Tali was furious.

“Is that it?! Are you just going to leave again?!” The cry of her anguished voice echoed off the walls, combining with the crash of the gate as she grasped the bars firmly.

The Weavile halted and paused. When he turned to her his face was savage. “I never left!” he snarled, grasping her paws with such force Tali yelped in surprise. “I haven’t left! I am still here protecting-”

“STOP!” Tali shook Rakai away, falling back to the ground. “Stop saying…that you’re still here. You haven’t been here in a long time, Rakai. I think I’ve known that but I never wanted to admit it. I always thought there would be a time when I could be with you again, and things would be like they used to. I now know that it will never happen…the future I had been fighting for won’t happen. And, Rakai, that scares me...”

The Weavile was panting hard with rage, but he was looking at her with an odd look. Remorse? Shame? Tali found she could not speak another word. Her courage had abandoned her. She had admitted she was scared. She had tossed aside her pride and admitted it. She felt so…so fragile. Especially now under Rakai’s gaze.

But the Weavile merely stared at Tali with a quiet contempt. His face now held a smirk not unlike her own, she noticed. When he next opened his mouth it was not to belittle her, or to cry out with rage. “If things had been different, the situation now might be, too. For what it is worth, I really did miss you…Taliana. I really did try to protect you.”

Tali’s eyes widened. The words from his mouth had stunned her, in particular, the use of her full name. She was better known as Tali these days. Indeed, many had forgotten it was not her birth-name. But Rakai had never forgotten it. For a split second the Buizel let down her guard, a tear sliding down her cheek.

The Weavile turned almost instantly, so she was unable to see if he’d noticed. She didn’t care. What did it matter to him now if he made her cry? So she was silent as he strode up the stairs, only to break into a million pieces when his shadow had disappeared from her sight once more.

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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