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Default Re: _|-Individual RP: Xpenditure-|_

Ranger : Leo

Location : Mt. Deckbi


"Swampert, use Foresight and follow it with Muddy Water but don't actually attack it with Muddy Water. Just surround it so it's trapped. Then use Water Gun!" A red beam of light shot out of Swampert and was headed straight for Growlithe. The small puppy Pokemon raised its eyebrows as it watched the beam hit him. He notice any change so he ignored it. Swampert took in a deep breath, trying to pull in as much water as he could from the extremely hot area. It wasn't going to be a lot, but it was something.

Swampert let out a brownish liquid from his mouth as a small bubble like structure surrounded Growlithe. Growlithe looked a bit scared, but didn't back down. Growlithe's eyes glowed red as he opened his mouth and formed a small ball of fire. The fire was quickly put out as Swampert's Water Gun hit it hard. Growlithe growled a little as he began charging another Flamethrower attack.

Growlithe roared loudly. I could see the rays from Sunny Day shining down on him as he created another ball of fire in his mouth. This was going to be a strong attack. I had expected him to attack Swampert, but instead he used it on the bubble. When it made contact with the bubble it created a small gaseous mist that covered the field. It was like a small steam room, it was that plus the heat from the sun and Sunny Day that made the area incredibly hot.

I looked over at Jake to see how he'd respond.


On-going battles: Growlith [75% Att-1] vs Swampert [95%]

Area Effects: Intense heat

MCR: 1427/9ooo

Trainer: Jake Fennet

Location: Mt. Deckbi

Area Effects: None

Encounters Remaining: 13

Money: $35oo

Items: 5 Superballs
5 Pokedoll
3 Max Potions
2 Soothing Fragrance


Pokemon: Zoroark
Nickname: Shadow
Gender: Female
Ability: Illusion
Nature: Timid
Other Info: Likes to stay out of it's ball.

Pokemon: Swampert
Nickname: IDK
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Careful
Other Info:None

Pokemon: Hydregion
Nickname: Reg
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Brave
Other Info:None

Pokemon Encountered: Roggenrola, Growlithe

Pokemon Captured: Roggenrola, Female, Calm
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