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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Time for Magias gym 4.

Gym theme: Ice
Gym Location: Boreal Town
Town Sign: Boreal Town, lighting the way for others.
Trainers: Schoolboy, Skier
Leader: Aura


Schoolboy Tommy
Opening text: Hiya! My class never gets snow days but sometimes she lets us help at the gym instead of doing homework.

Snorunt lvl 22 Protect, Headbutt, Icy Wind, Bite

Closing text: Ugh. Maybe I should do my homework.


Skier Anthony
Opening text: Hey there. Get ready for a black slope battle.

Spheal lvl 23 Body Slam, Ice Ball, Water Gun, Encore

Closing text: Woah! Can't stop can't stop can'tstopcan'tstopcan'tsto-THUD!


Gym Leader Aura
Opening text: So you beat those amateurs and now you think you're hot stuff, huh? Well let me show you how wrong you are. My Pokémon will unleash the full power of ice and snow upon you, in all its power and beauty, just like the aurora up above.

Froslass lvl 34 Confuse Ray, Ominous Wind, Icy Wind, Ice Fang
Jynx lvl 33 Ice Punch, Sweet Kiss, Wake-Up Slap, Heart Stomp
Glaeon lvl 34 Bite, Quick Attack, Icy Wind, Sand Attack
Cloyster lvl 36 Toxic Spikes, Aurora Beam, Spike Cannon, Supersonic

Closing text: WHAAAT!!? Impossible. You must have cheated somehow. Here. Take this Beauty Badge and leave. And I'll give you the TM for Ice Punch if you never speak of this to anyone. It lets you attack the opponent and has a chance of freezing them. Now get out of my gym.

So, half the gyms in Magias region are complete. I'll get the other four done later.