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Default Re: KantoBreeder - Treecko - Mountain

Round 1

Opening Stats

[-] Aggron (M)
Ability: Rock Head
HP: 100
Energy: 100
Moves: Iron Defense

[Orophin] Treeko (M)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 100
Energy: 100
Moves: Grass Knot

Orophin was smaller and could move much faster than the large clunky piece of metal. It hand began to glow green and he focused near the giant's feet. Suddenly two huge vines exploded from the ground and coiled around the Aggron's ankle. Treecko then seemed to struggle, but finally, the beast came toppling to the ground. It shook the earth. It cause a lot of damage, but also a lot of energy.[Grass Knot; Orophin: -22 Energy / Aggron: -21 HP]
After being knocked down he roared loudly. He pushed himself back up to a standing position. His metal body seemed to shine and glow. Then when it vanished he roared again, angry at the little treecko.[Iron Defense; Aggron: -3 Energy, +2 DEF]

Round Over

Ending Stats

[-] Aggron (M)
Ability: Rock Head
HP: 79
Energy: 97
Stats: +2 DEF

[Orophin] Treeko (M)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 100
Energy: 78


What would you like to do?

1- Attack
2- Capture
3- Run

You have 26 Safari Points left.


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