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Default Re: [WAR X] Villainous Incorporated: League of Evil

I'm thinking of joining the rp, but it depends on the theme and other stuff like whether I get inspiration for a character that fits with both the theme and V.I.L.E. It will also be my first rp, and english isn't even my native language o.O however, for being a 8th grader(we start 1st grade at the age of 7) I'm atleast decent in english. I have around(dunno your system so I'll just post mine) VG-MVG with our system. our scale is like this:

MVG:mycket väl godkänt=very well graduated: highest grade
VG:väl godkänt= well graduated: between G and MVG
G: godkänt= graduated
IG: inte godkänt= not graduated: lowest grade

consider that this is for a country where we start reading english when we are 9, and barely knows yes and no before that.
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