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Default Favourite Non-Legendary Unovian Ice Type?

(This poll was made because Simmi said his avatar was cuter than mine. :[)

Ice is probably my favourite type. Slaying dragons with spears forged from icicles? Nothing can compare. Generation Five introduced plenty a few Ice Types into the fray, and I want to know which one of the pure 5th Gen Ice types you think is best.

Name: Vanillite | Vanillish | Vanilluxe |
Species: Fresh Snow | Icy Snow | Snowstorm |
Abilities: Ice Body | Weak Armor (Hidden) |
Unova Pokedex #: 88 | 89 | 90 |
National Pokedex #: 582 | 583 | 584 |
Highest evolved form's base stats:
  • HP: 71 [346 Max.]
  • Attack: 95 [317 Max.]
  • Defense: 85 [295 Max.]
  • Special. Attack: 110 [350 Max.]
  • Special. Defense: 95 [317 Max.]
  • Speed: 79 [282 Max.]
  • Total: 535 [14th Highest Base Stat Total of all Pokemon!]

  • The line has a decent ability when used in conjunction with Abomasnow.
  • The line actually has very decent stats. Give them a new typing and a better moveset, and you have an OU contender right there.
  • They're. Freaking. Adorable. :3
  • Have you seen their German and French names? Vanillite is known as Sorbébé in French. I find that incredibly cute. Vanilluxe is known as Gelatwino (ice cream and twin) in German and Vanillish is known as Gelatroppo, which literally means 'too much ice cream'. Their names are hilarious!

  • The line don pretty decent defensive stats...but they have an awful defensive typing to really pull anything 'wallish' off.
  • They have an incredibly shallow movepool.
  • They are deemed as 'unoriginal' by many fans.

My Opinion?
Look at my avatar. My opinion? I love the Vanillite line. Easily my favourite Pokemon of the 5th Gen.


Name: Cubchoo | Beartic |
Species: Chill | Freezing |
Abilities: Snow Cloak | Rattled [as Cubchoo] / Swift Swim [as Beartic] (Hidden) |
Unova Pokedex #: 119 | 120 |
National Pokedex #: 613 | 614 |
Highest evolved form's base stats:
  • HP: 95 [394 Max.]
  • Attack: 110 [350 Max.]
  • Defense: 80 [284 Max.]
  • Special. Attack: 70 [262 Max.]
  • Special. Defense: 80 [284 Max.]
  • Speed: 50 [218 Max.]
  • Total: 485

  • I'll admit, Cubchoo is adorable.
  • Again, decent abilities when used in conjunction with Rain and Hail abusers, although Rain is preferred to boost Beartic's pitiful speed.
  • Has a very diverse movepool.

  • Again, pitiful Speed ruins its chances of ever being a top tier threat. Low speed means less sweeping oppurtunities, and if it can't sweep its best bet is walling....which it doesn't have the stats to do. Of course, this can be solved with Swift Swim.

My Opinion:
I really like Cubchoo. I started noticing how much I liked it after the Japanese event for it came out. But Beartic? Eh, it's not really grown on me as such, and I don't think it will.


Name: Cryogonal
Species: Crystallizing |
Abilities: Levitate |
Unova Pokedex #: 121 |
National Pokedex #: 615 |
Base stats:
  • HP: 70 [344 Max.]
  • Attack: 50 [218 Max.]
  • Defense: 30 [174 Max.]
  • Special. Attack: 95 [317 Max.]
  • Special. Defense: 135 [405 Max.]
  • Speed: 105 [339 Max.]
  • Total: 485

  • Cryogonal has the highest Special Defense of all non-legendary Ice type Pokemon.
  • Cryogonal definately has the best movepool by far. And it certainly has the stats to use them well.
  • It looks like a happy dude with a moustache. Instant 'cool' points, if you'll pardon the pun.

  • Despite its pretty decent stats, it is deemed an inferior Blissey. Its Ice typing also ruins whatever chance it had at defending, too.

My opinion:
Cryogonal definately makes 2nd place for me here. I loved how it looks, its just one of those 'quirky' Pokemon, and those are generally the kind of Pokemon I like. Hint: Ditto. And then whilst writing all this up, I saw its movepool. Sharpen, Slash, Night Slash, Acrobatics, Recover and Acid Armor? Among the 'strange' move choices for Cryogonal, it still learns the basic Ice Beam and even Solarbeam (my favourite move whilst typing I almost typed 'food'. Bloody Vanillite.) naturally. Yeah, I'm definitely using Cryogonal sometime.


Feel free to vote on your favourite and your reasons why. :]

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