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Default Re: [SU] Dusk of Broken Harmony [SU] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Name: Dunev

Species: Entei

Age: Roughly 36.

Gender: He be a dude. ;)


The only true variant Dunev has from this picture is a blind right eye. This eye is cloudy gray.

Dunev is proud and brave. He will never back down from a challenge, no matter how tough his opponent is - and being a Legendary Pokemon, he can usually win his fights. Dunev is an intelligent strategist like his ‘brother’ Raikou, but he knows that Raikou is better suited to be a tactician and prefers to use his expertise commanding soldiers on the battlefield. Dunev is highly proud (this often gets problematic) and his thinking is heavily based on duty, tradition, and honor. He hates Cobalion especially for turning Pokémon against people and he has a firm belief that the race as a whole is not evil. His strong sense of justice leads him to believe that mankind should not be extinguished – only the guilty should be punished. He is often quiet in everyday life but can experience temper flares. He can sense you if you approach from his blind side but it tends to make him grumpy.

History: TBA, probably to someone he trusts.

Ability: Flash Fire

Techniques: Extrasensory, Flamethrower, Eruption, Fire Blast, Fire Fang, Iron Head, Stone Edge, Body Slam, Roar, and Giga Impact.

Alliance: Erm.
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