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Default Re: aeoneeveemoon - Zorua - Mountain

Round 2

Opening Stats

[Rikki] Zorua (M)
Ability: Illusion
HP: 79
Energy: 97
Attack: Aerial Ace
Stats: +2 ATK

[-] Larvesta (F)
Ability: Flame Body
Health: 100
Energy: 95
Attack: Bug Bite
Stats: +1 SPD

The wild Larvesta was now faster and attacked first. It charged forward, opening it's jaw to reveal small, but sharp pointed teeth. It bit down on the Zorua then quickly let go. The bite quickly swelled red and created a bump. The clamp cause critical damage.[Bug Bite; Rikki: - 30 HP | Larvesta: -6 Energy]
Zorua ignored the itching that rang about in his brain and while Larvesta was close, used it's claws to slash the air in front of the wild pokemon. It sent a small shockwave that crashed into the bug for super effective damage.[Aerial Ace; Rikki: -12 Energy | Larvesta: -13 HP]

Round Over

Ending Stats

[Rikki] Zorua (M)
Ability: Illusion
HP: 49
Energy: 85
Stats: +2 ATK

[-] Larvesta (F)
Ability: Flame Body
Health: 87
Energy: 89
Stats: +1 SPD


What would you like to do?

1- Attack
2- Capture
3- Run

You have 27 Safari Points left.

How did you offend the random generator. xD