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Default Re: [SU] Dusk of Broken Harmony [SU] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Name: Dahlia Kanon

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dahlia in fact, has kept her old school uniform and wears it as average street clothes. She claims that this is because this outfit is comfortable, although certain pieces are really not. One such example is her white “blouse”, which is not snug or easy to wear, but she still keeps it for some reason. Under this is a long sliver t-shirt that falls a little past the belt line. Its sleeves reach about half way between Dahlia’s shoulders and elbows, and the edges of these are adorned with thick black lines, resembling those on her “blouse”. An observant person would notice that (well, when she takes the "blouse" off anyway) on the left sleeve, towards the top, some white thread hangs loose. It seems out of place, and is the location of the school’s crest, that Dahlia removed, but did a poor job cleaning up after.

The second half of her outfit consists of a short, dark and pleated skirt. It falls about an inch and a half above her knees, which Dahlia would never wear on its own. Because of the last point, she wears black tights, which are also part of the uniform. At the base of her legs one can find a pair of slate grey faux leather loafers, which appear to be well worn and in need of replacing.

In terms of accessories, the most prominent is her black satchel, which fits more stuff then one would imagine. The clippings are a dull silver and would need a good shining to regain their lost shimmer. Her items are somewhat well organised, and she doesn’t have too much difficulty finding the object she desires. Another accessory she wears is a small, dark watch, which always tells the right time.

As for her physical features, Dahlia has a head of long, faded maroon hair. Unlike the picture, however, it doesn’t come up at the end, and is straight as a pin all the way down. She styles it so that two thick locks hang down each side of her head. These reach down to the length of her shirt’s sleeves, and actually curve up a smidge, as depicted. Also fitting the image is the way her bangs fall, the left chunk failing to mask the matching eye. Speaking of which, her eyes are a bizarre blend of brown and purple, the closest thing being eggplant, although they’re browner then that shade. These round orbs tend to swim with insecurity and fear, the gates to her true self.

Dahlia has an average build, not too small or too large and is as a healthy weight for her age. She stands a decent 5’4, although she can appear shorter because of her bad posture. This last point combined with a smaller chest can sometimes allow the girl to pass off as younger if she chooses to dress in more childish clothing (you know, pink dresses). Her skin is also a little pale, considering all the time Dahlia spends outside…

Personality: Distant, that’s one of the better words to sum Dahlia’s behaviour. She doesn’t seem to enjoy human company, and will try and avoid all unnecessary contact with others. If she is forced into a situation where conversation (for example) is required, her responses will usually be quick, blunt and to the point. Most would be able to tell Dahlia isn’t happy with the situation; she makes no effort to hide it. In fact, the girl almost tries to emphasise this point, but, oddly enough, never actually goes out and says it. She actually rarely will out right voice a feeling, her tone and posture do the talking for her. If one irritates her for too long, Dahlia will snap at them, keeping tempers cool doesn’t seem to be her strongest domain. This, however, is limited to people, she’s pretty level headed in most other areas…

Simply, the girl is antisocial and seems to be happier alone. The key word is seems…

Dahlia doesn’t hate people; she’s just weary of them. Certain bitter events, worsened by dramatization and time, are the root of her problem. At its core, the girl’s problem is an epic lack of trust and faith in others. This has caused a shift in her behaviour, which, basically, is her shield, an attempt to keep pain and betrayal away. Deep down, Dahlia would love to have human friends, but fear keeps her from doing so. In fact, she tends to lean on paranoia if dependent on someone for anything of importance, afraid it’ll end badly for her.

Oddly, she tends to be a hopeless romantic, and often finds herself reading books in the romance genre and Shojo manga. This fact, Dahlia keeps very much to herself, her Pokémon being the only ones to know. Speaking of her team, these are the rare creatures that see the girl’s lighter, softer, more caring side. Sadly, even to her trusted Pokémon, the girl hasn’t really shared too much, losing the opportunity to finally let it all out….

History: Eh, I gave a few hints in the previous section, so I’ll leave this for the RP ;3

Pokémon: Dahlia doesn’t believe in the enslavement of Pokémon, so hers would lean more on befriended.

Yanma, M, Flitter
Flitter is Dahlia’s starter, and is probably the closest to her. He is a loyal, trusting and kind creature, leaning on being passive natured. Despite the last points, however, the dragonfly is disgusted at the Musketeers, seeing their actions as shameful and unnecessary.
In battle, he lacks both offense and defence, but is dangerously cunning and uses speed and toxic to his advantage. Basically, his behaviour swaps when the gloves come off…

Meowth, F, Min
Min is a very observant cat that notices even the most obscure of movements and makes a habit of never forgetting a face. She looks up to Dahlia, seeing as the girl adopted her from the cardboard box she’d been abandoned in.
When it comes to fighting, she utilises her speed to avoid taking blows. Almost sadistically, Min loves to target an enemy’s eyes, and if the battle is serious, will not be afraid to blind…

Arcanine, M, Garnet
Garnet acts as the protector of the team and tends to be more aggressive than the others. He also hates to be idle for too long, enjoying a fast paced life. Unlike Flitter and Min, the canine actually sees Dahlia as a superior, and usually listens to her.
Easily the strongest member of the group, Garnet has speed, offense and decent defences, which he exploits in combat. Like the others, however, he likes to emphasis his swiftness and would rather avoid attacks then tank them…

Alliance: She leans heavily on the Beasts fraction. Expect her to join them, unless something unexpected happens… (For now, she’s alliance free, so I guess neutral would work?)

(Note, Dahlia hates to be called Dolly and also doesn’t like to be referenced with the Arcade Star that goes by the same name. Lia, on the other hand, she wouldn’t mind to be called.)

Haha, first time a character of mine shares the same name with a canon character!

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