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Default Re: [SU] Dusk of Broken Harmony [SU] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Name: Blaire Kailon

Age: 23

Gender: Female


Rather than the torn top, imagine it more of a crimson blouse that allows Blaire comfort, a business look, but enough freedom to defend herself. She wears a (too) short skirt, just long enough to get by without being called easy. She wears flats, and leggings. As for accessories, she has a backpack and a belt for her PokeBalls. Fingerless gloves, something she picked up from the street, are the only sign that she knows how to defend herself, and various scars show that she isn't afraid to either.

Personality: Blair tolerates no slacking, joking, or tardiness where work is applied. She likes things to be done quickly, efficiently, and with as little cost as possible. However, if the situation so arises, she had been known to rid herself of some "expendables".

History: Blaire grew up in a shattered home. Her mother was crippled for life by an attack from wild Pokemon, and could not do much more than lay in bed. The doctors were not sure if she could hear or feel, but Blaire spent much time at her side.

Blaire's father worked his life away to provide for his family, stuck with a factory job and not enough shifts or money. Eventually he turned to illegal Pokemon fighting, which became an addiction for him. So while her father was at a fight and the nurse was taking care of Blaire's mother, she sat alone in her room teaching herself to read, write, and any other skills she deemed necessary.

By the time Blair was 15, her mother had died and her father had taken up drinking. By this time, Blaire had also begun illegal activities. She joined a local gang where she learned machinery work, lock picking, pickpocketing, and various other useful skills. She was caught one day, having trusted the gang, and they turned her in.

In the short while Blaire had been imprisoned, it had hardened her and turned her heart to steel. She came to see Pokemon merely as tools for human survival, and a scourge to be destroyed at worst. So when war was declared, she decided to join Agana in her conquest to enslave all Pokemon.


Thor - Eelektross (M)
Shiva - Froslass (F)
Alastor - Spiritomb (M)
Era - Staraptor (F)
Ren - Milotic (F)
Asim - Rayquaza (F)

Alliance: Human Alliance

Long enough?
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