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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Discussion

Originally Posted by Mr420 View Post
I haven't on a similar note:

on my Japan Global Link I have two new announcements 1st has a picture of Porygon and my translator only got this much

"Book Toku Toku Maru Maru 3 major campaings to play" (with a date of 5/18..)

the 2nd had a picture of a brown coffee cup and the caption there was
"PokeKafe X PGL collaboration can do it" (with 2 dates- 5/13 & 5/28)
^this one had an interesting picture inside if you clicked it.
pictured is Smeargle, i cant tell if its poliwrath, Eevee, Pikachu, Simipour/sear/sage in what looks like a woodsy outdoor cafe or restaurant

Does this mean ANYthing to anyone on the forum?.?.?
Pokemon cafe is a Japanese Pokemon Center promotion. The cafe apaprently has something to do with the dream world and they're now making merchandise of it xD

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