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Talking Re: I beat pokemon diamond

Congrats on beating Diamond. Try Black and / or White now. I'm kinda in the same boat.

I let a friend borrow my Diamond. He beat it, traded ALL his Pokemon to Platinum when he bought a copy, then gave back my game. I have new file started on it that has YET to be played. I have Pearl and Platinum with completed games so it's not like I haven't experienced them.

I let my nephew borrow my HeartGold, while I beat SoulSilver. We helped each other fill our Pokedexes. He didn't want to give back HeartGold after he worked so hard on it, so when he got his income taxes he bought me a borrowed copy from GameStop. I have a file started with a complete team bred then traded from my SoulSilver. That game has YET to beaten.

I'm currently beating Black. I have YET to beat White which has a team bred and traded over from Black, and is ready to be played.

The point, I guess is, I know how you FEEL - - LOL!!!
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