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Default .:~*POLL: Sprite of the Week #10*~:.

.:~*Logo by Tombi.*~:.

The poll for this SotW round. Voting will close next week (May 6, 2011), and the winner will be announced here.

Please note, however, that there is one main rule to really consider: You cannot vote for yourself. How will I know, you ask? Well, you see...I have set it so that I--and everyone else--can see who voted for what. So, heh. Also, the severity of the consequence for doing so will depend. If you did the first time intentionally then you will be verbally noted and warned/encouraged not to do this again; if you do this again intentionally, you will be disqualified. And then if you do it AGAIN after that, you will be banned from participating in the next SotW. Sorry, but I personally don't have much tolerance for such a thing....

The best thing is that we had a LOT of participation this time around; the most we've had in a while. Please keep this up, because the more people the more competition (sorta) and the more interesting things can get.

The entrants are as follows!

Disco's entry:


-Pichu Boy-'s entry:


BlueJello's entry:

Shiny Bulbasaur (Female--like May's Bulbasaur from the anime.)

Tombi's entry:

Shiny Manectric

Agumonman's entry:


PapaLuLu27's entry:

Darumaka (...You are SO lucky I was aware of the fact that you fixed this. xD; )

Mawile Rocks' entry:


Graceful Suicune's entry:


Kuitaran's entry:


I also may make trophies for 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners. Though, what's even the point of this if there's no thread to show them off in?
Yeah, that's right: as soon as this poll closes next Friday, I'll make a thread (I dunno if it'll be okay if I post it in this sub-forum, though....) that will allow everyone to showcase their placements, starting with SotW #10.

Also, I won't post all my critiques to begin with; if you want my opinion, please post here or send me a message or something. A little overwhelmed with all the entries this time around, really.

Please feel free to post here with your opinions; some constructive feedback is also greatly encouraged.

edit: Also wanted to mention: whoever has been stickying these threads, I thank you! ^^b

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