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Default Re: [SU] Dusk of Broken Harmony [SU] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Toldja. ;D

Name: Lucent

Species: Lugia

Age: Approximates to 17

Gender: Male


Lucent is trimmer than most Lugia. He is longer and slimmer in the legs, wings, tail, and beak. His gut is also a bit smaller. He is roughly 16' in length and weighs roughly 450 pounds - though just you try to get him on a scale. Lucent's eyes are a stormy gray color, and he has a slight nick in his left eye crest from a childhood fight.

Personality: Lucent is quite witty and sarcastic. He gets into arguments often because he simply sits on a point and deflects other views with quick tongue-lashings. On the outside he fights to look tough; on the inside he's a shell of what he was before the war began. Lucent has very little self-confidence and has a severe lack of faith in his own judgment stemming from his prior relationship with Chrissie - a human girl, whose species he now fights to eradicate. However, this point he sits on because he feels he has nothing left to stand on but the Musketeer's cause.

Also has generic angsty teen syndrome, albeit not severely.

History: Lucent doesn't like to talk about his past much.

His entire family of Lugia was wiped out when the balance began to vanish; they perished in the first of the fights. Lucent was absolutely furious and grief-stricken, and he wandered the world feeling more alone than he ever had. He was wondering whether he should just give up and join Arceus when Virizion found him. The Grassland Pokemon told him that the death of his family was the humans' fault, and that justice could still be obtained.

Tormented by the faces of his perished parents, Lucent told Virizion that he would give all that he had and more for vengeance. Lucent joined the Musketeers' Alliance and now he stands beside them in the hopes of obtaining justice and punishing mankind for their trespasses.

It's also worth noting that he has some unknown prior relationship with Chrissie.

Ability: Pressure

Techniques: Psychic, Aeroblast, Hydro Pump, Fly, Sky Attack, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Thunder, Surf

Alliance: Musketeers~
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