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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :In us you trust:

Originally Posted by Manicben View Post
AH HA! So its ur step mom? Then im not concerned anymore. Step moms are...
Lets say, not-sp-good. :D
And no, not trout, TUNA IS YUMMY!!!

Mr420@ Ill be PMing you soon about Training items soon (AR does miracles! :D)
TUNA! Aha :3 gotta love fish. OMG my little bro's b-day was yesterday and i got shot hundreds of times with nerf guns. choked by a 6 year old *demon* boy. And pierced 'Everyones LOVES to HATE me' into my skin with a knife. :D Amazing party, isn't it? xD

Anyways, how are the boats and hoes doing here? xD stepbrothers is seriously funny. :3
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