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Default Quiet Camerupt's Nuzlocke Challenge - COMPLETE!

So after reading about this challenge and seeing other people posting their experiences, I thought I would try it out as well.

I will be using my old sapphire version. For Round 2, visit the second post.

My Rules:
1. Any Pokémon that faints is actually dead, and must either be banished to the "Graveyrd" box or released.
2. Only the very first Pokémon seen in an area can be caught. This includes before obtaining Pokéballs, does not include the original poochyena/zigzagoon battle (since it does not appear from the grass), and bodies of water are considered another area (but only 1 per route). If I happen at any point to run into a shiny, I will not apply this to it, but it still will not be used to complete the challenge.
3. All Pokémon will be permanently nicknamed.
4. Black/White out is Game Over.
5. Healing items are completely banished (potions, paralyz heal, berries, etc). But there may be a limited use of items when against the Elite 4 and Champion.
6. Pokéballs are limited gems, only 5 per pokémart.
7. Legendaries can be caught, but not used (not that I'd really want to chance it given rule 6).
8. Battle style will be on Set (can't switch when opponent sends out a new pokémon).
9. Nuzlocke achieved the moment Champion is defeated.

If anyone has any suggestions/comments to these rules, feel free to post them.


Starter: Combusken (Helfire), male, hardy
Status: Deceased
Level: 27

Route 101: Wurmple (Zonya), female, serious
Status: Deceased
Level: 5

Route 102: Wurmple
Status: Ripped to shreds by Helfire

Route 103: Poochyena (Willow), female, lax
Status: Deceased
Level: 7

Route 104: Zigzagoon (Ywrntuabrd), female, quirky
Status: Deceased
Level: 5

Petalburg Forest: Wurmple
Status: Burnt to ashes by Helfire.

Route 116: Taillow (Skyslayer), female, naive
Status: Deceased (R.I.P.)
Level: 18

Rusturf Tunnel: Whismur (Scream), female, docile
Status: Deceased
Level: 6

Granite Cave: Aron (Deathmetal), male, relaxed
Status: Deceased
Level: 23

Dewford Town: Magikarp (Whiskers), female, lonely
Status: Deceased
Level: 10

Route 110: Oddish (Venospore), male, careful
Status: Deceased
Level: 14

Route 117: Volbeat (Garbage), male, mild
Status: Deceased
Level: 14
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
As the title screen pops up, I select new game and proceed to delete my whatever age long file. After Birch's little what-the-heck-is-your-name-again speech I select the male character and name him "DOOM" for several unexplained reasons.

2 Machokes, 1 potion, a clock, missing Dad on Tv, mother's talk, and May later...

ZOMG Birch is getting run over by a stray little chihuahua! With incredible agility, I instantly bound to his bag and kidnap a Torchic to fight the dastardly dog. 3 scratches and 4 hp damage later, dead dog. Birch, so very impressed with my instantaneous abilities, lets me keep the Torchic and I name it forever more "HELFIRE". Sure I'll go meet with your daughter who for whatever reason during her past 10 years of life never knew what existed in the road down ahead. So with a little anxiety I attempt to walk across Route 101 without disturbing any pokémon (since I said the pooch didn't count). Success, made it past the first two patches of grass to Oldale. So I grab the free potion (I don't know why, it's useless in this playthrough) and continue to Route 103 where I hopefully again won't run into anything. Success! Both patches without seeing anything. Battled May with our starters, and thanks to a lucky crit, Helfire comes out ok.

I walk back to the Lab (using the ledges of course) and grab my pokédex while May hands me my balls (that is, Pokéballs). Alright, running shoes gained and pokéballs obtained, it's time to see my Route 101 Pokémon. It's, it's... a Wurmple! One scratch, 2/3s health left on the little bug, don't you dare crit. Good, go pokéball. Are you frigging kidding me it just... CAUGHT IT! Despite that drama I don't really have much of an intention to train it. I name the thing Zonya and continue. Route 103's pokémon is... a Poochyena. 2 scratches, pokéball, caught. I decide to name it Willow after one of my real life dogs. On route 102 now, and I'm really hoping the poke I find is a Lotad or Ralts (20% for Lotad, 10% for Ralts). Enter the grass and...damn Wurmple. With no intention of catching it, Helfire rips it to shreds. And then the worst thing happens, Ralts right after! So I decide I'll give Willow a chance to get some Xp since Ralts only has growl. I introduce Helfire to the first trainer's Zigzagoon and it also gets ripped to shreds. Do a bit of grinding to raise my weak pokémon.

I manage to get to Petelburg without any deaths (well, of those on my side anyway; if my pokémon die when they faint the NPC's pokémon do too). I meet my Dad (the only generation that gives you one!) and escort Wally who, with the automatic hax of the gen 3 games, instantly finds a Ralts. I can't wait to murder it.

Route 104, c'mon Taillow! Please? Darn Zigzagoon.... Catch it of course and name her "YWRNTUABRD". Haha and guess what, a Taillow right after. Oh well, Helfire learned ember. I head to Petalburg Forest where I hope my luck won't continue to fail and I'll find a Shroomish. Sigh, another Wurmple. I attempt to get Willow to beat it up, but I forgot about poison sting! I have 48 steps (12 hp) to get to the pokécenter or my poochy dies. Unfortunately, I only manage to get about half way before that wretched bug's poison takes her life. I lament a bit before I deposit her forever to be banished in the Graveyrd box. Now I see how poison is the bane of these run throughs.... Returning to the forest, Helfire seems bent on revenge by scorching everything in sight. I look at Zonya and Ywrntuabrd and decide I don't really want to train either of them, so Helfire is going solo for now as he mourns his partner. I proceed through the rest of the forest, rescue the Devon worker who also couldn't find a Shroomish, and force Helfire to kill team Aqua's Poochyena.

Not a lot happens on the other part of Route 104. Grab the secret items near the flower shop, Helfire decimates all the trainer's pokémon with flames. Zonya gets a couple levels because of the double battle, but Helfire almost ate it for learning poison sting.

I quickly run through Rustboro city to latch onto route 116 and give Taillow another chance. And by sheer luck (only 20% chance) I find one! One scratch, thankfully not a crit, and I use the great ball the Devon associate gave me. A clean catch. I crown her with the name "Skyslayer" and proceed to the pokécenter. Since this thing has pitiful defences, I'll be extra cautious with it. Helfire realizes that neither of them can do anything to the Hiker's or Gym Leader's rock types, so he decides to grow powerful fighting limbs and a new kicking move. After feeding numerous bugs to Skyslayer in the forest (Wurmple's pokédex entry is a lie), she learned the art of attacking with her wings (naive she is indeed).

I continue to the Rusturf Tunnel where the first thing I see is (of course) a Whismur. I use Ywrntuabird to weaken it, but right before I throw my pokéball, something somewhat unfortunate happens. It hits with a powerful Uproar, and Ywrntuabird dies. Despite this, I still catch it and name it "Scream" but don't intend to use it for killing another of my partners. As Ywrntuabird is deposited into the Graveyrd box, Skyslayer, Helfire, and Zonya wave farewell, while Scream blows a raspberry. I suddenly come to the realization that Ywrntuabird was my only other pokémon besides Helfire who could learn cut, so until I find another I won't be doing any tree cutting soon.

Next up is Rustboro Gym, where I will hopefully not lose anything. First trainer's pokémon: Dead. Second trainer's pokémon: Dead. Only Roxanne's monsters left to kill. Helfire kills the geodude without too much hassle (the cheater used a potion), but loses speed thanks to rock tomb. She sends out Nosepass to bury Helfire with rocks, but fortunately misses and (after yet another cheating potion) is killed with only 11 hp damage to my kicking bird.

Next some rather boring plot developments. Devon guy stupidly gets robbed, Peeko is too stupid to just fly away from Aquaman, and the stupid Poochyena gets OHKOed by Skyslayer's flaps. Did I mention they're stupid? So get my second great ball, talk to Mr. Stupi- I mean Stone...

Pokénav, letter, goods, boring walk/run and boat ride later...

Yay, Dewford Town. I always hated how there was no pokémart. And even more so now (no 5 more pokéball deal). I'm heading to the granite cave to meet my new pokémon. I've never seen any Nuzlocke rules against the use of repels so I went ahead and used one to get to B1F and B2F where the cool things live (Aron and Sableye). 50% of something cool on B1F, 70% on B2F. I run until my repel wears out and sure enough, I find an Aron. The thing was doing massive damage to Skyslayer so I quickly switched out after losing my great ball to it. I try an Ember attack from Helfire and it stops at red. Pokéball and... Aron is mine. Now Aggron is one of my favourite Gen 3s, so this thing better not die. The good news is that he's impossible to poison (R.I.P. Willow), bad news is he's weak to some really common attacks.... I deem him "Deathmetal" and continue until I find Steven picking his nose for gold. He gives me TM 47 (Steel Wing) and I proceed to teach it to Skyslayer (after wiping it off of course). Deathmetal will be useless in this Gym, but I go ahead and teach him Rock Tomb so he can have some STAB.

Helfire was the star for Rustboro Gym, but Skyslayer will get the most meat during our stay in the Dewford Gym. Due to my expert navigational skills (or rather, Brawly's failed attempt at creating a maze) Skyslayer feasts on the trainer's fighting-type pokémon and we meet with Brawly. I am a little worried though, since despite Skyslayer's type advantages, Brawly's pokes will not be OHKOed and some lucky critical arm thrusts may KO her. But I take the possible risk anyway. Damn. It. Wing attack, 4/5 damage to Machop and his Karate Chop crits and well... I will miss you Skyslayer. Feeling rather tempted to just shut my game off and rebattle while lying on this log, I resist since those are the rules of the Nuzlocke Challenge. I guess I should have just done this in the beginning, but Helfire proceeds to kick both Machop and Makuhita into oblivion without sustaining any damage (and the narb used his super potions too).

After almost murdering Brawly for killing my bird, I reluctantly accepted his Knuckle Badge and gave him a knuckle badge of my own. Me and the team have a time of mourning for little Skyslayer's death, who was only 4 levels away from evolving, and deposit her forever into the Graveyrd box. Right now I'm stuck with Helfire, Deathmetal, Zonya, and Scream. And I wish I hadn't taught Skyslayer that TM 47. While I grind some levels for Deathmetal, I consider whether to use Scream or not.

I decide not to and return to Dewford town after grinding. I obtain the old rod, and proceed to catch a Magikarp for fun. I find it on the first try and eventually catch it in a pokéball. Doubt I'll use it, but I figured since its the only thing I can get Dewford Town with an old rod I might as well. Named her "Whiskers" and continued to Slateport.

I arrive on Slateport's beach and the first trainer happens to have a Machop. Major no go for Deathmetal so Helfire rips apart his team instead. However, I realize that most of the trainers have water pokémon so Deathmetal will probably not get much Xp here. Almost lost him on account of some boy's Zigzagoon randomly knowing Surf... evil little boy. As for the rest of the beach, Deathmetal and Helfire easily get through and I continue to attempt to give Capt. Whats-his-face the Goods (bet it's some kind of drug). After paying an outrageous $50 to get into the museum (seriously, you're building is crowded with bipolar villanous sociopaths and you still want me to pay?!), I creep up to the sound of SS Anne music and defeat a couple of the sociopaths. Archie, the cowardly wannabe pirate, tries to talk some smack to me, and so I tell him to get the *beep* out and he does.

I proceed to Route 110 where I find my next poké oddish (only 10% chance)! I get Deathmetal to weaken it with a few tackles and catch it. I wasn't even going to consider oddish for my team since I doubted I would find it on the first try, but I might now. I name it "Venospore" and continue along the route. I decide I won't bother with it, since it's careful and loses Sp. Atk power, plus grass/poison really isn't that great of a type combination. Fortunately, it can learn cut. And with that newly learned cut, I complete the first super annoying floor of the Trick Master. I also took out the trainers on Route 104, and proceeded up to the point right before the next May battle occurs. On my way back to heal, I am really unsure how I will get past here Marshtomp without getting anyone killed.

Since I really don't have an alternative, I decide to take a laissez-faire attitude and begin the battle. Since Deathmetal is pretty much garanteed to be killed, I lead with Helfire. Shroomish, easy kill with a couple embers. Marshtomp next, mud shot almost KOs Helfire and double kick does hardly anything. I switch to Scream, who dies. Sending out Zonya, I hope to get a poison sting hit. Crit water gun. I send out Venospore, who would probably help me more if he were a decent level. Mud shot, down to 3 hp. Absorb, crits! Marshtomp only 1 hp. Oh snap! Mud shot misses and oddish takes out Marshtomp with absorb (so, she doesn't cheat with potions then?). I switch out to Whiskers to save Venospore a terrible fate from her Numel. Whiskers, having only splash, also gets killed. While looking up serebii, I notice that Numel does not learn magnitude until level 19, and while May's is only 18! I switch to Deathmetal, hoping he doesn't take a lot from ember. Headbutt for 2/3s damage. Numel uses growl, headbutt to red hp, ember puts Deathmetal to 39 hp. One more headbutt, and I barely win this battle. If she had used a potion on that Marshtomp, I would have had a big GAME OVER right here. So now my only pokémon alive are Helfire, Deathmetal, and Venospore. Without much regret, I deposit Zonya, Whiskers, and Scream into the Graveyrd box.

I make it to Mauville City without any further disturbance and, after obtaining HM 06, go straight to Route 117 for my new pokémon, who I desperately need. After a long and boring battle with one of the breeders, I get to the grass. In it I find... a Volbeat. Also known as Garbage. It makes Trubbish look good. Anyway, I catch the giant bug after a couple tackles. But now I'm in a bit of dilemma. I have no place to get another pokémon, and therefore nothing else to teach Rock Smash to. I'm forced to give it to either Deathmetal or Helfire. I replace tackle with it on Deathmetal in the hope it doesn't affect him too much. I go ahead and defeat all the trainers on Route 117 as well as the accessible ones on Route 118 (with a bit of a scare to Deathmetal as those darn Magnemite have magnet pull, turns out Rock Smash is useful). Then I proceed to steal a Mach Bike from Rydel, register it, and wonder why they didn't come up with the change gears option until Gen 4.

And finally, the Gym. Going up to Wally, I teach him how pathetic and weak he is by murdering his Ralts. "If I combine forces with Ralts I can beat anyone!" Helfire used scratch! Foe Ralts fainted! What was that about beating anyone? In addition, Helfire participated in a Mauville Gym Chainsaw Massacre. After returning to the pokécenter to heal (had to clean the blood stains), Helfire was ready to take on Wattson. Magnemite: KOed. Voltorb: Spark, paralysis hax, super freaking potion, super freaking potion again... and ZOMG SELFDESTRUCT! DARN YOU WATTSON! Somehow Helfire survived with 11 hp, switch to Volbeat. Shock wave, dead. Deathmetal is up. Shock wave KO. Helfire back out. Shock wave KO. Venospore. Sonicboom. Absorb. A critical hit! Magneton fainted! Not, sonicboom dead. DOOM is out of useable pokémon. DOOM whited out! GAME OVER!

Well that sucks, I guess I lose.
My Completed Sapphire Nuzlocke Run:

My Completed Leafgreen Nuzlocke Run:

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