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Default Re: Quiet Camerupt's Nuzlocke Challenge


Welcome to Quiet Camerupt's Nuzlocke Challenge ROUND 2!

My Rules:
1. Any Pokémon that faints is actually dead, and must either be banished to the "Graveyrd" box or released.
2. Only the very first Pokémon seen in an area can be caught. This includes before obtaining Pokéballs, does not include the original poochyena/zigzagoon battle (since it does not appear from the grass), and bodies of water are considered another area (but only 1 per route). If I happen at any point to run into a shiny, I will not apply this to it, but it will not be used to complete the challenge.
3. All Pokémon will be permanently nicknamed.
4. White out is Game Over.
5. Healing items are completely banished (potions, paralyz heal, berries, etc). But there may be a limited use of items when against the Elite 4 and Champion.
6. Pokéballs are limited gems, only 3 per pokémart.
7. Legendaries can be caught, but not used (not that I'd really want to chance it given rule 6).
8. Battle style will be on Set (can't switch when opponent sends out a new pokémon).
9. Nuzlocke achieved the moment Champion is defeated.


Starter: Swampert (Tremosea), male, adamant
Status: Alive, in party
Level: 54

Route 101: Wurmple (Mothra), male, bold
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 2

Route 102: Zigzagoon (Tsarina), female, hardy
Status: Deceased
Level: 4

Route 103: Zigzagoon
Status: Beaten to death by Tremosea's tackles (no pokeballs)

Route 104: Zigzagoon (Zuzux), female, mild
Status: Deceased
Level: 4

Petalburg Woods: Breloom (Deathspore), male, docile
Status: Deceased
Level: 51

Route 116: Zigzagoon (Goony), male, lonely
Status: Deceased

Rusturf Tunnel: Whismur (Kingvox), male, naive
Status: Deceased, R.I.P.
Level: 14

Granite Cave: Aron (Metalmouth), female, gentle
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 9

Route 110: Electrike (Lightning), female, lonely
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 12

Route 117: Zigzagoon (Zigginzagga), female, docile
Status: Deceased
Level: 13

Route 112: Numel (Volcana), female, adamant
Status: Deceased
Level: 15

Fiery Path: Numel (Flaramel), female, hardy
Status: Deceased
Level: 15

Route 113: Spinda (Ywrtuamous), female, quirky
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 16

Route 114: Lombre (Sombrera), female, rash
Status: Deceased
Level: 18

Meteor Falls: Zubat (Weakress), female, quiet
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 14

Jagged Pass: Grumping (Psychepig), male, sassy
Status: Deceased
Level: 54

Route 111: Sandshrew (Sandy), female, sassy
Status: Alive, in party
Level: 20

Petalburg City: Marill (Phatmouse), female, gentle
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 31

Route 115 (Water): Tentacruel (Mortijelly), male, adamant
Status: Deceased
Level: 36

Route 115: Swablu (Phoenix), female, quirky
Status: Deceased
Level: 23

Route 105: Wingull (Gullocks). female, modest
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 23

Route 106: Tentacool
Status: Eaten by Tremosea

Route 107: Tentacool
Status: Painful death by Tremosea

Route 108: Tentacool
Status: Killed by Tremosea

New Mauville: Voltorb (Vorby), modest
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 22

Route 118 (Water): Tentacool
Status: Killed by Tremosea

Route 118: Zigzagoon (Zagginzigga), female, lax
Status: Alive, in PC

Route 119: Oddish (Blueberry) female, bashful
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 26

Route 120: Zigzagoon (Zaginski), female
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 25

Route 120 Event Battle: Kecleon (Bowser), male, jolly
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 30

New game. Birch. Boy. Name= Crimson. Yes. Moving. Truck. Machoke. Mom. Potion. Clock. Dad missed on TV because I'm too freaking slow to run over there. May's Mom. Alone with May in her room. Help catch pokemon. ZOMG cowardly middle-aged man running from doggy.

I choose MUDKIP because I do indeed LIEK MUDKIPZ. 3 Tackles, good fight doggy. Let's give him a name. Tremosea it is. Now to find his daughter and beat up her Treecko. I get through Route 101 without finding anything, but Route 103 a Zigzagoon that's impossible to capture appears. Tremosea kills it easily. Tremosea then continues with a 3HKO on May's Treecko. I return to the Lab without stepping into grass on Route 101, much too later for 103. Woohoo pokedex obtained, but much more important are your balls. Once again, that is pokeballs. First pokemon seen on Route 101 is a Wurmple, now called Mothra. Route 102 Pokemon: Zigzagoon (lame). I will call her Tsarina. Grind a bit and defeat Route 102 trainers. Accompanied Wally on his hax catching trip. Lucky narb always gets the Ralts.

No luck as of yet, but I'm heading again to route 104 where the chances of finding Taillow begin. No luck, I get a Zigzagoon who I catch because of how useful having a second live Zigzagoon can be. Named her Zuzux, random name. Heading to Petalburg Woods, where hopefully nobody will get killed this time. Win! The pokemon is a Shroomish (10%)! After some struggling, managed to catch it without getting KOed. Named Deathspore. Defeat other trainers, show off Shroomish to Devon guy, own Aquaguy's weak poochy. Devon worker explains how he can't be wasting time. Then why were you looking for a Shroomish?

Exit Petalburg Woods with little damage. Deathspore learns a deadly spore in Stun Spore. Also taught him Bullet Seed for fun (grass-type machine gun for the win?). So I continue through the route and run through Rustboro City (after obtaining HM 01) to get to Route 116. What pops up first you ask? Well of course its another Zigzagoon! I decide to catch him anyway and name him Goony. With 3 Zigzagoons in my possession, at least I have extra HM slaves and their pickup is useful for some things. I make it through the rest of the route alright and enter Rusturf Tunnel for the inevitable Whismur. I spot a lvl 6 male specimen, catch it, and name him Kingvox. Now I completely neglected the Whismur in my last playthrough so I thought I would train Kingvox here. Did some grinding to match his level to Deathspore and Tremosea, then headed off to the Gym.

Tremosea remains unevolved and Kingvox is useless here, but I figure not a lot can go wrong between using two decent water and grass types. Tremosea easily overcomes the first two trainers, elevating him to level 15 right before evolution. I begin the battle with Roxanne. Water gun the geodude for an easy KO and the Xp bar falls short about 5 Xp. Shes sends out Nosepass, I try a water gun, but thanks to Nosepass' unusual Sp. def it only does about a quarter damage, while her Rock Tomb slows Tremosea down. I decide I'll make it harder for her to hit and repeatedly mudslap while shes hardens. After a few mudslap crits and Roxanne's potions later, Nosepass is down to red hp but is faster and if it hits and crits with a rockthrow, Tremosea is dead (the lucky narb kept hitting despite the accuracy drops). So I simply switch to Deathspore for a quick KO and Tremosea decides to grow much bigger with more power limbs.

I head back outside where the Devon guy is yet again crying, and with the instincts of an alert tiger (or rather, the fact that I've played this game so many times), I instantly run over to Route 116 to murder Aquaman's pooch. But I take a detour and cut down the trees blocking the trainers instead. I have Kingvox go ahead and defeat the Max look-a-like's Ralts, and then move on to the school girl. Kingvox takes out her first pokemon easy with a powerful Uproar, but then the worst possible thing happens. She sends out her own Whismur! Kingvox is unable to do any damage to to Whismur's Soundproof ability and Uproar causing him to be locked in. While I'm hoping to hope he stops screaming soon, her Whismur is doing large chunks of damage with pound. 4 non-damaging uproars pass, and I hope to heck he will not use a fifth one since he now only has 2 hp. But he does. Unfortunately for me and my team, my only Kingvox is dead. I quickly get out of there, dispose of Aquaman's weak pooch, say hi to Mr. Briney, that is Mr. Why-didn't-your-stupid-Peeko-fly-out-of-harms-way, and cermoniously deposit Kingvox into the Graveyrd box.

I do the whole here's-a-letter-deliver-goods speech and tak Mr. Briney on his offer to sail. In Dewford Town I immediately go to Granite Cave to obtain a pokemon. Seeing how useless my Aron was last time, I hope I just run into a Makuhita or something instead. But I run across all of 1F and nothing appears. So sure enough when I take a few steps on B1F an Aron appears. I like Aggron and all, but this generation makes it more trouble than it's worth. But I catch her anyway, and name her Metalmouth. I continue through the cave to Steven where I grind a bit, then exit and enter the Dewford Gym after giving him the letter.

In Dewford Gym I take out all the trainers, but with little confidence (and remembering what happened last time) I decide that my team is not ready for him yet and skip to Slateport. I defeat all the beach trainers wih relative ease (sailor in beach house gave a little trouble) and continue upwards to Route 110 where I find an Electrike. I catch her and name it Lightning. In normal circumstances, Electrike is just another useless electric type, but in my case, I think I'll invest in it. I continue to Dock, find Capt. Stern, kick the crud out of the Aqua grunts, laugh at how pathetic Archie is, and give Stern his "goods".

Then I continued up to route 110 and defeated all the trainers that come before May, including the ever annoying Trick Master maze. At this point. Deathspore evolved into a fully grown Breloom and I knew I was ready (that is, overpowered) to take on Brawly. On a side note, I decided I wouldn't train Lightning after all since it's really just too weak.

Sure enough, I challenge Brawly and Deathspore takes them out with only 9 hp damage. I start to think that I might be making the game a bit too easy and frantically search for another partner. After disposing of the rest of the trainers on Route 110 including May (easy battle this time, Deathspore killed Wailmer and Grovyle, Tremosea killed the Numel), I make it to Route 117 and, to my hideous luck, find yet another Zigzagoon. I catch it for the ever useful pickup ability and name her Zigginzaga. I decide to skip all the trainers on Routes 117 and 118 to save them for my next partner. Defeated Wally as easy as ever, and, unlike how I had GAME OVER at Wattson last time, the Mauville Gym was nothing due to Tremosea's ground type and Mud Shot. Now being able to Rock Smash, I attempt to pass all the trainers up to Meteor Falls. Route 112 yielded a Numel, who I named Volcana. The Fiery Path yielded yet another Numel, now called Flaramel. Route 113 handed me a Spinda, now Ywrtuamous. Route 114 gave me a Lombre, now Sombrera, and finally Meteor Falls gave me a (Lunatone please?) Zubat known as Weakress.

After disturbing Archie and meeting Maxie, I headed to Mt. Chimney where I hoped the battles would show me that I wasn't overlevelling my pokemon. Grunt's pokemon: dead. Admin's pokemon: Dead. Archie's pokemon: Oh crud I almost lost my whole team! The battle started alright, Deathspore knocked out Mightyena with 2 Mach punches. But then he sent out Golbat. Knowing this thing probably had Wing Attack, I switch to Tremosea. Sure enough, it attacks with its wings and does about a fifth to Tremosea. I try a tackle because mud shot won't hit, but it barely does anything. The wretched bat also used supersonic. Fearing for all my pokemon's lives, I switch in Sombrera. Wing attack. Dead. Switching back in Tremosea, I go for a water gun, which crits and brings him down to about a 1/4, but he also wing attacks and knocks Tremosea down to about 2/5 health. Now really panicking, I switch to Goony to sacrifice so Deathspore can KO with a headbutt. But against my wishes, Archie decides that Golbat is too weak and uses a super potion. Now what? I let Goony get killed and send out Tremosea to hit with a tackle. Golbat takes some damage, then wing attacks Tremosea to red. I switch to Zuzux to take the next hit. She does, and dies. I finally send out Deathspore and use heatbutt. Yes, flinch! One more headbutt and KO. He sends out his Sharpedo and Deathspore punches it to death. At this I figure my pokemon are not overlevelled, but definitely need at least a third partner to survive this playthrough.

So I continue down the Jagged Pass, but forget that it's another area and skip all the grass. Oh well, I'll get back to it when I get the Lavaridge Badge. The trainers were easy enough. Just let Tremosea have fun. Flannery wasn't a big problem either. OHKOed both slugmas, and 3HKOed Torkoal despite being paralyzed and attracted. After May hands me the go-goggles, I hope that the Jagged pass will give me something other than Numel (55% to get Numel) and that Route 111 will give me something good (say, Trapinch). I get onto the Jagged Pass and, to my luck, a Spoink appears! I catch it and name him Psychepig, but then realize that his learnset really isn't that good. But I do like Grumpig, so I'll see what Route 111 has to say about it. Route 111 says Sandshrew, now Sandy. I decide I'll give Psychepig chance depending on the type of its Hidden Power. In using psypokes IV calculator, I find that it's level is too low to calculate it (but it did indicate that he has 30-31 in both Hp and speed). So I head back to Slateport, purchase a TM 10, and teach it to Psychepig. Then I go to Route 110 and find a Plusle who I use it on. Super effective. Dang it, it's ground, junk to a special attacker. But because I like the pig anyway, I decide I'll use it since it's fairly decent and a good special wall. That is, keeping it as far away from physical attackers and dark types who, for seemingly no reason, are immune to psychic abilities.

I begin Psychepig's training by taking out the Triathlete's on route 110 using his ground hidden power for their magnemites. In addition, I teach him Shock Wave for more coverage. Then Psychepig decides to massacre the pokemon of route 117 and 118. I continue up into Route 111, murder the Winstrate family and blow away the rocks in the desert. While fighting on Route 113, Psychepig decides that it hates its stupid pearl and grows real limbs. With the instant power gain, he ravages the rest of the 113 trainers. Route 114 is also taken down.

Now to return to Petalburg to challenge Dad. Boat with Briney, and KO all of the Gym's trainers easily with mach punches from Deathspore. As I return to the pokemon center, I think about how dangerous the Slakings might be. Sure they have Truant, but 160 base attack at level 30 is the same as 160 base attack at level 100. The pokemon with the best physical defense is Deathspore at 67, not very much. I start the battle and hope nobody gets KOed except my father. Slaking eats a mach punch. Only does 1/3 hp damage, that thing is hungry. Facade does almost half hp damage to Deathspore, not good. Mach punch on truant turn and one more for the KO. Here's Vigoroth. Mach punch for 2/3s damage, Vigoroth uses slash and brings Deathspore to 1/4 hp (thank goodness no crit). Vigoroth gets poisoned because of effect spore, but that does nothing useful as mach punch KOs it. The final Slaking. I switch to Tsarina to sacrifice. Facade KO. To Deathspore, mach punch for some damage. Switch to Volcana to sacrifice. Focus Punch, dead. Deathspore uses mach punch for more damage. Switch to Zigginzaga sacrifice. Focus Punch dead. Mach punch hits in a clean KO. It's unfortunate that 3 of mine had to die, but rather them than Deathspore. I take the Balance Badge, kick Dad in the shins for killing my mons, and break into Wally's Dad's house for HM 03.

I teach the new move to Tremosea and begin on my long exploration of Hoenn's waters. If Mr. Briney was here, I'd get Deathspore to mach punch him for abandonning me. First, I move along Petalburg's lakes to discover a Marill, who I catch and nickname Phatmouse. I then return to Rustboro city and onto Route 115, where I find a Tentacool in the water (Mortijelly) and a Swablu in the grass (Phoenix). After defeating those trainers, I travel down to Dewford Town once again, defeating all the trainers a long the way. The pokémon I first encounter is a Wingull, who I catch and name Gullocks. On Route 106, Tremosea eats a Tentacool. On reaching Dewford Town, I heal and immediately head for Slateport. The first pokemon there is of course a Tentacool once again. He dies a sudden, painful death. I have some trouble along the rest of the route, but eventually all trainers on Route 118 and in the Abandonned Ship are defeated. I teach Ice Beam to Tremosea who evolved into a Swampert while on the ship. Route 107 also yielded yet another useless Tentacool.

I head to Mauville City, where Watson gives me the Key to New Mauville. I find a Voltorb and name it Vorby, then shut of the generator. After collecting my TM 24, I go over to the water of Route 118. Tentacool again of course. I obtain the Good Rod from yonder Fisherman and defeat all the trainers. The grass happens to yield a Zigzagoon (woohoo...) which I catch and name Zagginzigga. Continuing up Route 119, I find an Oddish who is caught and named Blueberry. Trainers defeated, I try the good rod in the water only to find another darn Tentacool. After continuously beating up the numerous trainer's pokemon, I eventually reach the Weather Institute where I heal and withdraw Zagginzigga. Psychepig takes out the grunts with ease, while Deathspore takes on Shelley. Her Mightyena tries to mess things up with swagger after Sky Uppercut misses. I do a quick switch to Sandy, who luckily survives the bite, and switch back for yet another Sky Uppercut miss. Finally on the third try, Deathspore hits and OHKOes it. I really hope it doesn't miss anywhere else important.... Weather research guy attempts to give me Castform, who I reject with my full team of party members. I heal at the bed and go back out to Route 119 for yet another battle with May.

The battle begins, Deathspore versus Numel. Sky Uppercut, OHKO. Wailmer, OHKO. Grovyle, OHKO. Methinks she needs more training. I thank her for the HM 02 but she tells me to go home because she's a sore loser. I continue up Route 119 and finally make it to Fortree City. The first thing I do of course is head to Route 120 to find my new teammate and defeat the trainers. Behold, the almighty, incredibly common diety known only Zigzagoon! Despite it being the sixth one this playthrough, I go ahead and catch it while calling it Zaginski. I meet up with Steven who uses the Devon Scope to make Kecleon appear. Because this thing is technically not in the same area, I go ahead and catch it, naming it Bowser. However, I will not count the other Kecleons battles as first appearances.

I head back to Fortree City to enter the gym. Removing the Kecleon blocking the way, I enter with Psychepig in the lead. After defeating the pitiful trainers and their cowardly obstacles, I begin the match with Winona. Psychepig versus Swellow. I laugh as Swellow uses Double Team, because Shock Wave automatically hits. The bird survives with 2 hp, and Winona desperately uses a hyper potion. Shock Wave, back to 2 hp. Swellow uses Aerial Ace, knocking Psychepig to half hp (had damage from the earlier Kecleon and trainer fights). Pelipper up next, OHKOed from Shock Wave. Skarmory, survives Shock Wave to use Steel Wing, giving Psychepig 1/3 hp. Shock Wave for KO. Her last pokemon, Altaria. Psychepig will most likely faint from the Earthquake, so I send in Tremosea. To my surprise, it uses Dragon Dance. I go for an Ice Beam as she Dragon Dances once again. OHKO. And so I win the badge with relative ease, obtain the ability to fly, and TM 40.
My Completed Sapphire Nuzlocke Run:

My Completed Leafgreen Nuzlocke Run:

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