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Default Re: Quiet Camerupt's Nuzlocke Challenge


Route 120 (Water): Magikarp (Neptune), male, bashful
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 17

Route 121: Shuppet (Screecher), female, hardy
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 28

Lilycove City: Tentacool
Status: Headbutted to death.

Mt. Pyre: Shuppet
Status: Mega Drained.

Route 123: Shuppet
Status: Shot with Ice Beam.

Route 124: Tentacool
Status: Take a guess

Underwater: Clamperl (Cloyster), male
Status: Alive, in PC
Level: 30

Victory Road: Hariyama (Sumosaiyan), male, timid
Status: Alive, in party
Level: 40

I head back to Route 120 to continue my adventure, where somehow Tremosea gets knocked down to 1/3 hp. I don't know if anyone else has, but I remember always have trouble with the mid section of Route 120, and now more so considering that if someone faints I lose a team member. Particularly the woman with the Milotic is incredibly annoying. The thing has recover, gets water attacks boosted from the rain, always gets confusion on my pokes from water pulse, probably has attract, and her darn trainer heals it at low hp. Fortunately Psychepig was able to defeat it with its own confuse ray and psychic after I switched Deathspore out from confusion. When I get down to the lake on Route 120, I try the good rod again. I find a Magikarp and catch it, naming him Neptune. Along the way to Route 121, a ninja boy's Koffing tries to use poison gas on Deathspore. In the luck of him missing, I realize that I hadn't withdrawn a pokemon to learn fly, so if it did hit, Deathspore would most likely be in the Graveyrd box by now. Other than this, nothing else much exciting on Route 120.

On Route 121 my team faces its first Hex Maniac, whose Duskull annoys Deathspore by only letting it hit with Mega Drain. The thing's confuse ray also leads to Deathspore's red hp bar. Psychepig goes in to psybeam the ghost. With Deathspore almost dead and Tremosea 1/3 hp, I leave the navigation of Route 121 solely to Psychepig. In entering the grass, I discover this route's pokemon to be a Shuppet. Despite no intention of training it, I catch it and name her Screecher. Skipping Team Aqua's little scheme and several trainers, I make it to Lilycove City without any fatalities. After healing, I withdraw Phoenix and teach her to fly.

I see May at the department store and Challenge her to our final battle. I begin with Deathspore, she her Swellow. Since it's an OHKO on Deathspore, I switch to Tremosea, only to see Swellow use double team. As she wing attacks, Tremosea uses ice beam and OHKOs the bird. Next up, Grovyle. Switch to Deathspore, who takes a leaf blade and puts him to sleep with effect spore. Sky Uppercut for an OHKO. Numel also OHKO from Sky Uppercut. And finally Wailmer gets beaten up as well. And so ends the rivalry against May with me winning. I collect TM 44 from the sleepy guy in his house and go in the water just to get the Tentacool encounter over with. I heal and head back out to Route 121.

Defeating the rest of the Route 121 trainers, I go into the Safari Zone for my chances at a new pokemon. But no luck, turns out I forgot to get the pokeblock case and can't enter. So I just continue to Mt. Pyre where I quickly ascend the mountain and run into the grass only to find another Shuppet who gets Mega Drained. Defeating the grunts, I prepare to slap wannabe pirate Archie with a brick, but he just casually walks away since the darn game freezes. Oh no, he took the Red Orb! Well hey, if you would have let me at him.... So I take the Blue Orb and smash it on the ground.

Descending the mountain, I instead ascend the building portion. My mons defeat all trainers easily, and I head back out to Route 122 and try once again the good rod. A magikarp. I surf down to Route 123 where I acquire TM 19 and teach Giga Drain to Deathspore. Walking into the grass, I find yet another Shuppet. I defeat all the Route 123 trainers (having to go back again because of the stupid ledges) and then head to Slateport. Capt. Stern gets interviwed, and then unexplainably embarassed as his life's work gets stolen by a pirate too poor to afford a ship. I enter Team Aqua's little hideout back in Lilycove and start wrecking the place.

While in the Hideout, I took out the grunts and retrieved the master ball, while Psychepig was almost KOed by a critical hit selfdestruct. I dispose of the rest of the Hideout and plant a bomb, then get out of there and heal. On to Mossdeep...

Route 124 Trainers defeated and stupid Tentacool killed. Now in Mossdeep City where I immediately enter the gym. Going against psychic types isn't Deathspore's best maneuver, but he did some killing anyway. After defeating the trainers, it's time for Tate and Liza. I send in Psychepig and Tremosea. Lunatone dead after a combination of surfs and shockwave, Solrock dead after the second surf. Probably the easiest gym. I teach Calm Mind to Psychepig and move on. Withdrawing Tentacool, I teach him Dive and give him a rare candy for fun.

Now I'm mostly just randomly going about in the sea routes, defeating all the trainers I find and visiting Sootopolis and Pacifidlog. Eventually I meet up with team Aqua in their little underwater dungeon. Navigating my way through, I run into Archie at the end and battle him one last time. Deathspore versu Mightyena, Sky Uppercut OHKO. Crobat, switch to Psychepig. Crobat uses air cutter and the confuse ray, halting Psychepig' psychic. By confusion and air cutter, Psychepig down to 1/3 hp. Switch to Tremosea who takes an air cutter. Crobat uses wing attack, then gets hit3/4 damage from ice beam. Archie uses super potion, ice beam KOs. Now just Sharpedo who swaggers, and of course Tremosea hurts himself, going below 1/2 hp. Switch to Mortijelly who takes a taunt. Switch to Deathspore, who also takes a taunt. Sky Uppercut misses, slash crit to 1/2 hp. Sky Uppercut misses again. What. The. Hell. Swagger.... Switch to Phoenix. Taunt. Slash, KO. Switch to Deathspore, who better hit with Sky Uppercut. FINALLY! OHKO! And with that, Archie is defeated.

After the cut scene of Maxie confronting Archie, I fly out on my dead Phoenix (they get reborn afterall...) and land in Sootopolis. I then deposit Phoenix forever more into the Graveyrd box. I withdraw Gullocks and take a stroll to the Cave of Origin. I find Kyogre in his lair, and challenge him to a brawl versus Deathspore. Sky Uppercut fricking misses again while Kyogre calm minds. Sky Uppercut crits for a OHKO. Escape rope out.

As a quick detour, I fly to Dewford Town to teach Deathspore Sludge Bomb. Then I enter the last gym. Though I could easily skip them, I purposefully fall down to battle Wallace's fan club of girls. After defeating them all, I had to do the last ice part multiple times (its been so long I couldn't remember how to do it) and finally challenged Wallace to the last gym battle. After his boring speech, I lead with Psychepig and he his Luvdisc. Calm Mind. Sweet kiss misses. Shock Wave, KO. Whiscash, psychic. Down to red hp while he uses rain dance. Calm mind while he uses a hyper potion. Psychic OHKO. Sealeo, shock wave for OHKO. Seaking uses water pulse for some damage, then shock wave OHKO. Finally he sends out Milotic, shock wave for a little past 1/2 hp. Shock wave for KO. Wallace cries and all badges acquired.

I enter Ever Grande City and ascend the waterfall. This is it, Victory Road. And of course, first trainer I battle, poisons Psychepig at 24 hp. He gains a level and has 27 hp to stay alive with. Fortunately the ledge is right there and he's alright. I decide to fly to Fallabor Town and reteach Psychepig Rest. I then also use my TM 44 on Tremosea. I fly back to Ever Grande City, and find out that my Victory Road pokemon is a Hariyama! I weaken him with a mud shot while he weakens himself with Belly Drum and catch it. I name him Sumosaiyan and leave to pick him up from the PC.

After wandering Victory Road looking for every trainer, I reach the light at the end. But of course Wally is there to stop me. We begin Tremosea (who now has earthquake) versus Altaria. Ice beam OHKO. He sends in Roselia, I switch out to Deathspore. He uses leech seed, which doesn't work. Sludge bomb is an OHKO. He switches to his male Gardevoir, and I switch to Psychepig on a future sight attack. He uses double team while I calm mind. Wally uses a super potion at not even half health from shock wave, and Psychepig just continually spams shock wave. Gardevoir KO. Delcatty OHKO from psychic. Switch to Deathspore for Magneton who thunderbolts, and sky uppercut misses. Sky uppercut hits the next time and finishes the battle.

I made it to the Pokemon League. Whether this Nuzlocke succeeds or not depends mainly on these: Lv. 50 Deathspore, Lv. 52 Tremosea, and Lv. 50 Psychepig. My Item Clause is temporarily disabled for the few next fights, as it may be impossible otherwise. Nevertheless, I will try to win without the use of healing items.

First up is Sidney. Should be an easy fight with Deathspore. First he sends out Mightyena to intimidate Deathspore. Deathspore Sky Uppercuts for an OHKO. Next up is Absol, who Deathspore also immediately OHKOs with SU. Next Shrifty also OHKOed by a critical hit (like it was necessary). Battle very good so far, as Sharpedo steps in. Once again, SP for the OHKO. Thankfully they are all hitting. Finally Cacturne, who is sent to red hp from a Sludge Bomb. He uses cotton spore to lower speed, and then Sidney uses a full restore as I Sludge Bomb again. I go for a mach punch, but he still uses a full restore. Another mach punch and I win without any damage except for Sharpedo's rough skin.

Next up is Phoebe, who is probably the most annoying out of all of them. I am unsure who to lead with, as none my pokemon have enough power to OHKO the Dusclops, and don't even have any supereffective moves. To make matters worse, her lead Dusclops has curse and they all have something annoying on them. I decide to try something a little sneaky, and lead with Sumosaiyan. She sends out Dusclops and uses future sight. I get Sumosaiyan to whirlwind, and she switches to exactly who I wanted: the other Dusclops. I get Sumo to knock off its Sitrus Berry as she uses confuse ray, and then switch to Psychepig. But her Dusclops uses shadow ball and does a lot more dmage than I thought it would, gets the sp. def drop as well, and then Psychepig also survives the future sight with 13 hp to spare. Foregoing my set up plan, I switch to Tremosea who get hit with ice beam. Earthquake does a good amount of damage to Dusclops, while Dusclops uses confuse ray. I decide to go for it but he hits himself, and loses more hp from a Shadow Ball. I go for it again and he hits himself again and survives yet another shadow ball. 38 hp. My hopes of winning without healing items are smashed as I full restore. Dusclops uses ice beam, and then earthquake takes it out. She sends out her other Dusclops, who immediately get hit with earthquake and kills itself with curse. She sends out Banette and cruse strips Tremosea of 1/4 hp. Earthquake, and the Banette survives with 1 hp while uses Spite. We both full restore. Curse damage. Earthquake has 0 pp. Damn pressure and spite. Surf and shadow ball. Shift to Mortijelly. Faint attack. Heal Psychepig. Shadow ball that KO Mortijelly. RIP. Send out Deathspore who uses sludge bomb, but I forget that ghost resists poison. Banette gets poisoned and uses shadow ball. Then it dies from poison. Giga drain on Sableye, who uses psychic. Switch to Flaramel who is killed with shadow ball. Send out Sumosaiyan. Heal Tremosea while Sableye uses attract. Heal Deathspore as well while Sableye uses psychic for 1/2 hp damage. I switch to Tremosea who takes a psychic. Then surf while sableye shadow balls. Not even at red hp and she uses full restore. 2 surfs for KO. Finally on Banette, surf, toxic, surf, I win. I heal all my remaining partners, and move on to Glacia, who I doubt will be anywhere near annoying as Phoebe, who forced me to heal with items for the first time this run.

I begin the battle with Glacia by opening with Deathspore versus her Glalie. Sky Uppercut misses, and Deathspore is OHKOed by ice beam. I send out Psychepig to begin calm minding, and she uses hail. Calm mind, light screen, hail. Calm mind, crunch critical hit, (what the hell) hail. Crunch, does 20 hp damage but lowers sp. def. Rest. Full heal, crunch, sp. def drop. Crunch, calm mind. Crunch, calm mind. Potion, light screen. Crunch, calm mind. Crunch, psychic to red hp. Full restore, shock wave. Crunch, psychic for KO. She sends out her other Glalie., who gets OHKOed by psychic. Sealeo, shock wave crit OHKO . Other Sealeo, shock wave crit OHKO. Walrein, shock wave OHKO (no crit). I win at the cost of Deathspore....

I open against Drake with, of course, Tremosea. Ice beam on Shelgon for red hp who uses rock tomb. Full restore. Ice beam back to red. Ice beam for KO. Altaria uses dragonbreath, ice beam to almost red, dragon breath again, ice beam KO. First flygon who uses sandstorm, ice beam OHKO. Second flygon who uses dragonbreath, ice beam for OHKO. And finally Salamence who gets hit by sandstorm and intimidates Tremosea. Hyper potion for full hp, Mence uses crunch and gets hit by sandstorm. Salamence flies on ice beam, but gets hit by standstorm. Salamence gets a critical hit using fly and OHKOs Tremosea. Not, he survives with 8hp and OHKOs with ice beam. Drake defeated with relative ease. I fully heal Tremosea and find a max elixer, and use that on him as well. Only Steven stands in the way of this Nuzlocke completion.

With half my team gone, I enter the Champion's room. He sends out Skarmory as I do Psychepig. Calm mind as Skarmory uses Steel wing. Calm mind again, steel wing. Hyper potion, steel wing. Shock wave to red hp, steel wing misses. Full restore, shock wave. Calm mind, spikes. Calm mind, aerial ace. Shock wave for KO. He sends out Cradily. Hyper potion, ancientpower. Psychic to red hp, sludge bomb and poison. Full restore, ancientpower and all stat boost. Sludge bomb with poison, psychic for KO. Claydol is next. Full restore, ancientpower. Calm mind, light screen. Calm mind, earthquake to 9 hp. Hyper potion, ancientpower. Psychic for sp. def drop and 1/4 hp damage, ancient power. Hyper potion, earthquake, light screen off. Psychic for KO. Aggron now. Shock wave to 1 hp, earthquake. Shock wave as Aggron is fully healed, OHKO. Two left, starting with Armaldo. Hyper potion, ancientpower. Psychic for OHKO. And finally, Metagross. Shock wave to 1/3 hp, while Meteor Mash OHKOs Psychepig and he gets an attack boost. Send out Tremosea, who gets hurt by spikes. and Metagross heals with sitrus berry. Earthquake for KO. Champion defeated, I win.

So with only Tremosea and Sumosaiyan remaining, and after failing my first Nuzlocke run, I complete this one and enter the Hall of Fame. I plan to create a Leafgreen run soon as well. So if you've been reading any of this, be sure to check that out.
My Completed Sapphire Nuzlocke Run:

My Completed Leafgreen Nuzlocke Run:

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