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Default Re: .:~*POLL: Sprite of the Week #10*~:.

Originally Posted by Speed-X View Post
PapaLuLu27's entry:

Darumaka (...You are SO lucky I was aware of the fact that you fixed this. xD; )
Are you sure you don't mean that for BlueJello, cause I posted mine again in the thread xD Voting for BlueJello because it looks great, and I like the artistic liberties. I liked Disco's too, but I felt that shape and outline of the cotton was a bit dodgy. The Scolipede was well-sprited but I don't really like Scolipede's design or colours *shot*. I liked most of these entries, it's mainly just the outline I'm picking on. Some (Tombi, Agumonman) are coloured weirdly, some (-Pichu Boy-, Kuitaran) are shaped weirdly and I'm just not too big a fan of the Porygon 2's pillow-shaded look. But it was a good round, withlots of entries (I saw the sot9 voting thread too and it hardly compares to this) ~c:
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