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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Originally Posted by KantoBreeder View Post
Okay, here's the draft form for the thread. I'll leave it here for you to look over and criticize. Also, it might look better with a banner so there could be a competition to find one.

The ASB Battler’s League
Here at the Battler's league, we keep a record of each trainer, their wins and their losses. This data is used to score each trainer with a points total, which is stored in a chart. In this way, the best trainers in the ASB can be found easily and may even be rewarded for their skill.

The Rules
You are added to the list once you have completed 1 battle
Ties are broken based on how many pokémon each player has defeated minus the number of pokémon they have lost.
>If there is still a tie then the winner will be the one with the least completed battles.
Gym battles do not count towards this league.

The Points System
You gain 3 points if you win a battle
You gain 2 points if you draw in a battle
You gain 0 points if you lose a battle
You gain 1 point if you win a battle by disqualification
You lose 1 point if you lose a battle by disqualification

All Time
Supremist Rain---3
Dark Moonlight---2
Raven X----------2
Silver Slasher----1
Saraibre Ryu-----1
Lord Khajmer----1
Ice Kyurem------1
Rival Silver------1
Team Razor-----1

This Month

(Note: This section is totally flexible and is only a few rough ideas about what could be offered.)
The battler with the most points on the last day of the month will win a baby/basic pokémon of their choice.
Twice a year (the 6th of March and the birthday of the PE2KASB) there will be a special prize giving. Prizes for these will be revealed closer to the events and will be given out based on the “All Time” results.
I like this idea. And about that, SLC, gym leaders aren't just one type (unless you're Khajmer), so it isn't as easy.
VPP Stats
ASB Stats

Karrablast & Shelmet
Hatched at 2139
Evolves into Escavalier & Accelgor at 2279
Level 100 at 2524

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