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Default [WAR X] Pokemon Elemental

Pokemon Elemental is a tiny training camp. We come from a small, as of yet unnamed, town just off the beaten track. Anyone who comes to Pokemon Elemental is given a warm meal and cool water to drink. If the passing travelers decided to stay and train for the coming WAR they can train with our specialized Eevee trainers. Pokemon Elemental is new to the WAR front but we know if we train hard enough we can make a big splash in the WAR pool. New recruits are encouraged to train Eevee if they so desire. We here understand the great untapped power that hides in the DNA of those cute little fluff balls. As the newbies to WAR we can relate to Eevee, underrated and brimming with potential.

...Our Misson Statement...
We are not a very violent group of people. However, we are also not pushovers either. We will fight our best when defending our honor against the other WAR Teams. People with no experience are especially welcome to our team as a no pressure zone to have a first experience in WAR.

...WAR Mascot...

...How to Join...

Fill Out This Form:

Any WAR Skills: (WAR Categories - Fan Fiction, Creative Writing, Graphic Art, Drawn Art, Sprite Art, Debate, Pokémon Online Battling, URPG)
Favorite Eeveelution: (Or feel free to pick one of our other mascots or their evolutions)
Why You Want to Join: (Note that you yon't get denied for a "bad" answer)
Past WAR Experience:

Spirit - Vaporeon - URPG, Gaphics, Sprites
Leader Skyla - Glaceon - URPG: Left Group
mayfan1000 - Espeon - Sprites, POL, Fan Fiction
Shiny Eevee - Jolteon - Debate: Left Group
Tokyokit - Umbreon - Sprites, Debates
yogeshssj6 - Eevee - POL, URPG, Debate, Creative Writing
Xpedential - Jolteon - URPG
The pokemaster - Leafeon - URPG, Roleplaying
Charmander009 - Glaceon - Fan Fiction, Graphic Art, Role Playing
icee1311 - Vaporeon - Sprites
icekyurem - Flareon - Fan Fiction, Creative Writing, Sprite Art
Alcadies - Shiny Espeon - URPG
Tepig - Jolteon - Creative Writing, Graphic Art, Drawn Art, Sprite Art, Pokémon Online Battling
WolfShadowX18 - Umbreon - Drawn Art, Sprite Art
Spiderc - Flareon - Sprites, URPG, POL
camden3 - Jolteon - Sprites, POL
Altrius - Jolteon - Role playing, Fan faction, POL


Level 100 @ 1320
[VPP] - [URPG]

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