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Default Re: [WAR X] Pokemon Elemental

Fill out this form:
Name: Shiny Eevee
Any WAR Skills: (WAR Categories - Fan Fiction, Creative Writing, Graphic Art, Drawn Art, Sprite Art, Debate, Pokémon Online Battling, URPG): I have many EV Pokemon, therefore, I can definatley Wi-Fi Battle :)
You Favorite of out Mascots: Zorua
A little snippet of why you want to Join: (Note: Won't get denied for a "bad" answer): I love having Wars. They are so fun and We all try our best no matter what happens :D I am also in the clan.
Past WAR Experience: This is my 2nd Time in a war. The first being with The Eon Clan, which disbanded :( Anyways, I'm looking forward to acceptance! Thanks :) - Shiny Eevee
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