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Default Starting the Blaise (Chapter 2, Ready for Grading)

(There are 13,174 characters total, with no spaces. Counting spaces, there would be 15,888 characters total. I'm going for a Sandile here. This is my first story.)

Starting the Blaise

Leonard looked through the window. He didn’t want to introduce himself right in the middle of battle.

Leonard didn’t need to see the problem right away to tell there was already one. The school’s dean had said that Blaise had to learn how to be a Trainer, and he also said that Blaise couldn’t graduate school until he could know that. However, the dean had stressed that the performance levels Blaise demonstrated were dancing on the line of perfection. A honor roll, every year. His battling skill was very good too, able to cream opposition like Leonard himself could.

Leonard had already talked with the teachers, and they said Blaise had never caught any Pokemon in his life, preferring to use the ones the School provided. This was normal for the average kid, but Leonard felt that for someone dedicated to Pokemon Battling that passionately, that not having any Pokemon that he personally owned was very awkward. The teachers commented that Blaise was the best student the school had academically, and was a great battler. Leonard couldn’t immediately tell why Blaise wasn’t ready to be a trainer, although he had a very good hunch.

The battle Leonard was looking at was one where it was obvious that Blaise was absolutely dominating. Blaise was short, had blond and orange hair, and had aquamarine eyes, with near-white skin being half-coated with pimples. He was short and light, but he had enough muscle for his age. His clothes were well-kept, plain, and didn’t clash. His T-shirt was red, his shoes were black and purple, and his jeans were a dark navy. From what Leonard got on the kid, Blaise was 13, had high A’s in all classes except Gym, where he got B’s, and was a good-natured kid at heart. The Togepi he borrowed for the battle had the same aquamarine eyes, and the same passion and wit, from what Leonard could grasp. Considering that he did quite a lot of stuff that even he probably didn’t believe was possible in the slightest, that was pretty much everyday.

That battle, where Blaise’s borrowed Togepi made easy slaughter of a Riolu and a Timburr, with little assistance from a Geodude, made absolutely sure that what the dean said was true.

However, it was just a short time after school, when he caught the problem.

When someone won, someone else lost. Blaise won to the point where his victory-streak could have looked more like cheating than actually winning true-and-blue. Couple that fact with kids that were defiantly sore losers, and you’ve got a problem.

What Blaise did when battling was practically the reverse of what he could do now. Whist Blaise, when battling, was in his element, and could practically control the outcome, Blaise, when dealing with those that lost to his battling prowess, was like a ragdoll, unable to do anything. He was strong enough that he was capable of taking those beatings and being able to walk afterwards, but the spectacle was something out of hand for the teachers. They never saw who did it, Blaise was shoved on the ground face-down before he could tell who did it, and the students that did ran off before they could. What they left was their victim, bloody and beaten, but fortunately able to move. Leonard considered it a miracle that the worst that came of it was a nasty skid mark.

And it was at last that somebody witnessed these bloody beatings. None of the kids that Blaise faced during the school day had the idea to check for people in the vicinity of the area which they decided to ambush and beat Blaise up at.

It was the classic schoolyard bullying session, save that it was several kids beating up on a very defenseless Blaise, which wasn’t so classic. Gang-ups weren’t classic in Leonard’s book. Fortunately, this session of beating up on Blaise was quickly over. Again, none of the offenders had the idea to check around nearby to see if there was anyone that cared, out of obvious sight.

It took no more than three steps for the students to disband from their group session of pummeling. Leonard caught every face there, in the brief time the kids took to look at the newcomer, and get out of the way. However, their punishment would come later. Leonard had yet to introduce himself to Blaise.

"Hi there. I’m Leonard." Leonard said.

"…Hi…I’m Blaise…Thanks…" Blaise said, obviously having taken quite a pounding in the short time when the beat-down was initiated. Unlike other times, after what was possibly a minute of fists being flung at the poor kid, resulting in Blaise getting major bruises, cuts, blood marks, and nasty skids, Blaise laid on the ground, with some moderate bruises and a bloody lip, but otherwise intact.

"So. What’s up? Why do they do that?" Leonard said, already knowing the answer.

"…I don’t know…Either they’re just sore losers…They think I’m cheating…Or they think I’m a teacher’s pet, or something…" Blaise said. "…I-I don’t cheat!" Blaise added hastily, as if Leonard were to guess that he might have cheated.

Leonard breathed. The task the dean decided to burden Leonard with was defiantly enough, but defiantly wasn’t what he expected.

Blaise’s story is that he was an orphan for as long as ever, and the dean was a foster parent for the kid, allowing him free entry into the boarding school. However, due to Blaise’s ability to Pokemon Battle, the kids have gotten exensively bitter at their defeats, calling it cheating, and just downright hating Blaise. However, an issue besides his inability to fight against the bullying he suffers through on a weekly basis, is his latching onto the teachers. Even the dean has a right to say he’s a teacher’s pet. However, this was to enough of an extreme that the dean had a slight fear; that Blaise would never be able to go out on his own, always needing an authority figure to cling to. Considering this need was pretty much met every day, it would be very hard to tell whether or not Blaise actually had a need for it.

Henceforth, Leonard needed to take Blaise from the Trainer School in Striaton City, and instead of having Blaise stay there for the summer (like he was accustomed to), move him to Leonard’s house in Undella Town, having Leonard make Blaise start to catch his own Pokemon. This worked out the problem, considering Leonard was, by any means, no teacher. He could tell Blaise how to throw a PokeBall at a Pokemon to capture it, but he’d be sleeping quite quickly afterwards.

The Following day, Blaise was confused-yet still accepting-of the small change in plans for summer vacation. However, Blaise was grinning at the chance to bring the Togepi he previously was fighting with the previous day, during that time.

It was the dean’s parting gift for Blaise-and a notable reminder for Leonard. Trainers with their own Pokemon generally leave Trainer’s School in three months. That Togepi, now being owned by Blaise, for Leonard, meant that he had to make Blaise a trainer in three months.

Leonard thought privately. It wouldn't be the hardest thing he ever did. Three months was a lot of time.

Leonard and Blaise helped to pack up the minimal amount of values Blaise possessed. It was minimal not because the dean was poor, but rather was because of the fact that the only things that Blaise owned besides books on Pokemon Training were either knickknacks or pictures of Pokemon. It therefore took a very short time to pack everything, after Leonard told Blaise that he wouldn’t have Blaise taking every book he had with him to the trip. He also said to keep talking to a minimum. When Blaise asked why, Leonard told Blaise that he wasn’t exactly used to driving, and had a nasty habit of swerving if a loud noise was suddenly made. Therefore, Blaise kept his mouth closed out of politeness for the trip.

Driving through the various routes, Blaise and Leonard looked and admired the beauty of nature, the feel that the world around them was going to be swallowed up by the trees and forests nearby, even when driving through Nacrene City. Nacrene City was rustic, with the only modern buildings being the museum and the Pokemon Center. Driving through Pinwheel Forest was even more so out of place; It seemed as if new trees could simply grow out of the ground overnight with little difficulty involved, cover from the sun being minimal. Blaise looked at everything new in awe. Leonard was too focused on driving to pay attention to it.

The Drive to Skyarrow Bridge calmed Leonard’s nerves slightly. He liked Skyarrow Bridge. It was unique in it’s design, and the traffic was never crowded on Skyarrow Bridge. It’s view included parts of the beautiful Pinwheel Forest, a massive testimony to nature’s beauty and boldness, and the Castelia Skyline, a massive testimony to humankind’s imagination and intelligence. In between these two monuments of opposing forces was a body of crystal-clear water, easing the incredible juxtaposition.

Leonard crossed over to Castelia City, and was already admiring the massive amount of skyscrapers that were as abundant as Pokemon on the planet. He was also admiring the fast food restaurants. He seriously wanted some food. He told Blaise that he would stop here for some fast food, parking in the lot of a small fast food chain nearby the ‘famous’ Casteliacone shop.

Leonard would quickly wish he took the Drive-Through.

"What’s Undella Town Like? What kind of Pokemon Live there? What kind of Pokemon do you have? Do you collect badges? Do you do contests? Have you ever gone to the Pokemon league? Do you have a Pokedex? Have you met Alder before? Have you met Professor Juniper Before? Have you gone to other regions before? Have you gone to Dragonspiral Tower before?" Blaise questioned, all in rapid fire, quickly saying all of it right as Leonard got out of the car, saying every one slow enough for Leonard to properly process, yet fast enough to say all of them in a very short time. A continuous torrent of questions that Blaise obviously held back from Leonard during the drive out of respect was now being unleashed full-fold, and Leonard’s only defense was ignorance. He walked in, ordered something for the two of them (Blaise stopped asking questions long enough for him to say his order), and ate his meal, all without saying a word. Blaise’s ability to tear into food and finish it off contrasted Leonard’s slow chewing and swallowing.

Leonard honestly wanted Blaise to be a little more calm. He understood why Blaise was shooting more questions at him than an interviewer would, but Leonard was truly more concerned about getting enough sleep that had it been a job to sleep, he would be a billionaire when he had enough. He wanted to go to Undella Town, swim in the pool for a while, then go to sleep for the rest of the day, all without being bombarded with questions. He probably guessed that Blaise wished that Leonard was more responsive, but had he been, he likely would have told Blaise to stop in a rather unkind way.

However, the questions kept coming, a hailstorm of curiosity that Leonard honestly wanted to be quelled, so Leonard decided to walk over to the Casteliacone store, wait in the ludicrously long line, buy the last Casteliacone, and give it to Blaise, in an effort to keep him quiet. It was quickly devoured, and the questions quickly resumed. Blaise kept shooting questions, until one question, the one question that Leonard hoped the answer to would keep Blaise from talking further, was finally asked.

"Umm…Why aren’t you answering any of my questions?" Blaise said. The question that came out of Blaise’s lips was more melodious than an angel’s singing.

"Because, I’m too lazy to answer any questions while we’re traveling…except that one." Leonard answered. "Keep the questions to yourself until we reach Undella Town, OK? I’ll answer then.” He added.

Blaise silently re-entered the car. He was a little pissed off that Leonard was that lax.

Leonard was fortunate that the road construction on Route 4 was over and done with…However, the sandstorm still kept Leonard’s car at such speeds that it would have been faster to walk to the next city. Leonard was rather unhappy with the heat, the sand, the heat, the endless traffic, the heat, the fact that he’d probably have to spend the night in a hotel, the heat, the time that was inadvertently being wasted when he could have been teaching Blaise how to be a full-fledged trainer, and the heat. Especially the heat. One look back, however, told Leonard that Blaise was as comfortable as a Sandile was in the heat. Looking back at the road ahead-

Dear Arceus. Sandile on the Hood. Sandile on the Hood! Leonard immediately jumped out of the car-he had a neighbor who had a Sandile. The Sandile ripped through another neighbor’s car with ease. He did not want his ride out of commission. Sure, it was easy to walk to Nimbasa City from here, but all the way to Undella Town? No way.

Leonard was about to throw out the PokeBall, able to knock the crud out of that Sandile that threatened the safety of his vehicle…When he caught Blaise also exiting the car.

"Can I catch it?" Blaise asked.

Leonard quickly thought it over. On the one hand, he could whip out his own Pokemon, and kick the crud out of that Sandile, but that would raise a commotion. His Pokemon were powerhouses. But it would be much faster. On the other hand, he let’s Blaise take care of it, potentially catching it, and he’d gain experience as a trainer, and potentially a new friend. But it could leave enough time for the Sandile to wreck the vehicle.

Leonard threw that last fact out the window when remembering watching Blaise knock the crud out of the Riolu and the Timburr previous. Surely a Sandile wouldn’t be a huge problem to a trainer who could do that?

"Go right on ahead!" Leonard said. "Catch it if you can!" Leonard added.

Blaise looked like he just won the lottery.

"Go! Togepi! Use Sweet Kiss!" Blaise immediatly said, throwing out the PokeBall and letting loose a cute little egg-looking Pokemon that was indeed a Togepi. It quickly found it's target-The intruding Sandile-and attacked quickly, letting loose a Sweet Kiss, letting an air kiss take a form that could be seen, and letting it connect with the Sandile's lips.

The Sandile was immediatly struck with confusion. One instant, it was looking through a glass window, next thing she knew, she was being air kissed by an egg. And then the actual confusion set in, suddenly fogging up the Sandile's mind, making her think rather slowly and stupidly. She understood that the Egg was a Pokemon, and that Pokemon wished harm upon her, but she mistook her target for a nearby rock, tackling into it full-force, and paying for it in her own pain and humiliation.

"Metronome, Togepi!" Blaise called.

Now Leonard was really paying attention. Metronome was the random gambit, the attack of all attacks. It could turn into anything from Splash to Judgement, and many new moves were always discovered firsthand by the use of Metronome. The Togepi started waggling it's hand in a back and forth motion, a motion that stimulated the brain, feeding it information that the Togepi would probably never know of again...

...And the information told Togepi how to use Slash. Togepi used it's spiky head as a blade of sorts, and cut into the Sandile with ease, the poor thing too confused to know that it was being attacked, and currently facing the rock it tackled. It left a nasty slash mark, and left a nasty lacreation on the Pokemon's back. It took on a look of angry suprise, and at once removed itself of all it's confused actions. Immediatly finding it's target, it prepared to use Tackle again, charging headlong into the Togepi.

But Blaise threw a Pokeball, one of the items he had with him on his person, with little trouble, the Ball fortunatly stopping the attack inches from Blaise's Togepi.

Blaise watched with high hopes, crossing his fingers, hoping that the catch was made. Leonard had equally high hopes, though his expression showed a small curiosity over the amount of emotion that Blaise did.
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