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Default Re: Osama bin Laden is dead

hahaha im next on this *itch..
I for one want to see a pic of Osama's bullet hole head..
I for one want to see a pic of Osama with out his "do rag"
I for one want to see a pic (faces CENSORED) of the SEAL team hi5ing one another on the Helichoptter huddled around Osama's corpse.
I for one want to see a picture of Osamas head downtight near or IN the rear end of a horse, an elephant a rhino even..
I for one will pay TOP dolla to see Osama's death on "Faces Of Death" video with the heaviest most brutal DeathMetal music to date.

I want to at this time say that it was a scary thing to see the Towers Collapse a decade ago. I dont wish that kindof dead upon an enemy. but honestly Osama got it & he got it real good..
its just a sad thing it took so long to find the terrible bast*** .
I didnt lose any one i knew in the Towers and since then I've asked a slew of people here and other forums if they lost someone in the Towers to this tragedy..
i have tried to connect with these people on a personal level and I hope all you that have lost someone feel a bit of comfort knowing the brain behind the malicious attack can no longer cause that pain to another soul.

Im not asking anyone to feel how I feel about Osama. I ask that you take a deep breathe of air and even if you feel nothing.. feel at ease ..

is it an eye for en eye..? not even close.

to everyone who lost someone loved and dear... my Deepest condolences and may you strive.

oh and for the record
I have never been a fan of this quote "god bless america" even back in the elementary school days. (must have been the natural satanist in me) Tho i do love this country.


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