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Default Re: OPEN BATTLE: Saraibre Ryu VS. Trainer17

Two veterans stood in the arena, watching each other carefully. On my right was Saraibre Ryu while on my left was Trainer17. Though Saraibre had gotten back into the ASB soon after it started, Trainer17 had taken a short retirement before returning to the fray; this would be his first battle after returning and a large crowd had gathered to watch the two face off. This battle also held another honour, being the first double battle of the new league, which attracted a wholly different group of people. The place was buzzing with excitement wherever you looked but the trainers standing right in the middle of everything seemed to be calm and focused, they were ready.

Tension began to build as the crowd realised that they must have been about to reveal the pokémon they would use. The two friends nodded to each other, a sign of respect before they engaged in combat. Saraibre then brought two poke balls from her pocket and threw them out into the battlefield; a brief flash of light was followed by a cheer from her supporters in the vast audience. Asheras and Gami, her Charmander and Druddigon, now stood side by side in the stadium, ready for battle. After a brief moment of consideration, Trainer17 also threw a pair of poke balls into the air. Another momentous round of applause heralded the arrival of his Vanillite and Shuckle, who regarded their opponents cautiously, and marked the finishing of the first part of the battle.

Now that all the competitors were on the field, I flicked a switch on the switchboard by my side; several ten-foot tall pillars burst through the ground, reaching for the sky. The four pokémon watched them grow for a while before returning to the matter at hand: the battle. The crowd roared as a battle that would surely go into the history books started to get moving; this battle would be epic, especially with two masters leading it.

Round One

Saraibre Ryu

[Asharas] Charmander (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Ready to go
Moves: Ancient Power ~Flame Charge

[Gami] Druddigon (F)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Growling threateningly
Moves: Protect ~ Rock Slide


Vanillite (M)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Sub-zero
Moves: Ice Beam ~ Hail

Shuckle (M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Sure of his defences
Moves: Bulldoze ~ Bulldoze

The battle started with Gami’s preparations to defend herself from any attacks the enemies planned on using against her. She crossed her spiny arms across her chest and closed her eyes to focus. As she did, a shimmering blue shield came into existence in front of her; she opened her eyes again, her protection now being ready, and waited for something exciting to happen.

Asheras then attacked Vanillite. The small lizard began to glow white and thrust her arms forward as if she was catching something. A ball of sparkling energy began to form between her vicious claws; it grew until it was about six inches wide. Then she fired it at her icy target. As it flew through the air, the centre of the ball cooled into a strange type of rock which was similar to granite – the very power of the ancient legends and the prehistoric pokémon now used in the first round of an incredibly historic battle. The glowing ball of energy collided with Vanillite, causing him to spin around a few times. Once she was recovered, he started to prepare her own attack for Gami, who had already protected herself from whatever he was planning.

A ball of crackling blue ice formed in front of the fresh snow pokémon as he readied itself for an assault on the dragon type. He blew on the ball to make it colder so that it would hurt his target more – then the cold energy contained in the frozen ball was released. A stream of pure white energy shot out of the sphere like a bolt; it was followed by several others. However, Vanillite hadn’t noticed the shield that protected the Druddigon and the beams of ice were absorbed easily. Gami watched them merrily and then turned to her opponent to signal that she would have to do better next time.

Shuckle, who was feeling a little left out, decided that it was time to get noticed by the other battlers. He raised himself up above the ground on his spindly yellow legs for as long as he could hold himself – then he let his limbs go limp and dropped to the dusty ground. The ground began to shake quite violently, causing the other pokémon to stagger a bit. The attack did quite a bit of damage to their legs so that they couldn’t move as quickly as they normally would but it wasn’t very powerful so it didn’t do too much damage.

However, it was enough to get the rock-shelled pokémon noticed. Asharas quickly sought out the bug-type and prepared to attack. She opened her mouth to reveal the sharp, pointy teeth within and released an orb of bright red flame, which grew as it departed the enclosed space of the lizard’s mouth. The flickering ball of fire drifted slowly towards Shuckle, making the audience think that something had gone wrong. Just when everyone was off-guard, the Charmander jumped into the inferno and burst out on the other side, covered in flames. She charged at his opponent, who was too shocked to move, while the furious flames swirled around her. The audience cheered as the pokémon reached her target and collided with him. The rocky armour did its best to protect Shuckle but the bug’s soft flesh was still quite badly hurt. Asharas straightened up; her legs had been restored by the running she had just done – the damage done to them before had been undone. She turned to face her foes confidently, knowing that she was doing well.

Vanillite moved closer to his ally to make sure he wasn’t too badly injured; he confirmed that he wasn’t and told the ice type not to worry so much. Gami had seen her chance and was ready to act. She ran into the nearest of the arena’s stone walls, using her rock-hard head to smash pieces out. Then, while her targets were still next to each other, a blue outline formed around her and she raised one of her arms; the rocks that had fallen from the wall floated into the air. The Druddigon pointed at her targets with one deadly claw and the rocks shot towards them. They were both pelted by the sudden barrage of rocks and cried out. Vanillite was very badly hurt by the attack, but now he could get revenge.

Vanillite’s orders were to make it hail so that was what he would do. His frozen body began to glow an icy blue until it was so bright you could hardly look at it; then the real fun began. He slowly began to drift upwards into the sky, where dark clouds could be seen gathering. The blue light could still be seen illuminating the black storm-clouds as a few small pieces of hail began to fall into the arena. Some of the less committed fans began to complain as the hail storm started but the rest stayed glued to their seats, watching avidly – they had been expecting something like this, changing the weather was usually inevitable in a battle such as this. Vanillite slowly floated back down to the dusty ground, the glow fading as he descended. He had done his part – now it was his partners turn.

Shuckle did just about the same as he had for the last action he made. He propped himself up on his spindly legs and then let himself fall to the floor. The ground shook and damaged each of the pokémon on the field’s legs once again. This time, the attack caused Asharas to stumble but he somehow managed to hold himself up with a pillar. Once the tremors subsided, the effects of the round could be clearly seen. Vanillite was looking much worse for wear than the others and Trainer17’s pokémon did seem to be taking quite a beating. However, there was still everything to play for at this stage and nothing could be ruled out.

Saraibre Ryu

[Asharas] Charmander (F)

HP: 78%
Energy: 82%
Condition: Not too sure about the hail but otherwise feeling good; -1 Speed

[Gami] Druddigon (F)
HP: 88%
Energy: 81%
Condition: Worried that Vanillite could be a threat; -2 Speed


Vanillite (M)

HP: 54%
Energy: 78%
Condition: Not so cool; -2 Speed

HP: 83%
Energy: 86%
Condition: Still ready to take some blows

Ancient Power- (Charmander -13 Energy; Vanillite -11 HP; Rolled 9/10, 1 for stat boost)
Protect- (Druddigon -8 Energy; Protected from attacks)
Ice Beam- (Vanillite -15 Energy; Druddigon is protected)
Bulldoze- (Shuckle -7 Energy; Charmander -8 HP, -1 Speed; Druddigon -3 HP, -1 Speed; Vanillite -6 HP, -1 Speed)
Flame Charge- (Charmander -5 Energy, +1 Speed; Shuckle -3 HP)
Rock Slide- (Rolled 60/100, 90 or less to hit; Druddigon -11 Energy; Shuckle -8 HP; Vanillite -24 HP)
Hail- (Vanillite -7 Energy; Hail now in effect)
Bulldoze- (Shuckle -7 Energy; Charmander -8 HP, -1 Speed; Druddigon -3 HP, -1 Speed; Vanillite -6 HP, -1 Speed)

Arena Notes
Rolled 3 for arena: Ninja training ground
It is hailing
Charmander -6 HP; Druddigon -6 HP; Shuckle -6 HP; Vanillite +1 HP

Saraibre Ryu will send her moves first

My brain has melted.

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