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Default Re: ♠ ◄Dookie's Stats► ♠

~*~*~ Wishlist ~*~*~

Pewter's Boulder Badge ()
Cerulean's Cascade Badge ()
Vermillion's Thunder Badge ()
Celadon's Rainbow Badge ()
Saffron's Marsh Badge ()
Fuschia's Soul Badge ()
Cinnabar's Volcano Badge ()
Viridian's Earth Badge ()

Orange Islands:

Mikan's Coral Eye Badge ()
Navel's Sea Ruby Badge ()
Trovita's Spike Shell Badge ()
Kumquat's Jade Star Badge ()
Pummelo's Orange League Trophy (X)


Violet's Zephyr Badge ()
Azalea's Hive Badge ()
Goldenrod's Plain Badge ()
Ecruteak's Fog Badge ()
Cianwood's Storm Badge ()
Olivine's Mineral Badge ()
Mahogany's Glacier Badge ()
Blackthorn's Rising Badge ()


Rustboro's Stone Badge ()
Dewford's Knuckle Bade ()
Mauville's Dynamo Badge ()
Lavaridge's Heat Badge ()
Petalburg's Balance Badge ()
Fortree's Feather Badge (X)
Mossdeep's Mind Badge ()
Sootopolis's Rain Badge (X)


Oreburgh's Coal Badge ()
Eterna's Forest Badge ()
Veilstone's Cobble Badge ()
Pastoria's Fen Badge ()
Hearthome's Relic Badge ()
Canalave's Mine Badge ()
Snowpoint's Icicle Badge ()
Sunnyshore's Beacon Badge ()


Striaton's Trio Badge (X)
Nacrene's Basic Badge (X)
Castelia's Insect Badge ()
Nimbasa's Bolt Badge ()
Driftveil's Quake Badge ()
Mistralton's Jet Badge (X)
Icirrus's Freeze Badge ()
Opelucid's Legend Badge (X)
Virbank's Toxic Badge (X)
Humilau's Wave Badge ()


O = Captured
X = Not Captured
! = Grader Needed

A Bit More Than Shyness O February 18th '08
Tensions on Mt. Coronet O May 17th '08

-Won my 1st FFA with Garchomp on 4/4/08
-Won my 1st Gym Badge against Mauville's Team overkill on 4/9/08
-Became Viridian Gym Leader on 4/27/08
-Placed 2nd in a massive 21 man FFA got 10K on 5/17/08 and crossing past midnight into 5/18/08
-Defeated 2 Gyms in one day on 6/1/08
-Electivire single-handedly defeated the Goldenrod Gym on 6/1/08
-Owned my 10th Pokemon (Zubat) on 6/27/08
-Became a ref on 6/30/08
-Won my 2nd FFA with Swampert on JULY 4TH!! ZOMG! 2008 :D
-Owned my 20th Pokemon (Yanma) on 9/5/09
-Owned my 30th Pokemon (Sneasel) on 7/18/10
-Placed 2nd in the Team Wars Tourney on 8/31/10
-Completed Johto set of badges on 10/12/10
-Completed Sinnoh set of badges on 12/19/10
-Owned my 40th Pokemon (Cradily) on 5/3/11
-Placed 1st in the FFA Tournament on 5/29/11
-Completed Kanto set of badges on 6/2/11
-Successfully defended Viridian Gym 50 times on 7/10/11
-Became a member of the Elite Four on 10/23/11
-Owned my 50th Pokemon (Murkrow) on 12/26/11
-Placed 1st in the 2012 GBA Tournament on 11/24/12
-Placed 1st in the 8th Annual Gym Tournament on 1/25/13


^ Anastasia-R ^
Current VPP: Palkia > Level 100: 6987

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