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Default Grader Wages 2/1-5/1

Wages!!!!! OHH YEAHHH

So nobody rated above a Basic-rate length 1 grade, but then again, it's a slow time of the year.

Turtwig A

Battles and Confusions
Basic 1. Although length is not really a priority in grades, this one could stand to be a little longer. Be sure to focus not so much on summarizing what the writer's done so much as potential to improve.

Dead Shouldn't Write
Basic 1. In crossover stories, the degree to which the writer merges the two (or more) universes is at his or her discretion. The only concerns are whether 1) the story is fun to read 2) people unfamiliar with the other universes also find it fun to read. Don't focus on typoes unless you really can't find other glaring grammar errors. On the internet, you usually can. You should always have something to say about each section. Graders should know both grammar and how to tell a story; give the writer the benefit of your experience.

My Fishing Trip
Basic 1. A basic grade for a basic story. Grades for Magikarp-level stories should be short but pithy: lots of basic pointers both on how to tell a good story and how to write to URPG standards. Special care is needed when the writer is unfamiliar enough with standards to submit an underlength story. One especially important component is examples. It's one thing to tell a newcomer how to write. It's another thing entirely to show them things that other people have written and point out what happened. You're light on those in this grade.

Yet Another Magikarp Story
Basic 1. Some good observations made here. Some suggestions for better future writing would be a nice thing to add, though. It's okay for a hurried second-try grade. I'm sorry for your earlier data loss; that must have majorly sucked.

Total: Basic 1 4x = $8000.

Jack of Clovers

Christmas Time Is Near
Basic 1. The Good/Bad/Advice format was new to me. It's different, but it's good too. I write my grades in a non-standard format myself. However, one-word descriptions for entire sections of the grade tend to worry the original writer. If you can't think of anything to write in a section, it's probably better just to leave the whole thing out. No news is good news, they say. Two paragraphs, as you've done in much of the grade, is a bit better, but for longer stories we both know that things have to be more in-depth.

Total: Basic 1 1x = $2000.


Just Deserts
Basic 1. Welcome to PE2K! Yes, I'm here too. Sometimes. Anyway, some pointers on your grade: you should put more advice in. You've done some decent assessment, but assessment isn't much without suggestions for improvement to back it up. In a respectful and straightforward way, of course. Watch the grammar section, too; I usually don't use technical terms such as "dependent clause" or "independent clause." Granted, the storywriter is PE2K staff, so decent command of English can be assumed, but you should go for intuitive lowest-common-denominator terms like "phrase" and "stand-alone sentence" to be safe.

Nida And Nido
Basic 1. The tone of a grade for a decent story should only rarely be "This is good and I liked it." It is far better to say "This is good, I liked it, and I think that you did this, it would be even better. Here's why..." Examples of richer description would also be good. The upside here is that you can demonstrate an important lesson: just how far is far enough. Demonstrating the line between rich prose and overloaded purple prose with adjectives oozing out of every pore is something I wish more people did.
Incidentally, you really should read up on the FEAR combo. (I think it's got its own Bulbapedia page) It is utterly hilarious. Use it on an unexpecting opponent and watch the mayhem ensue!

Total: Basic 1 2x = $4000.


Poison Bite
Basic 1. If you make the effort to recap the story in the grade, make sure there's a purpose behind it. Either highlight interesting things as you go, or at least say something. The point has been made before: the writer wrote the story him- or herself, so there's no need to tell them what they wrote. Also, you did a decent job with explaining possible improvements, but a few writing examples would have been good too. That sort of extra effort is what gets you to Moderate pay-grade and above.

The Present of a New Presence
Basic 1. The plot section should contain much more than a bare summary of what happened. Assess the use of common and advanced story-telling techniques. Tell them if something was particularly creative or cliched, and if any plot developments didn't satisfy you, etc. A good place to learn about the mechanics of telling stories is the TV Tropes Wiki. You ever been there? Be aware that that place is a major timesink. The grade needs some expansion in basically every section, particularly for a WWC story.

Total: Basic 1 2x = $4000.


Basic 1. Frankly, I'm surprised that you felt this story worthy of grading. Well done. However, you either missed the point of the story or didn't acknowledge it in your grade. This story is obviously a random mishmash of whatever nonsense came to Empty Box's mind, with no intent of being taken seriously. It is the sort of thing that one would write while wastedó though it's unlikely, given this forum's demographic, that Empty Box was drunk. There is little point in assessing this story according to rational standards simply because the story is irrational. However, if the grade itself is done in a deadpan humor style, then it would be worth it. The drier, the better. Same goes for hypocrisy. I'd rate one of those Moderate or above just on principle, you know?

Total: Basic 1 2x = $2000.
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