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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

Bah, not a single reader in months! What a failure... Let this be the final chapter!

Chapter 20

(Epilogue of Episode IV)

"… There might be a way" Celebi said the next day after everyone had woken up, having just gone through the events of the previous night in her head. Everyone was still groggy from having slept and didn't bother responding, leaving her to handle the talking.
"It is true that I have heard nothing about a human turning into a Pokémon…" Celebi said, Lucario seeing the monsters waking around him and rubbing his eyes twice just to make sure that he still wasn't dreaming.
"… But transformations and shapeshifting was always Mew's specialty. She might know more about this than I do" she continued while looking at Lucario.
"… Mew!?" Zerobi exclaimed as she sat up in shock, "You… You know Mew?"
"Most legendaries are surprisingly tight" Pikablu said while stretching himself, "I know, it freaked me out at first, too."
"She's my best friend" Celebi explained with the soft voice no one was expecting after her shrill scream the night before, "Rather shy… Well, more recently than before, but I'm not sure exactly why…"
"Doesn't matter" Lucario responded coolly with a short yawn, "So, what makes you think Meow knows anything about my condition?"
"Whoa!" Zerobi burst out, still shaken by this revelation, "Lucario! Mew is THE legendary legend! They say she created every Pokémon!"
"Hi hi hi..." Celebi giggled quietly with a paw covering her mouth, "Really? Why would they be saying that about her?"
"They… She…" Zerobi stammered while going through the many occult magazines in her head, trying to remember if there was ever any real factual information in them, "… Iunno, something about having the DNA of every living creature…"

"Well, she IS an expert when it comes to transformation" Celebi said happily and thought back to the many experiments they had conducted in the past, "Now that I think about it… I think she actually managed to turn into a human, once."
"Really? That does make it sound like she'd know something" Lucario admitted and finally started pay attention as he became curious about her, "Where can I find her?"
"… Oh, but I am not supposed to tell any more Pokémon about her whereabouts…" Celebi whispered slowly, "Just telling you that she exists is…"
"Tell him" Pikablu suddenly said, "It's not like she <i>can't</i> destroy him instantaneously if he does something bad."
"Dude, I totally saved you several times yesterday" Lucario said with an insulted tone while looking at Pikablu, "Where's my respect?"
"Just stating a fact" Pikablu said confidently, "… And I don't remember you actually saving me even once.
"There" Lucario muttered while pointing at Pikablu, "Just now. I saved you from a punch in the face by stopping myself."
"You're not doing wonders in convincing Celebi that you're harmless, you know" Pikablu mumbled in return, seemingly grouchy.
"She slept with me all night, she can't be <i>that</i> uncomfortable" Lucario replied with the same confidence Pikablu exhibited earlier, which soon faded as everyone looked at him strangely.
"Wait, what was that?" the Gallade asked, but was promptly ignored.
"… Must've been a dream…" Kabutops muttered to himself and crossed his arms.
"Still, even if she points you in the right direction, that won't be enough" Pikablu said while crossing his arms as well, not wanting to be outdone in display of authority, "Mew is the shyest legendary there is. You won't find her unless she wants you to."

"I know a way around that!" Celebi exclaimed cheerfully, "Lucario, do you possess an artifact of some kind?"
"… Artifact?" Lucario repeated in confusion, "Uh… Like what?"
"Anything! I can use the Miracle Eye to fill it up with my energy!" Celebi chirped while getting the impulse to whirl around in the air, but stopping herself in an attempt to retain her proper demeanor, "That way, Mew should sense my aura radiating from it and at the very least become curious enough to ask you about it!"
"Oh, that thing you did against the Tyrant-y-tard?" Lucario asked and thought back to the menacing foe that had been turned into a meteorite so easily, "That was bloody awesome, by the way."
"That is what I was hoping for!" Celebi said cheerfully, "Hmm… I missed the impact, though…"
"Don't worry, Cell…" the Gallade whispered while moving a bit closer to the small legendary, "I'll show it to you later…" The Gallade was about to show her what he meant, but had to hastily hide the camera behind his back as Pikablu gave him a curious stare.

"So!" Celebi continued, "Do you have any form of object that you regularly carry around with you?"
"… Uh…" Lucario mumbled while looking over himself and sighing, "… Not really, no."
"Lucario…" Zerobi suddenly said before pointing at his bottom, "What about your pants?"
"… My pants?" Lucario repeated, looking down again. The trousers that had initially been positively shining with cleanliness were now torn by the edges as well as dirtied by everything from blood to mud. He became fairly disgusted with them, even though they were still as functional as always and he wouldn't even have noticed it if he hadn't looked down.
"… Would that work?" he asked, reminding himself to hit a clothing store in the near future.
"I-I suppose…" Celebi stammered with surprise as she thought of a way to alter the procedure and make it work, "… Yes, yes it should! A bit thin, but at least you carry them with you all the time!"
"Hey, it's not like I've got my wardrobe or any washing machines around here!" Lucario responded with an insulted tone, confusing Celebi.

She wasted no time in performing the task as the strange colored lines from before crept over her body once more, making Lucario nervous as he imagined himself being flung miles up into the air.

"Wait, shouldn't he remove them first?" Zerobi asked.
"No, that will not be necessary" Celebi replied happily to Zerobi who gave off a grouchy expression in return, again to Celebi's confusion.
"Why were you wearing them to begin with, anyway?" Pikablu asked Lucario while taking a bite out of a berry he stole from their backpack.
"Human, remember?" Lucario replied and noticed that he had started sweating for some reason, "I've got this thing called 'modesty'!"
"Why? It's not like you've got anything to cover up!" the Gallade laughed while nudging the young Pokémon next to him, "Eh, Kabuta?"
"Hey, you shut up!" Kabuta responded with a disgusted voice before looking at Lucario shamefully, "Sorry 'bout that, I was kind of taken by the moment back then."

Lucario did not have time to respond as the lines around Celebi coiled and suddenly shot themselves directly in between his legs. Instinctively he covered himself, using his hands as protection. Luckily, he did not feel anything from the action towards his pants, which he knew helped him from needing to replace them afterwards.
The lines dissipated in an anti-climax, everyone looking at Lucario for some sort of response. He moved his legs around, feeling an odd sensation creeping up his back.

"My pants have an aura… One that's considerably greater than mine" Lucario said, smiling but showing disappointment through the tone of his voice, "… I honestly don't know how to feel about this."
"You should put them in charge" the Gallade snickered, "Let them wear you for once."
"Alright…" Lucario said while making a small hop just to see that his energetic pants wouldn't evaporate or something, "That's it?"
"That's it!" Celebi replied cheerfully, "Head towards the passage of the sun until see an absolutely humongous mountain! Go to that, and-"
"Whoa whoa, wait!" the Gallade suddenly burst out in shock, "He's not a flying-type, you're telling him to climb THAT mountain!?"
"Well…" Celebi said to herself with disdain while Lucario started wishing he had something besides his mind to take notes with, "That would be impossible, I suppose. But Mew should be able to sense your aura even if you are at the foot of it. Just go there and wait."
"Sounds good" Lucario said, wanting one last piece of confirmation from Celebi, "Are you sure Mew will be there?"
"Definitively!" she responded, "We meet there once every non-turn of the moon to experiment and have fun!"

"Alright, then… Thanks" Lucario said with a nod as he turned around and started walking, "I guess I'll be going now."
"Going…?" Zerobi repeated slowly as something clicked in her head, "Wait, you're leaving!?"
"Of course, gotta find Mew " Lucario replied quickly while bending over and picking up the backpack, "Uh, could you take care of your sleeping bag from now on? I don't feel like carrying around useless weight."
"… That's no good!" Zerobi exclaimed with a disappointed tone, "Come on, stay here! He can stay with us, right?"
"I-I suppose…" Celebi responded, not sure of how it would work out but not wanting to deny her sister's very first request.
"Decline'd" Lucario sighed, "If Mew can make me human again, I have to find her."
"Who's to say Mew can help you, anyway?" Zerobi kept going while feeling herself become angry, "If not even Celebi could, chances are slim-"
"Maybe she can, maybe she can't" Lucario interrupted while starting to get agitated as well, "The alternative is staying here, and if I do that I KNOW there's absolutely no way I'll return to being human."
"… You can't! It's much too dangerous for you to be doing this alone!" Zerobi shouted with rage, "I found you right at death's door, and that's where you'll be going if I'm not around!"
"Hmpf…" Lucario huffed coldly as he was beginning to get tired from being talked back to, "For me, there was a journey before you, and there will be one after you as well."

Zerobi stared furiously at Lucario, who stared back with silent disdain. She wasn't quite sure herself of why she had lost her temper so easily, and began worrying that she was going to go on a killing rampage again. Just to be on the safe side, she forced herself to calm down.

"Must you leave right at this moment?" Celebi asked Lucario, feeling sorry for her sister and wanting to be as supportive as possible.
"No sense in wasting any time" Lucario replied cockily while looking around him, "Besides, this crowd's too big for my taste. I could use some time alone."
"But…" Zerobi said slowly while looking at Lucario with as sad a face as she could muster, "… What about me?"
"I guess…" Lucario said bluntly, "This is our farewell."
"Hey, sorry to interrupt, but I've got a solution…" Pikablu suddenly said with a surprisingly confident voice, "Lucario, build two phones and give her one."
"… Yeah!" Zerobi exclaimed happily, "That thing humans use! That way, we can stay in touch!"
"Uh… No?" Lucario answered in confusion, "I'm not an engineer, I just punch things."
"Come on! I've seen humans use phones all the time!" Zerobi continued with determination, fighting against the idea that this was truly their last meeting, "I'll help you, if that's the problem!"
"No, I honestly have no idea how to build a phone. That's just…" Lucario explained while trying to comprehend the stupidity of what he was hearing, "… Ugh. Besides, even if I did, I'd need materials not found out here in nature."
"… What kind of materials?" Zerobi kept going and feeling her determination wane.
"Hell if I know!" Lucario burst out angrily as he finally snapped, "There'd have to be, like, a radio tower, too! It's not just something you can throw together!"
Zerobi groaned in annoyance. For an instant, she thought of continuing her journey with Lucario. But the nagging curiosity that had haunted her throughout her entire life made her realize that if given the choice, she would stay with Celebi.

"Zer… I mean, sis…" Celebi whispered slowly as she noticed how troubled she was, "Come here. We need to discuss something."
Zerobi looked back at her, and sighed before the two of them moved away from the rest of the crowd. The rest stood and stared at Lucario, who preferred the way they treated before and was beginning to regret telling them about being human. Much to his chagrin, he saw the Gallade suddenly approach him with a smug smile on his face.
"Listen pal, if you're really going off alone, let me tell you the single most important advice you'll ever hear" the Gallade said in a strangely informed manner as if he was giving a lecture before suddenly contorting his face into that of a demon, "<b>HATE. ZUBAT. </b>"
"Yeah!" Kabuta chimed in, agreeing with the Gallade for once, "Winged little things swarm around you while sucking your blood, confusing you and giving out a bad experience altogether!"
"Never had a problem with them, myself…" Kabutops said while slowly shaking his head, "Voltorb on the other hand… Ugh."
"Wait, what do they do?" Lucario asked, progressively getting less motivated to go on his journey.
"Screech" Kabutops responded bluntly, "… And explode."
"… That's, like, the most horrible thing I've ever heard described!" Lucario exclaimed in horror while imagining a stick of dynamite rubbing itself against a blackboard, "What do they do then, poison you!?"
"That'd be Weedle" Pikablu mumbled and thought back to his many perilous days in Viridian Forest, "Just stay away from trouble whenever possible."
"B-But…" Lucario stammered, trying to come up with a countermeasure, "What if I roundhouse kick it?"
"Explosion" Kabutops answered quickly.
"But…" Lucario kept going, "What if I roundhouse kick it… In the face!?"
"… I don't see how you could kick it and NOT hit it in the face…" Pikablu muttered to himself.
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