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Default Re: Lesbian mouse gene found

Race does have a biological difference. It has a lot to do with location though, rather than anything else.

African-American women are much more likely to have sarcoidosis than all other populations.
East-Asians are more likely to have EGFR receptor mutations, leading to specific cures for certain cancers.
Cystic fibrosis is almost exclusively a caucasian disease.
Sickle Cell disease is almost exclusively an African disease, of course due to malaria.
Africans also tend to have G6P mutations, also due to malaria.
Mediterranian descent and African descents have a much higher chance at thalassemias.

What I'm getting at is that race does change the way we handle people in medicine. Interestingly enough, I do consider all humans equal, as obviously despite these differences in biological identity, we still have roughly the same spread of genes, abide different mutations.

Of course, locations and habits also have a huge effect. North Americans, for example, are more prone to obesity due to both a genetic predisposition plus the sedentary culture. Same with Type II diabetes.

So yeah, in terms of medicine, I would be racist, sexist, sexual preference-ist, location-ist, family-ist, etc. because we follow silly things like statistics and biological markers. Seriously, if say you (Lus) come to me and tell me you have abdominal pain on your right, I'm going to assume appendicitis just because you're young. If you're fat, forty, fertile, and female and have abdominal pain on the right side, I'm going to assume gallstones until proven otherwise. :3

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