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Default Quiet Camerupt's Leafgreen Nuzlocke Challenge - Complete

So after successfully completing my Sapphire Nuzlocke challenge, I figured I should see if I can do it again.

My Rules:
1. Any Pokémon that faints is actually dead, and must either be banished to the "Graveyrd" box or released.
2. Only the very first Pokémon seen in an area can be caught. This includes before obtaining Pokéballs, and bodies of water are considered another area (but only 1 per route). The only exception to this is the Shiny Clause, meaning that this rule will not be applied should I happen to run into one.
3. All Pokémon will be permanently nicknamed.
4. White out is Game Over (even if pokemon remain in the box).
5. Healing items are completely banished during the main game (potions, paralyz heal, berries, etc), but they may be used during the battles with the Elite 4 and Champion.
6. Pokéballs are limited gems, only 3 per pokémart.
7. Legendaries can be caught, but not used (not that I'd really want to chance it given rule 6).
8. Battle style will be on Set (can't switch when opponent sends out a new pokémon).
9. Nuzlocke achieved the moment Champion is defeated.


Main Team Members:

Oak's Lab: Shellshark (Blastoise) Level 53
Status: Alive

Route 5: Undertaker (Weepinbell) Level 33
Status: Deceased R.I.P.

Route 11: Lacerator (Sandslash) Level 54
Status: Alive

Route 8: Krystal (Ninetales) Level 53
Status: Alive

Pokemon Tower: Hinotama (Gastly) Level 17
Status: Deceased (how do ghosts die?!)

Event Pokemon: Gastrocity (Snorlax) Level 30
Status: Deceased (...)

Other Pokemon:

Route 1: Pidgey
Status: Tackled to death by Shellshark

Route 22: Thrashina (Mankey)
Status: Deceased

Route 2: Rattrap (Rattata)
Status: Deceased

Viridian Forest: Larvinator (Caterpie)
Status: Alive

Route 3: Ramses (Pidgey)
Status: Alive

Mt. Moon: Vampress (Zubat)
Status: Alive

Route 4: Stupidbird (Spearow)
Status: Alive

Route 24: Neferti (Pidgey)
Status: Alive

Route 25: Weakina (Pidgey)
Status: Alive

Diglett's Cave: Wanablacer (Diglett)
Status: HM slave

Route 9: Pidgey
Status: Lacerated by the Lacerator

Route 10: Pinball (Voltorb)
Status: Alive

Rock Tunnel: Mossles (Machop)
Status: Alive

Route 7: Pidgey
Status: Eh, too lazy to kill it so I ran away

Route 10: Rattata
Status: Ran away from the nub

Route 18: Hydraka (Doduo)
Status: Alive

Safari Zone: Paragarbge (Parasect)
Status: Unfortunately alive

I power up the game, skip the intro, and say hi to the Venusaur I'll never use on the title page. I select new game, and discover that you can't skip through the incredibly unnecessary "help" instructions. 3 or 4 A button presses later, I meet Oak who joyfully sends out a Nidoran to poison me before my character even exists... I mean gives me a friendly introduction and shows me what the heck a pokemon is just in case I didn't already know. So then, are you a boy or are you a girl? Well if you had eyes you could clearly see I'm a boy, but for the heck of it I'll choose the female character. Now then, what is your name? I shall name my character Scarlet (because my Sapphire run's name was Crimson). And, uh, what is your rival's name? I tend to forget my own grandson. Let'see here, I'll name him Navy (as in navy blue). Now then, watch as I use my pokefairy magic to shrink you to shrimpy sprite size and meet you later even though I've already met you.

I appear in the middle of the room, finally mobile. I withdraw the potion from my PC despite the fact that I've banned myself from using it. Walking outside, I courageously attempt to venture onto the tedious Route 1 filled with Pigeons and Rats! But no, here comes Old Oak to prevent my suicide. Very well then, I shall indeed follow you since the game prevents me from doing otherwise. We enter the lab to find Navy impatiently waiting for the pokemon that he could have just as easily taken without adult supervision. To mock Navy even more, Oak tells me to pick my pokemon first. My initial reaction is Squirtle, because he has always been my favourite of the 3. I give him the name Shellshark and watch indefinitely as Navy chooses the inferior Bulbasaur and names him... Bulbasaur. I take a few steps out and of course the ever patient Navy wants to battle. Tail whip, tackle, tackle, tackle, maybe one more tackle. Goodbye Bulba. As Navy ragequits, I stumble out of the lab and begin my Nuzlocke anew.

I try my luck by slowly edging up Route 1 to hopefully avoid an encounter. I manage to get by the first few grass patches, but then lo and behold appears a SHINY Pidgey. No not really, just a regular Pidgey. Shellshark quickly tackles it to death and I continue without hesitation up to Viridian City. I heal at the center and enter the mart to grab Oak's parcel. Long story short, walk down route, give Oak parcel, obtain pokedex and pokeballs, throw a rock at Navy.

Since Route 1 is out of luck, I head to the small grass patch of Route 22. A Mankey appears! Weakening it down with bubble, I throw a ball. Darn monkey pops it. Another ball, caught it. I name her Thrashina and attempt to get her to get a kill at half hp. Amazingly, she does it. I go back to the center to heal, to the mart to buy my 3 pokeballs, then head straight to Route 2 after passing the old guy who shows you how to catch a pokemon even though you already have. Searching in the grass, a Rattata appears. Similar to Thrashina, Shellshark bubbles and then pokeball. Caught it. I name her Rattrap and go into Viridian Forest. Entering the grass hoping for a chance at a Pikachu, I of course instead receive a Caterpie. I catch it and name him Larvinator. Continuing through the forest, I have my first non-rival battle. And the worst enemy of Nuzlocke appears, early game poisoning! Shellshark is down with 21 hp, I switch out to Thrashina to try to get a scratch on the bug catcher's last weedle. She manages to get it in, but then dies from poison herself. I send out Rattrap to try to do some damage. She gets a tackle, then dies. Larvinator needs to only get one tackle in to get out of this mess, and he thankfully does without getting poisoned. Panicking, I realize I only have 105 steps to get to the center or Shellshark dies. As I attempt to carefully walk as simple a path as possible back to the center, I grow increasingly more desperate. Temptation say use a potion or antidote, but I have forbidden them. 21 hp, 14 hp, 7 hp. As I enter the center, Shellshark is holding on with 1 hp. 1, 2, 3, 4 steps to the counter and, well you know what happens. I talk to the nurse because Shellshark was still alive! He was literally 1 step from dying. Incredible close call. I deposit the dead Thrashina and Rattrap into the Graveyrd box and continue my course.

Returning to Viridian Forest, I realize I have to be much more careful. I attempt to grind Shellshark a bit, ignoring the numerous weedle that keep appearing. Eventually I get to the end of the maze with a level 11 Shellshark. But I remember that the last trainer has a level 9 weedle, which could be fatal if Shellshark doesn't 2HKO. After grinding some more to level 12, I try to defeat the trainer right before the last curve. To my surprise, he has 2 metapods and a caterpie. Shellshark defeats them easily and learns water gun. Weedle boy is no match, 2HKO.

I exit the forest, heal, buy my 3 pokeballs, and head for the Pewter City gym. Trainer easy enough, OHKO on Geodude, 2HKO on Sandshrew. Brock was also easy of course, OHKO on Geodude, 2HKO on Onix. I obtain the badge and tm, then go out to Route 3. Oak's Aide, who somehow beat me here, eagerly hands me some running shoes, yay. If only that happened in the original RBYG games. After a couple trainers, Shellshark decided to grow a much longer tail, fluffy ears, and a bigger physique. On entering the grass, I encounter a mighty Pidgey. I catch it and name him Ramses. I heal at the center and enter Mt. Moon to find a, you guessed it, Zubat. I catch it and name her Vampress, then continue to own everyone with Shellshark, who learns how to Bite in the process.

Exiting to Route 4 leads me to pawning Mega Punch off the karate guy for Shellshark, and then ignoring kicker guy since Mega Kick only has 75% accuracy. Jumping off the ledge of no return, I search the grass for hopefully a powerful Sandshrew. But of course it is just a Spearow. I catch the thing anyway and name it Stupidbird. Healing in Cerulean City, I go up to the Nugget Bridge to fight Navy, who for whatever reason is always smelling me. Battle commences with Shellshark versus Pidgeotto, who gets stomped flat. Next up is Ivysaur, who gets Mega Punched to red health, but then releases Sleep Powder. I switch to Vampress for the x4 resistance to vine whip and attempt to use leech life. Sleep Powder again. After a few more vine whips, Vampress wakes up and leeches the last bit of health from Ivysaur. As Abra comes in, I switch back to Shellshark to destroy it and the Raticate. Easy enough battle. As he walks away with his head down, Navy returns to give me a piece of garbage with chewing gum attached to the bottom of it (fame checker). I simply continue up the Nugget Bridge and eventually get to end. Healing, I return to Route 24 to collect my next pokemon. Oh joy, a Pidgey. I catch her for the heck of it and name her Neferti. I go ahead onto Route 25 to see if I'll get anything interesting there. Once again, a Pidgey. I really don't know why I didn't just KO it, but I caught it and named her Weakina. It's like how I kept running into Zigzagoons back in Sapphire, but these birds don't even get pickup. Working my way through Route 25, I eventually meet Bill and convince him to hand over his S.S. Ticket. Then I head back to Cerulean City.

I heal and instead of challenging Misty go straight out of town. Beating up the Rocket for the stolen TM 28, I go ahead and keep it myself. I run down to Route 5, hoping to find something unique. And BAM there it was, Bellsprout. I catch him and have a sort of odd story for his name. When I look at the word 'bell' I think of a wrestling bell, when I think of wrestling I think of the Undertaker. Therefore, Bellsprout shall forever be known as the Undertaker. Instead of continuing, I go right into Cerulean Gym. Teaching Undertake the Secret Power TM from Route 25, I go ahead and battle the swimmer. Horsea versus underlevelled Undertaker. Vine whip for 2HKO. Shellder, vine whip for red hp. And then ICICLE SPEAR! I watch in fear as Undertaker's hp steadily goes down. 1 hit, 2 hits, 3 hits, 4 hits (and 2hp), 5 h- noooooo! That's right, he didn't get the last hit. Vine whip, bam level 15 and I have my own Sleep Powder user. Going back to heal, I take out the Goldeen trainer with Shellshark. Starting the battle with Misty, I put Undertaker in the lead. Harden, sleep powder. Vine whip X2, dead Staryu. Here comes Starmie, retreat Undertaker and go Shellshark who takes a swift like it was a paper ball. Bite, down to 1/4 hp. Water pulse, but no confusion, so bite once more, and I win. I rip the badge from Misty's hand and teach Water Pulse to Shellshark.

Back on Route 6, Undertaker begins to kick some pokemon where it hurts. The grass search happens to pop up yet another useless Pidgey (why did I catch it?) who I name Hatshepsut. After taking out the trainers with some struggling, I make it to Vermilion city with no casualties. Here I heal, buy my pokeballs, and head to Route 11 where, to my joy, appears a little Sandshrew. I send it to sleep and catch him, naming him Lacerator. I go back to heal him, teach him how to Dig, and begin the training of my newest pokemon on the route and on the ship. Without too much difficulty, I conquer the S.S. Anne without any casualties. Then came the battle with Navy where everything fell apart. Just kidding, Lacerator, now a Sandslash, sliced up everything he had save Ivysaur, while Undertaker, now a Weepinbell, successfully disposed of the mutant dinosaur. After rubbing the Capt.'s back *insert healing sound effect*, he gave me the rare and horrible-in-battle HM 01. I left the ship and watched as all the people drowned due to Lacerator digging many, many holes in the bottom deck. Caaarrl! How could you?

Realizing I have nothing besides Lacerator and Undertaker to learn cut, I take a trip to Diglett's cave where I find a suitable slave. I catch it and name him Wanablacer, teach him cut, and have him mow Lt. Surge's lawn. As for the inside of Lt. Surge's gym, let's just say that Lacerator planted 15 boxes of TNT, one in each garbage can, doused the outside with gasoline, then fired a lit cannonball from the top of Diglett's cave. Nothing survived, not even that respawning tree appears anymore.

I returned to Cerulean City to cut the tree leading to Route 9 and defeated the trainers with mostly ease. Entering the grass yielded yet another worthless Pidgey, who this time thankfully got killed. On the Route 10 grassy area pops out a Voltorb, who I name Pinball (eh, I was out of ideas). Entering Rock Tunnel, I find a Machop, who I name Mossles. I go back to my PC to take a look at him, but decide I won't use him. I enter Rock Tunnel again with the intention of reaching Lavender Town.

Rock Tunnel, though long and dark, was not too much of a challenge for my team. Sure, they came out badly beaten and bruised (all in the yellow or red hp) but we did it in one trip. In addition, Lacerator learned the delicate art of causing landslides of huge rocks to fall on the opponent. I continue down to Lavender Town where I realize that even though this is one of my favourite songs, LG has it mixed kind of softly so that it doesn't have the same quality as in the RBYG games. I heal at the center, buy my 3 pokeballs (great balls!) and go straight into the Pokemon Tower to kick Navy in the fanny.

The battle was almost death for Lacerator. For some reason I decided that he should try to sweep the team, without me remembering the Ivysaur or the Gyrados. In addition I started off with Undertaker who missed his sleep powder the first time on Pidgeotto and got punished for it. Other than that, fairly simple battle and went alright. I leave the tower, heal once again, and start picking off the trainers of Route 8. On entering the grass, BAM erupts a nice little Vulpix. I'm surprised at my luck, since there's only a 20% chance of one appearing. I of course catch it and name her Krystal (Starfox reference, plus everything else I thought of was lame). But one other thing also shocks me. She's incredibly weak (level 15, seriously?!) while my other 3 are in their low 30s. So begins the tedious task of raising Krystal from having the strength of a toothpick to the ferocity of the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon (which, conveniently, she happens to evolve into).

Still on Route 8, Krystal kills her first pokemon all by herself, one of the lass' level 24 Meowth. She did it by burning it with ember so Pay Day didn't do as much. Yeah I don't know why I bothered to type that either. After defeating the rest of the trainers on Route 8, I continued to Celadon City via the underground pass. On route 7 I encounter a Pidgey, who I just run away from because they're not even worth killing anymore. Healing in the center, I drop by the Rocket Game Corner and battle the idiot "guarding" the poster. I come to the consideration as that of why the Rocket's base wasn't discovered earlier despite the fact that they run, own it, and it's named after them. Anyway, I invade the Hideout and defeat all the Rockets. Eventually I get to the Lift Key guy. The elevator doesn't work? Who has the Lift Key? You do jerk. After beating up Giovanni's bodyguards, I find the short and angry little dwarf himself. Shellshark handled most of the battle, easily taking out Rhyhorn and Onix, but having some trouble with Kangaskhan. Stealing the silph scope, I escape back out into the sunlight. Heading back to the pokemon center, I just now realize that I forgot to grab a bike from the bike shop. Ironically, I did remember to get the voucher while in Vermilion. Usually it's the other way around. But soon I will have fly so I'll be able to get there easy anyway.

It is here that I must confess a rather unfortunate, shocking, and depressing event. The squimish should look away now, and any children in the room should step outside. After healing, I went down to Route 10 where I searched the grass for a measly Rattata, who I ran away from as they're also not much better than Pidgey. Then there was the couple. The evil, evil, malicious couple. I send out Krystal and Undertaker, they send out their Ninetales and Rapidash. I attempt to immediately use sleep powder, but the Ninetales uses safeguard while the Rapidash uses tail whip. Now I know what you're thinking, Ninetales uses flamethrower and burns Undertaker to a crisp right? Wrong! Something even more devestating. As I switch out Krystal for Lacerator, I am confronted with the words "Foe Rapidash used Stomp. Critical hit!" OH. MY. GOSH. "Undertaker fainted!" NOOOOOOOO!! As I watch my long raised plant die, Shellshark comes in and, realizing what has happened, murders both Ninetales and Rapidash, mutilating them (My freaking kidney!) until they look nothing more than random bloody body parts. As the team mourns for poor Undertaker, who I must now pay an undertaker to prepare the body, I break into the Fearow Girl's house and steal her HM 02, teaching it to Neferti. Flying back to the center, I deposit Undertaker forever into the Graveyrd box, where his spirit will rest forever. Shellshark says goodbye, Lacerator cries, and Krystal says she was glad she hadn't seen it.

Wanting to calm my virtual nerves, I go into the department building to receive Tea from the elderly lady. Wanting to take frustration out in a quicker way than running, I fly to Cerulean to finally claim my Bicycle (Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle, I want to...). And then, in the most appropriate action, we fly to Lavender Town to mourn for the late Undertaker, and, of course, recapture his ghost. Going up to the third floor of the pokemon tower, I find what appears to be the ghost of Undertaker. But at a closer look, I see that it's a female, while Undertaker was a boy, so, unless ghosts can have sex changes, I guess Undertaker will indeed be permanently deceased. Catching the Gastly, I name her Hinotama, and welcome her to the team.

The many gastly begins to cause some complications as I constantly switch Krystal out to give her Xp. Eventually I get to Floor 5 where I heal and put Krystal back out again. During the fights, Shellshark absorbs much of the spirits' energy, and evolves further into the menacing tank known only as Blastoise. As I climb higher up the tower Krystal's independence begins to show. She begins to severely damage the gastly, even those higher than her, with a combination of confuse ray, will-o-wisp, and ember. The rest of the tower went alright, killed many more gastlys, beat up some channelers, and then Marowak as well. They say that it was Team Rocket who killed the Cubone baby, but I think it was me, because on the way up a met a Cubone, and killed it. On the 7th floor however drew some complications. Krystal was hurt badly, andLacerator was poisoned on the second Rocket. He still has 37 hp so he should be alright, but you never know. I switch Shellshark to first position to finish off the Rockets and rescue Mr. Fuji.

As soon as Mr. Fuji magically teleports us back to his house, I run to the center, get a shock when my repel ran out (for a split second I thought it said "Lacerator fainted!"), and heal. Going back to Mr. Fuji's house, I break the door down, steal the Nidoran and Psyduck, then make off with the pokeflute in tact. Yes, Scarlet is a bad girl.

Continues on 4th post.
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