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As Jake watched the Earthquake move hit and then Surf fail he felt it was alright that he had succeeded with getting one move onto the Growlithe. As the Growlithe heated up the area it became intensely hot, Jake had to wipe the sweat of his face and as he watched the Growlithe run away he knew it had enough. Jake wasn't really bothered about the Growlithe, he thought maybe letting it just go free but then he thought he might not see another Growlithe for quite a long time. He then decided to follow it and chase it down, he looked at his ranger and his Swampert and said,

"I'm getting this Growlithe. Come on Swampert, Ranger you may follow me if you wish but this Growlithe might be pretty worn out after Swampert's done with it."

As Jake ran he could feel his legs in pain, the heat pressure from the sun was beaming on them making every step harder to run. He wasn't catching the Growlithe very quickly as it was much more agile so Jake remember a tactic he had used before. He looked at his Swampert while trying to keep on running and said,

"Swampert use Foresight to trap Growlithe. Then after Foresight use Water Gun and follow the Water Gun and use Tackle so just in case it dodges it will have more chance of hitting.

The Swamper looked at Jake wondering if he was crazy but it nodded to Jake as it looked at the Growlithe and and Swamperts eyes glowed red again as it sent two red beams towards the Growlithe. It would only be a matter of time before they would get to the Growlithe as Swampert started gathering in breath and then releasing it in the formation of a bullet shot. It flew threw the air torpedoing towards Growlithe as Swampert ran still focusing on Growlithe following the Water Gun attack. It was a risky move but to stop the Growlithe from escaping, Jake had to do what was needed.

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