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Storie Pokemon
Infernape (male)

moves: scrath, leer, ember, taunt, fury swipes, flame wheel, nasty plot, torment, facade, fire spin, slack off, flamethrower, mach punch, close combat, fire spin, flare blitz, fient, punishment, acrobatics, calm mind
abilitie: blaze

Poliwhirl (female)

moves: bubble, hypnosis, water gun, doubleslap, rain dance, body slam, belly drum, hydro pump, water sport, bubblebeam, mudshot, wake up slap, mud bomb
w/d/l:3/0/2 (5 battles + a king's rock)
obtained: Who Says Abilitys aren't helpful?


moves:covet, scratch, low kick, leer, focus energy, fury swipes, karate chop, seismic toss, screech, assurance, swagger, cross chop, thrash, punishment, close combat, final gambit
tm moves:dynamic punch
abilitie:vital spirit
w/d/l:2/0/0 (5 battles)
obtained: What's Yours Is Minkey!


moves:leer, night shade, disable, foresight, astonish, confuse ray, shadow sneak, pursuit, curs, will-O-wisp, hex, mean look, payback, future sight
w/d/l:0/0/0(5 battles)
obtained:Dinosaurs at Duskull.


moves:pound, leer, absorb, quick attack, pursuit, screech, mega drain, agility slam, detect, giga drain, energy ball
tm moves:solarbeam
w/d/l:0/0/0(5 battles)
obtained:Initiation 1
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