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Frigging spammers.

Originally Posted by Spirit View Post
Nice and hilarious. OMG the poison from Weedles. That must have been intense. I'm glad to hear that it is going so well otherwise.
Haha, thanks, I'm glad you like it so far. And yeah I was afraid I'd lose Shellshark so early and have to continue with only a Caterpie.

Leafgreen Nuzlocke Continued:

You all remember Hinotama from a few above paragraphs, right? Well it's saddening that I must say that she didn't last very long. I'm a bad trainer. You see, I went to Saffron after giving the guard my Tea and taught her psychic from Mr. Psychic. Then I went over to the Fighting Dojo, figuring that Hinotama would be able to take out things twice her level if they couldn't hurt her. Well I kind of forgot about Foresight. Hinotama versus Machop. Hinotama used Psychic (does a little more than half hp)! Machop used Foresight! So I thought that since Psychic did over half, Hinotama would just KO with no damage. But no, he lives with something like 2 hp and, well, Foe Machop used Revenge! So Hinotama will forever R.I.P. (thought it was already dead?) in the Graveyrd box.

Next up is the Celadon Gym. Krystal, still a weak level 24, doesn't have a lot of power on the grass types with only ember. She can OHKO the Bellsprouts, get a crit hit on every Weepinbell, but seems to get poisoned or paralyzed during every battle. Yes, I did go in and out of the gym every time she got statused to heal, because I really wanted to get her up to speed. So Krystal continues along, defeating all the grass types in the gym with ember. Eventually only Erika remained, but there was no way I was going to put level 27 Krystal against those ugly grass things. So I went to Route 9 (I think, the one right beside Celadon) and grinded her a couple levels. BAM, just what I was waiting for. Krystal learned Flamethrower (Muhahahaha!)! In recognition of her outstanding fire manipulation abilities, I gave her the gift of a fire stone and, well, she evolved into the Nine-Tailed Fox (all nine tails!)! Needless to say, all of Erika's pokemon were OHKOed. The end. Well, ok fine, only Victreebell and Tangela were OHKOed, but Vileplume was sent to red hp. After obtaining the Rainbow Badge (how exactly does a rainbow have to do with grass?) I headed back to Route 16 to wake up that fat narb Snorlax.

And yes, I do indeed intend to capture it. I know I already caught a Route 16 pokemon, but that was in the grass, not randomly lying down in the middle of the road. These kind of things I like to call Event Pokemon (since you have to trigger something) such as the Kecleon I captured in my Sapphire Nuzlocke despite already catching a random encounter pokemon in that route. Therefore, it is not breaking the clause. In addition, Snorlax's immunity ability would be helpful in cases where I'm too lazy to fly to a pokemon center to heal them.

I switch the lead to Lacerator, afraid that a crit headbutt could destroy Krystal. Now just about every other time I've faced Snorlax, he's always given me some kind of trouble. Whether it's resting every frigging turn he's awake or just not staying in the ball, the guy is annoying (catch rate of 25). This time however, it was as though he wanted to be with me. I send out Lacerator, ready to test how much damage each attack would do. Slash on Snorlax, does 1/4 hp damage. I predicted a rest, but no, Snorlax offers Lacerator a meager headbutt. I go for a Brick Break since I figure Snorlax can handle it, and he does, stopping in red hp. Now surely this time he is going to rest, right when he's perfect. But no, headbutt again. So I throw my great ball (only 6 at this time due to my set of rules) expecting him to immediately pop out. One shake. Ok now he will pop out. Two shakes. Ok he is really mocking me now, he's just going to pop out. Three shakes. Ok do you really have to be so mean to-?! What? Snorlax was caught?! Seriously? Well, um, thank you I guess. I will name you... Gastrocity (as in gastric acid + atrocity)! As a reward for being a good boy going into the ball, I bought him a TM 30 and it to him. Now we shall ravage the Cycling Road hehehe...

Ok, I give up on trying to raise new pokemon! Biker, Grastrocity versus Machop. Headbutt to 2 hp, Karate chop when Gastrocity was down to 75 hp. It's a critical hit! Grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble... AAAAARRRRGGGHH! Grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble. Go. Krystal. Kill. Decimate. Destroy. Pulverize. Burn to a crisp and eat the ashes. I spent 90k on him way too soon...

Cycling Road in reality is a mine field. Koffing and Weezing everywhere, all ready to selfdestruct. Eventually I make it out without any more deaths. Krystal went into the Cycling road a young, defenseless Nine-Tailed Fox, but she emerged a barbarian of tortuous fire. Going on to Route 18, Krystal scorches the all the Bird Keeper's pokemon and runs into the grass to find a Doduo. I catch it and name her Hydraka (hydra for having multiple heads, ka as in a stereotypical bird call). Entering Fuschia City, the first thing I do is head to the Safari Zone for a chance at catching a new pokemon. I head to area 1 and find a Parasect. Yippee. In case you didn't detect the sarcasm, I find it unfortunate that the ball caught it on the second try. I name it Paragarbge and leave the Zone.

Upon leaving the Safari Zone, I ask myself, why the hell did I just do that? I go back in and pay another $500 (grrr...) and attempt to quickly sweep up all the items. Super repel is super. So in one round, I pick up all the items (including HM 03 but excluding the nugget in the middle of nowhere that requires Surf) and exit the African Lion Safari Zone. Then I go to the mart and pick up my 3 Ultra Balls (hurrah!). And then, since I have nothing else to do, I go the Fuschia Gym, teaching Shellshark Surf along the way. Lacerator and Krystal took care of all the trainers, while I'm saving Koga for later. While on Route 15, I found a Bellsprout, but did not feel catching it, so Krystal ate it. I also found a Weepinbell on the route above that, which Krystal also ate. To make a long story short, I defeated all the trainers on the Routes from Lavender to Fuschia. As for that Snorlax, well I didn't think it would be fair to catch another, so down he went.

Koga was a chump. I send out Shellshark to take on his Muk. Needless to say, Shellshark defeated everything in one or two surfs (three for Muk since he used a potion) without being overlevelled at all. So next then, of course, is to take out the Rockets once again at Silph Co.

I begin the same way I usually do. Take the Card Key from Floor 5 and defeat the Rocket guarding the nurse on Floor 9. Then I go back down to Floor 2 and beat everybody up. I manage to not require any healing since then, and finally do when I once again reach floor 9 after defeating all Rockets below. So many Rockets, so much Xp. My team is overly pumped, and I wouldn't be surprised if I go to the Indigo Plateau with only Shellshark, Lacerator, and Krystal, especially since everyone else I was going to use died. R.I.P. Undertaker, Hinotama, Gastrocity. Scarlet's arms have to be so toned and tired from throwing the pokeballs all day, honestly they should just stay out and attack everyone in sight.

After defeating all of the Rockets available using only the stairs, I finally go down to Floor 3 where the one correct panel lies. Stepping onto it, Mewtwo teleports me to the 7th Floor where I spy Navy being a you-know-what standing there. What kept me? I was kicking arse dummy. So why exactly were you stalking me to Saffron? Anyway it's Shellshark versus Pidgeot. I realize I forgot to switch the leader so I switch to Krystal who takes a pitiful wing attack. Two flamethrowers and burnt birdy. Navy sends out Gyarados, so I switch back to Shellshark. Dang it, he's packing dragon rage. I have to switch out to Lacerator, who better hit and KO with rock slide. He does it perfectly. He sends out Venusaur, so I switch to Krystal who takes a sleep powder, but it misses. Flamethrower to red hp, and razor leaf. Flamethrower again, KO on Venusaur. Next up is Growlithe, who intimidates Krystal. Confuse ray, but Growlithe still mages to use take down. I switch to Lacerator while Growlithe hurts itself. Using dig, Growlithe hurts itself again, and then Lacerator KOs. Only Alakazam is left, who I am deadly afraid of. My team is all at least 10 levels higher, but Lacerator had bad sp. def, and the other two are in cautionary hp condition. I take a leap of faith and hope that Lacerator is faster for a dig attack. Slower, but Alakazam uses calm mind twice. Dig for OHKO! Alakazam could be very troublesome later though.

The Silph Worker guy hands me a Lapras, who I name Nessie. Since my team is somewhat wounded, I take the teleporter back to take the one right next to it, which is the hospital floor. I go back and teleport to the 11th Floor where I beat up another miserable Rocket before confronting the little red dwarf known as Giovanni himself. The battle begins, Lacerator versus Nidorino. Lacerator uses dig and makes Nidorino miss, then hits for a OHKO. Giovanni's next pokemon is Kangaskhan, who Lacerator hits with a brick break for 3/4 hp damage, while it uses tail whip. Brick break again for KO. Next up is Rhyhorn, who Lacerator digs under. Hit for red hp, while Rhyhorn misses again when Lacerator is above ground. Brick break for KO. Finally Nidoqueen is up, who Lacerator digs under. Hit for 4/5 hp damage, but Lacerator gets poisoned while Nidoqueen also uses body slam. Critical hit slash for KO.

So after I obtain the Master Ball, which I may or may not use, I run up to Floor 9 to heal, but what the heck, stupid nurse woman only thanks me without healing. Fortunately, Lacerator was healthy enough to get to the center with a plenty amount of hitpoints to spare. Then I fly back to the town that started it all, the Town of Pallet. Without telling Mom I've arrived, I go across the water to battle the trainers of Route 21. I reach Cinnabar Island where I heal since Lacerator got poisoned again, then fly to Celadon to purchase a Secret Power TM for Ninetales and an Ice Beam TM for Blastoise. I teach them the moves, then fly back to Cinnabar to take out the Route 20 trainers. Once I defeat them, I fly to Fuschia City to take out the Route 19 trainers as well as the other side of Route 20. So I defeat all those trainers, and then heal (Lacerator got poisoned once again!). But now you're probably thinking "Hey, Camerupt, what about Sabrina?" Oh settle down now, I haven't forgotton about her. In fact, the Saffron gym is next.

After defeating her pathetic trainers, I teleported to Sabrina's room. Putting Krystal in the lead, I began the match. As I send out Krystal, Sabrina does her Kadabra. Secret power for OHKO. The Mr Mime. Secret power for red hp, as Mime calm minds. Quick attack as Sabrina uses a hyper potion. Quick attack again for KO. Next is Venomoth, Flamethrower for OHKO. Finally Alakazam, secret power to red hp, also paralyzing it, while his synchronize then paralyzes Krystal. Alakazam gets a calm mind in. Quick attack while Sabrina uses a hyper potion. Secret power while Sabrina uses a full heal, but fully paralyzed. Alakazam uses psychic for half hp damage and gets a sp. def drop. Fortunately, Krystal gets her secret power and I win without any casualties. I heal, then fly back to Cinnabar Island.

Pokemon Mansion was mostly uneventful. Beat up the trainer's pokemon, picked up the items, didn't bother to have something pop out since I already have my team set. Once I got into the last dead end and obtained the Secret Key, escape rope out. Next was the Cinnabar Gym. I put Shellshark in the lead just because he destroyed everything, but then swapped out for Lacerator near the end since he had to catch up. I said forget the quizzes and just battled the trainers. Blaine was incredibly easy for Lacerator, even after Growlithe's intimidate he just OHKOed everything with dig, save Arcanine. I actually swapped him out on Arcanine just in case fire blast did him in. Shellshark gladly drowned the big doggy. Yay, Volcano badge and fire blast for Krystal.

I take one step out of the gym, and the next thing I know Bill, along with his super secret ninjas, is kidnapping me and takes me hostage on One Island, or Knot Island, or Bond Island, whatever you want to call it. So he shows me his mad scientist but nerd friend Celio and gives me a rock, telling me to buzz off and deliver it to some bald guy on the next island. I say frig that I start battling the trainers around the island and up the volcano. But once I reach Mt. Ember, I realize that I never even obtained the Strength HM and had to go back down. Then I travelled to Two Island, where I met Mr. Baldman and told him to take his stupid rock, but he refused until I go find his slave daughter (she has to make your lunch for you, really?) and then some dummy on a bike who can't count to 3 rides in and puffs a huge cloud of exhaust in the old guy's face. I laugh it off and leave for Three Island where I can find slave girl.

So I head off to Three Island, and, as usual, there's a biker mafia abroad. I see a bunch of the fatter bikers blocking the road so I yell to them to get the heck out of the way and instead his throws out a large mine and a disgusting piece of what should have been flushed down the toilet. Then another one thinks I'm joking around and sends out his own land mine. Krystal makes it explode in his face with flamethrower. Finally one the bikers moves out for a easy path to the other side of the city, but no he challenges me too. Again with the purple piece of a toilet waste, die. Finally big, fat, rough and tough boss who thinks he's cool cause he has a hair deficiency fights me. Weezing gets OHKOed and Muk gets scorched. I tell the guy to get some real pokemon and he moves his and his buddies' fat donkeys out of the way. Pokemart guy gives me a full restore, but I say what the heck man I'm trying to do a no healing item Nuzlocke here.

I continue to the Bond Bridge where a Pidgey appears, then dies. I put a repel on and defeat the trainers. I quickly navigate through the Berry Forest, find Lostelle (that was your best name, seriously?) and drown the Hypno. Magically we teleport back to Two Island, where baldy is happy to have his lunch slave back. I give him his stupid rock and get a stupid rock back (caveman trading), then head back to my kidnapper Bill and his nerd friend Celio. His ninjas knock me out and we take the boat back to Cinnabar. When we reach the shore, I shout mild profanities at the top of my lungs to Bill, and he walks away like he didn't know what just happened. Jerk.

I fly back to Viridian City, where the final gym leader awaits. I quickly dispose of the Ground type trainers (erm, Machoke, Arbok, Tauros?) and *gasp* no way, the gym leader is the guy trying to take over the world? Yes, it is none other than short angry dwarf man Giovanni. I see the steam puff out of his ears as I send out Lacerator to earn his TM 26. Dig hits Rhyhorn for an OHKO. Dugtrio next, who is also OHKOed. Then Nidoqueen, who Lacerator digs against. For whatever reason I forget that it also has earthquake, so Lacerator gets pounded double damage, but still OHKOs the Queen of Nothing. Nidoking next, and I switch to Shellshark who takes an earthquake like the big, bad boss Giovanni wishes he was. Surf, OHKO. Rhyhorn... dude why isn't it evolved? Surf for OHKO. And with that, I obtain all badges and Lacerator learns the prized move Earthquake.

Healing, I head over to the familiar Route 22 where Navy appears in my path once again. Pidgeot is taken out by a 2HKO from Krystal, as is Venusaur when he comes out. I don't actually remember the rest of the battle, but I won with no casualties and Navy wimped out once again. I heal, and then head to Victory Road, first being stopped by 8 guards who should see that I have all the badges and not search me for each individual one. I finally make it to Victory Road, where all the trainers get massacred. 40 or so dead pokemon later...

Ahh! Finally back out into open air and sunshine. Damn it Lacerator, poisoned again? Whatever, we're here, and though my team isn't in the best condition after that, they all made it. And one more thing - time for rare candy level ups! So I enter the Indigo Plateau Pokemon League, heal, buy some full restores, max potions, and full heals (since this is the only time I'm allowed to use them) and enter the Elite 4 hall with Lv 59 Shellshark, Lv 60 Lacerator, and Lv 60 Krystal.

Forgot to mention that I taught Shellshark brick break a while ago, and good thing too since it was the only thing useful against Lorelei. Her pokemon were incredibly annoying. Dewgong, STOP using rest! Finally, crit brick break. Surf on Cloyster to 1 hp (they always survive by 1 hp, why?) full restore on Lorelei's part but Cloyster dies anyway. Slowbro was no trouble, 2HKO with bite. Same thing with Jynx, except she forced me to full restore from lovely kiss. Lapras was the hardest, taking a good number of brick breaks to take out, especially since Lorelei healed it. But I won, and with only some damage to Shellshark's PP.

Bruno was, well, how should I say this... pathetic! Go Lacerator on that Onix. Use earthquake followed up by brick br- Oh. OHKO from earthquake. Good boy Lacerator. Other Onix, also OHKO. Hitmonchan gave some trouble, surviving an earthquake and receiving a full restore, but was no match for Lacerator. Hitmonlee, though hitting with a powerful hi jump kick, was OHKOed by earthquake. Machamp wasn't much different, going down in 2 hits. And so the battle was won solely on Lacerator's part.

Agatha was a bit of a nuisance. Bite was a 2HKO on Gengar, who tried to double team but failed. Golbat was OHKOed by ice beam, while the next Gengar played around with Shellshark a bit before getting KOed by bite. Arbok was nothing special, and Haunter was just a Gengar wannabe. So Shellshark solely handled Agatha, though with trouble. Now you may be wondering, Camerupt, what about Krystal? Don't worry, she'll have her spotlight.

Lance's Gyrados was incredibly annoying. Spamming ice beam and bite was the best Shellshark could do, but he eventually accomplished it. Both Dragonairs were taken out with ice beam, somehow surviving it though, while even Dragonite was not OHKOed. I suppose though that this is due to Shellshark's rather low base sp. atk, but whatever it works. Aerodactyl was OHKOed by surf, and my team was happy.

Finally, the Champion battle versus Navy. How exactly he grinded in the time that it took to get to him I'll never know, but the battle began Lacerator versus Pidgeot. Rock slide for 2HKO. Next up, of course, was Venusaur, and this was Krystal's cue. I switch as Venusaur takes in sunlight, then for fun use confuse ray. Venusaur hits itself, nullifying it's solarbeam. Flamethrower for a KO after a full restore. Next, Rhydon, switch to Shellshark who takes an earthquake. Surf for OHKO. Next is Alakazam, who I try to get Shellshark to bite to death. His psychic was very powerful however, doing about half hp damage and getting a sp. def drop. I switch to Krystal who takes a psychic, then confuse ray. Krystal finishes him off with secret power. Now for the most annoying of all pokemon to my team, yet another Gyarados. I switch to Shellshark, hoping he can take the hit despite low hp. He does (a hydro pump, lol) and I heal him as Gyarados begins to thrash. This was the most annoying part of the battle, as ice beam and bite did barely anything and whatshisface still had full restores, but eventually Shellshark overpowered it. His last pokemon was a pathetic Arcanine, who attempted a pitiful extremespeed before getting OHKOed by surf. I am the third reigning champion of today!
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