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Haxbat came swooping back to her, though Ivy saw the Cubone avoided the attack easily before running. The Crobat landed on the large rock behind her, settling down to rest off some of the damage he had taken. She turned to him and smiled, patting him as he chattered happily back at her. “You did great, Haxbat,” she told him, and then she turned back out to the field.

The Torkoal tried to escape like the Cubone did, but Dual was ready to get in its way and stall it out until it fell asleep. Chainy's Parkball easily captured the Pokémon, and River's voice floated through her mind as she suggested they get moving. The Xatu flew off ahead after drawing the ball over to her so she could put it in Buzz's pack.

“Yeah,” she heard in a voice not her own, and she looked over to see Chainy and Dual moving along as well. Neither of them looked her way, and after a few seconds, Dual vanished inside is Pokéball. A faint 'monstrous' came across her mind, and she frowned. She almost said something to refute it, as she was sure it was about her bat, but then another voice came across her mind, though this one was fuzzy, like she was listening through several walls.

There was a giggle, and she was sure it belonged to Jackolyn, one of the newer secretaries. “Oh, Buzz, you're so-” The memory, or dream, as she hoped it was, cut off abruptly at about the same time she felt the mental circuit snap and dim down a bit.

She glanced down to Haji and blinked, and the look on his face confirmed that he had been hearing the same thing. He sighed and plopped down his side with a relieved expression. He informed her that he had been trying to mute the connection a little bit, so they didn't pick up everyone else's waves. She nodded. That was perfectly okay with her. She had no desire to know about Buzz's fantasies or what Chainy was thinking about her partners.

That thought just saddened her, and she didn't know how to get around it. They just didn't like her Crobat, and there wasn't anything she could do about it. Dual she could sort of understand, being a Pokémon's instinctual urges to avoid things that could hurt them. Chainy was a bit different though. He was a Trainer too, which meant he should've had a little tolerance. He seemed to loathe the Crobat, even though, despite being careful, there wasn't a single Ranger the Crobat disliked. She didn't like it. Haxbat didn't do anything wrong.

Then there was the worry that his dislike applied to her as well for being his Trainer. It was hard. She had often been ridiculed when she was younger, and despite knowing it was stupid, she sometimes sought approval from others. She knew she didn't need it, but she still tried to get it anyway. In things like this, it tore her on what she should do. She wasn't going to treat Bat like it was his fault because it wasn't, but if having him around made Chainy hate her...

She caught her breathing speeding up dangerously and clamped down on those thoughts firmly, pushing them from her mind. It wouldn't do her any good to panic about it now. There was still a run going on. There were Pokémon to capture and Poachers to arrest. She felt Haji's reassurance come through the bond and felt a little better.

She turned to Haxbat and smiled at him, patting him on the head between his ears as he crooned at her. “Alright, let's just ignore them for now. I want you to take to the air and scout for poachers and just keep an eye on things. Try to stay out of sight.” The bat nodded and tensed himself to take off. She took a glance back at the sleeping Buzz. “Keep an eye on that fool too, will you?” The Crobat chattered happily and rose into the air, swooping over to the mountain side and trying to blend in with the shadows.

She knew Buzz would probably be fine, but there were dangerous people out here on the mountain, and it probably wasn't a good idea to be unguarded while alone. He had his other Pokémon though, so he should be fine as long as he wasn't snuck up on. From high up, Haxbat should be able to keep an eye on him.

She stooped down to adjust the straps on Buzz's pack so she could carry it better, and she tried to tell herself it wasn't because she was reluctant to continue. Haji got up beside her and bumped her shoulder, silently telling her to come on. She nodded to him and stood up, taking a deep, supposedly calming breath before shouldering the backpack and heading off after River and Chainy.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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