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As Jake stood there watching Foresight do completely nothing he now knew it was a pretty useless move. Growlithe was strong for a small pokemon and was causing Swampert some pretty big damage. It was getting hotter every time Jake even moved his arm to wipe the sweat as it dripped of his soaked head. He looked like he jumped into a swimming pool then back out again, it was scorching hot weather. He looked at his Swampert as it stood struggling to gain energy from the heat impacting onto it's body. It was normal for a water pokemon to struggle under the immense pressure of heat. But this heat felt like drought weather. Growlithe stood over about 10 feet away with it's tongue out of it's mouth not feeling the heat. It had alot of fight in it. As Jake looked at the Growlithe he suddenly remembered a flashback from quite a time before he entered the park. He suddenly drifted off into his memory bank and he remembered the story.

It was a normal sunny day. The weather was perfect the wind was blowing through the tress releasing leaves through the air as spring was setting on. Pokemon that lived in trees like Pidgey and Starly were caring for their young making nests and going out to find food to provide their young. There were land pokemon running around trying to create burrows and areas to live as the plants, trees and animals all grew and prospered.

It was an ordinary day, Jake was walking through the rough mountain area near victory road as he was heading to train. Jake was walking around looking at the different pokemon, all differing in shape and size. Jake one by one beat a few off them helping train his Swampert one of his closest pokemon he had. But while they were training they bumped into a rare sight. A Houndour. It jumped out wanting to battle, Jake felt obliged to battle it but thought it would be a good pokemon have in his team. As he commanded Swampert to battle it was ready from learning different strategies to use.

The battle was fierce as Swampert was beating the little flame wolf pokemon. It was weakened and looked ready for capture, Jake grabbed the red and white spherical ball as he pressed the center white button increasing the size of the ball to normal tennis ball like size. As he threw his arm in the air and pegged the ball threw the air it soared with the wind behind it. It flew all the way over to the Houndour and just as it was about to capture the fire wolf pokemon a huge gaze of fire came straight at the ball. It looked like a bush fire as it incinerated the pokeball thrown into pieces.

The huge gaze of fire came straight from a Houndoom. Houndoom was the evolved form of Houndour. It stood there looking at Swampert, Swampert was tired from the training and didn't want to battle anymore but the Houndoom looked like it wanted a fight. Jake didn't back down as he told Swampert

"Swampert use Water Gun"

As the gusher of water flew at the Houndoom it quickly responded using Sunny Day. The weather had became intensingly hot and because they were high up it was even hotter. Swamperts attack hit the Houndoom but barely caused any damage because the heat had drained the energy from the attack. Jake looked stunned as the Houndoom quickly raised it's head getting power from the sun releasing a humongous attack towards Swampert. It was a Fire Blast attack. It flew straight through the air forming a human like shape, a head 2 legs and 2 arms. It connected with Swampert as the heat drained the energy out of Swampert and the fire type attack finished it off. Swampert layed on the ground fainted from the heat pressure of the attack and the weather. All Jake could do was stare into the midst of Houndoom's eye's. It wanted to protect it's young Houndour as Jake returned Swampert to it's ball and walked off remembering how quickly Swampert had been taken out.

As Jake snapped out of his memory he looked at the Growlithe and and resembled the Growlithe to Houndour and got the memory of maybe an Arcanine jumping out of nowhere to protect it's young pokemon. It frightened Jake as he stood looking in the midst of Growlithe's eyes just staring blankly at it. He tried to snap out of it as Jake's Swampert looked at Jake wondering what was wrong. Jake then said not paying attention to what he was saying,

"Swampert use Water Gun"

Jake must have been remembering again what had happened. Swampert listened to Jake and placed it's head upright as it tried to gather as much energy as possible. It lowered it's head as it tried to get over the immense heat pressure and released the water out of it's mouth. The water flowed through a straight line towards the Growlithe as Swampert stood with it's mouth open. Jake stood blankly not paying attention.

As Jake finally snapped out of the sense of memory he gazed his eyes upon his Swampert as it was firing a water gun attack. Jake was wanting to throw a pokeball but didn't remember how he commanded his Swampert to attack with Water Gun. As he reached into his pocket he grabbed out a green-camoish small spherical shaped like tennis ball. But it wasn't a tennis ball it was a parkball. Jake threw his arm in the air as he dragged it back behind his shoulders and pegged it towards the little orange with black striped fire puppy. The park ball flew threw the air and looked as though it was going to hit the Growlithe at the same time the Water Gun was. The Growlithe looked stressed standing on the other side wondering what to do.

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