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Default Clan Royal Oblivion - Now Recruiting

Clan Royal Oblivion finally makes it's move! What started as a Social Group is now a full out Clan. Compared to the other Clans out there, though, we are very small. But we WILL rise! And if we fall, we shall rise from the fog like a Gastly and strike again!


0. All Rules of the Internet Apply. XD
1. All PE2K Forum Rules Apply
2. NO Spamming
3. NO Double Posting
4. NO Trolling
5. NO Cursing
6. Battle rules are decided between yourselves. There are no set rules (there is a ban list though)
7. NO Slander
8. Do NOT reveal names
9. NO Trading Hacked Pokèmon
10. NO Arguing about "You cheated!" or "You turned off your DS!" blah blah blah.
11. Members who are inactive for 21 days, unless they alert me of their reason beforehand, will be removed from the clan
12. Don't do anything that could get the clan in trouble. If you get banned for something you did or said within the clan, we all go down with you. And we will NOT be happy
13. Do NOT post a new thread without my or an Admin's permission.
14. Do NOT ask for a rank up
15. GO NUTS!!!

Member Rankings


Darkrais Shadow
Saraibre Ryu

Tyrant Rank

Master Rank

Pro Rank

Intermediate Rank

Beginner Rank
Mahud King
Darumakka Imposter


I do need Clan Rank Userbars so I can make this Thread a little more official. If you can make userbars, use the Member Rankings to get an idea of what to make. Remember, making Clan Art helps you a lot to Rank Up. Post any Clan Art in the in this Thread or you can PM it to me. Thank You!

Member Sign Up Form:

Job: (Artist, Breeder, Cloner, EV Trainer, or None)
Reason For Signing Up: (If it's because you were recruited by someone, please give their username)
Pokèmon Experience:
Are you a good Competitive Battler?
Favorite Pokèmon:
Super-Mega-Ultra-Hyper-Special-Chocolatey-coated Hard Question: How do you spell Pokèmon?

War Team
Captain: GameLion (until further notice)

Mahud King
Darkrais Shadow
Darumakka Imposter

War Team Sign Up Form:

War Team
Friend Code (B/W):
PO Username:

Credits: Saraibre Ryu for the Awesome Clan Banner.
Kuitaran for the Awesome Mewtwo Sprite.
Steak for the awesome Clan Userbar.

Amidst the blue skies, the link from past to future.
The sheltering wings of the protector...

Credit goes to Steak for the Clan Royal Oblivion Userbar

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