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Default Re: Action Replay not working :( *Read befoe you Judge*

Originally Posted by Blood_Flood View Post
Hey everyone,
I have white version and no access to WiFi.... so i missed the Victini event, i was going to use my AR DSi to get the event. I found the code but it doesn't work, i tried some of code junkies codes and they don't work either.... why?

Action Replay DSi:
Firmware 1.25.14
Pokemon White
Updated Drivers

also no matter what the subscriptions will not load, i made exceptions to my firewalls and everything

last off sorry if this is the wrong section, i wasn't sure were to put it.
Does your DSi AR have a Micro SD card slot? If so, then you need to update the Firmware if you haven't already. Google Update Firm ware DSi AR and go to the Code Junkies page and find the download :)