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"Hey Leo, don't worry I'll put a telepathic block up so Ivy and Chainy can't learn who you are," River informed me. "It won't last forever but it should hold them off for a while." I nodded in reponse. It wasn't a surprise to me that River figured me out faster than I had expected. I couldn't fool her, but I could fool these two nublets.

"So where are you off too?" I asked Ivy, Chain was a bit up ahead, so I couldn't have a conversation with him yet. I wondered why he was so far away from Winter. They were supposed to be on a team, yet he was no where near her. How was he supposed to comfort her. They must be having some sort of fight. We kept walking down the left path of the volcano side, moving towards the base. The ackward silence on the way there was bothersome, but I couldn't think of anything better to say that would lighten the mood. I looked closely and saw a red and yellow striped Pokemon with a long, fiery tongue. Coming out from behind it was another lizard like Pokemon. I was so glad when I saw these two Pokemon, perhaps a battle is what these two trainers needed to get 'reunited'

"Omgomg!" I screamed. Heatmor were incredibly rare here in the park. I was very surprised to see one here out in the open. "Wow, you're so lucky. Which one of you two love birds is going for this extrodinary Pokemon?" If neither went for it, I was going to take it myself.
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