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Arrow The Official Pe2k Voices Thread

The Official Pe2k Voices Thread
-Pe2k's artists brought to life.



Before you look at the channel itself, I would just like to introduce you to it! Pe2kVoices is dedicated to helping the forum's artists gain popularity and friends! The channel is currently run by Hkim, Graceful_Suicune, and myself, Teddiursa of the Sky.

How to join:
To join you must have participated in at least one voice acting project with one of our members, and a post number of 50 here on the forum. We hope you have no problem in completing these minimal requirements. To apply for a membership, please contact Teddiursa of the Sky, or Graceful_Suicune, to gain the right to post. However, for the safety of the channel, you may not learn the password, but rather, email your creations to Graceful_Suicune, Hkim, or myself.

Teddiursa of the Sky


What is Pe2k Voices?
Pe2k Voices (Pokemon Elite 2000 Voices) is a Youtube Channel dedicated to popularizing Pe2k's animators, voicers, visual artists, and music mixers. If you fall within the minimal requirements stated above, and you are an artist, feel free to contact one of the members (listed above as well) for permission to post.

How do I get my work on Pe2k Voices?
To get your art on Pe2k, whether it be a voicing project, music, a visual art gallery, or an animation, you must contact one of the administrators for permission. Once you have gained permission, you can then email the video to Once sent, we will work to upload the video. When sending the video, please be sure to leave your own unique description that will be on the video. If you fail to give us your own description, we will describe it ourselves.

Can we post other's work?
No. Your work must be original and made solely by you. If a copyright charge is brought upon a video, the member will be given a warning. If it happens again, the member will be banned permanently from the group (you may still work indirectly with another member, but you may not be able to post your own work).

Should we censor our work?
Pe2k Voices will accept any form of humor except racism. All we ask is to keep swearing to a minimum and to keep any sexual humor to a certain medium. Anything considered inappropriate will be removed immediately. The member will also be warned.

Note: Consistent racism will earn you a permanent ban from all Pe2k Voices' activities.

What if I get a warning?
If you get a warning, that is a blow towards your right as a member. Get three strikes, and you are immediately removed from the group, no questions asked. Warnings are only handed out if a strong offense has been made (copyrighted material, strong sexual humor, racism).

Any more questions? Please contact any of the administrators to learn more.

Your works of art!


Classifications Key
Type: What type of art is it?
-Art (Visual Art)

Anime: What anime is it from?
-Other (Name of the anime)
-Original/None (If the art is original anime or is not at an anime)

Pokemon: Path of Destiny - Thunder and Rosie's Angry Argument VA
Length: 1:17
Type: Voicing/Art
Anime: Pokemon

Pokemon: TtEoaF - Dusty's rant VA
Length: 4:57
Type: Voicing/Art
Anime: Pokemon

Pokemon: TtEoaF - Dusty, Zhol and a random bidoof VA
Length: 6:16
Type: Vocing/Art
Anime: Pokemon

Mario: ALoaK - Day 1
Length: 2:27
Type: Voicing/Art
Anime: Mario

Pokemon: Path of Destiny - Meeting
Length: 3:17
Type: Voicing/Art
Anime: Pokemon

The Microscope - Voice acting narration
Length: 4:38
Type: Voicing
Anime: Original/None

Mario: ALoaK - Day 2
Length: 1:23
Type: Voicing/Art
Anime: Mario

Pokemon: Winona and Lance Poketweet conversation
Length: 3:29
Type: Voicing
Anime: Pokemon

Pokemon: The Path of Destiny - Caves
Length: 3:42
Type: Voicing/Art
Anime: Pokemon

Pokemon: A World So Broken - Prologue
Length: 5:48
Type: Voicing/Art
Anime: Pokemon

Pokemon: My Guardian Angel - Death and Jirachi
Length: 8:13
Type: Voicing/Art
Anime: Pokemon

Pokemon: Poketweet - Flannery and Roxanne [PG for cursing]
Length: 0:42
Type: Voicing
Anime: Pokemon

Pokemon Elite 2000
Lenth: 0:42
Type: Music
Anime: Pokemon

Let's Plays with Mike?
Length: 0:40
Type: Gaming
Anime: None

Relaxing in Minecraft!
Length: 2:01
Type: Gaming
Anime: None

Mike goes MLG for 4 Minutes
Length: 4:37
Type: Gaming
Anime: None

-Here are some websites with music you can use.

  • There are several sights that offer free music that we can use legally in our videos with only mentioning the artist's title (these must be posted IN the video):
    FreeMusic4YourVids - Music by:
    PacDVsounds - Music by:
    Kevin Macleod - Music by: Kevin Macleod
    Audionautix - Music by: Jason Shaw @
    New Grounds Audio Portal - Music by: (Artist of individual song) - Music by: (Artist of individual song)

  • Permission - If you have permission to use copyrighted material, proof must be emailed to
  • Monetary gain? - Only certain videos will be allowed apart of our partnership. Please keep this in mind when selecting your music variety. Some artists allow profiting from their work, and others don't, please make sure you read all legal rules concerning your audio/music.
Latest Test/Work in Production:

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