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Coming out of Viridian Forest, Eishiba made it to Pewter City. The city was larger than Viridian. The rocky terrain was all it consisted of aside from the houses and shops. Eishiba, Talim, and and Aaron stopped by the Pokemon Center first. Inside was just like walking into another Walmart. It was the same as Viridian City's center. Nurse Joy took their Pokemon to fix them up.
Everyone sat down and began to eat food which again, tasted like hospital food. Eishiba couldn't help but make a volcano out of his mashed after being mashed, mashed potatoes. "This stuff is so gross. Maybe I should start eating elsewhere." Eishiba muttered.
The other two agreed as the front door of the Pokemon Center flew open as a boy rushed to Nurse Joy. Eishiba recognized him as Kalen. He waved to Kalen who came running to Eishiba and said, "I tried to fight Brock...but he was just too much for my Weedle and Chimchar."
Eishiba said, "Was he that tough?"
Kalen nodded saying, "The guy didn't even have to switch Pokemon. He just used one."
"What kind of Pokemon did he use?" Eishiba asked, hoping to get some kind of a head start on the opponent he planned to face.
Kalen said, "Oh easy! It was a..." Kalen stopped and tried to think. "It was a...a...I dont' even was a rocky looking Pokemon..."
Aaron said, "Must be a rock type. Your Chimchar and Weedle aren't exactly the types you want to use for a rock type Pokemon."
Kalen said, "What do I do then? I want to get my first badge."
Kalen sat down and put his elbows on the table and laid his head on his balled up fists. Everyone sat in silence and then Aaron said, "You should go to the next route. There is a small pond there and I'm sure will have a water type. Water is good for drowning rock types."
Kalen's eyes grew wide as he jumped up and shouted, "Thanks for the tip." He ran to his Pokemon that were finished and headed out the door in a blur. Talim looked a little confused and said, "Does that kid ever stop to take a breath?"
Aaron said, "Even if he catches a Water type, he needs to train it first. He can't just take a newly acquired Pokemon into battle with someone who has some major training and skills like Brock."
Eishiba looked at Aaron and said, "So what will you and Growlithe do?"
Aaron shrugged and said, "We will train and get stronger. It is possible to have the type disadvantage and still win."
Talim said, "I have a water type. That means I could win!"
Eishiba and Aaron giggled historically. "That silly thing got scared from my Growlithe. Like its going to beat something even bigger and stronger."
Talim shook her head and didn't say anything. Eishiba laughed and began to stand up. The three collected their Pokemon and headed outside. Aaron looked at Eishiba and said, "Well, I am going to go train some more. I don't feel quite ready for taking on Brock. Want to come with me?"
Eishiba thought and then shook his head. "I think I want to go challenge him once myself. Just to see what he is like."
Aaron said, "Don't expect an easy ride. He is really tough."
Eishiba nodded and said, "Well I hope to see you around sometime."
Aaron said, "You will. We will see each other at the Pokemon League I hope. It starts in a year."
Eishiba nodded and said, "Then Ill see you there."
The two shook hands and went their opposite ways. Eishiba walked along quietly, thinking about his gym battle. He couldn't wait! "My first gym battle," He thought to himself. "What if I win? What if I lose?"
Then he heard a voice. "You can do it," the voice of a female said.
Eishiba turned to see Talim following him. "What are you doing here?"
She said, "Did you forget about me? You said goodbye to Aaron but didn't seem to remember I was there too."
Eishiba nodded and said, "Sorry, just got alot on my mind. What do you mean Ill do fine?"
"You said what if you win and what if you lose," Talim said.
"I didn't know I was talking aloud," Eishiba said.
Talim giggled and said, "So where is this gym at?"
Eishiba stalled a moment trying to take his gaze off Talim's emerald green eyes. He said, "Oh, should be the biggest building in the city I would assume." He looked around and saw the top of a building with a giant boulder on it. Eishiba said, "Lets try that one. Looks big enough."
The two walked down the street in the direction of the gym. Talim said, "What Pokemon do you think you will use?"
"Squirtle!" Eishiba got excited. "Squirtle will be able to stop those rock types!"
"Maybe I should try my Azurill," Talim said. Eishiba couldn't help but say, "Yeah, if you want it to be squashed."
Talim said, "Ok, maybe I just need alot more training. Ill get there eventually."
Eishiba said, "We can always have a battle ourselves."
Talim said, "I would like that. Just don't use that Mankey. It beats things up."
Eishiba laughed saying, "Yeah, Mankey is a real handful. Its always angry."
Once they arrived, the gym on the outside looked like a giant cave. Eishiba walked in, without having to open a door. It was musty inside and smelled of cobalt and ore. Inside were many Zubat's flying about. Its grew darker as they tried to make their way through. Talim stayed close as finally it was dark. "We can't see, how do we get through here?"
Eishiba said, "I got an idea." With that, he let loose his Torchic from its Pokeball. Torchic cried out at the darkness as Eishiba tried to calm it. "Torchic, listen, its me. I need you to light this room." A moment later, Torchic was visible and a small flame was coming from its mouth. The flame only went a few feet out. Eishiba realized Torchic was learning how to use Flame thrower. At the moment it wasn't very strong but it was becoming stronger with its fire attacks. Torchic walked in front of everyone as the area, about 6 feet around them was lit up. The ground was now dirt and rocky as they made their way further. Talim shrieked as Eishiba turned and said, "Whats wrong?"
Talim looked at her hand as there was something brown colored on it. Eishiba grinned and looked up to see Zubat lined up along the top of the cave. "Trust don't want to know what that was."
Talim looked strangely at Eishiba and looked up. Seeing the line of Zubat and she muttered, "Ewww....Zubat guano!"
Eishiba laughed as they heard another voice saying, "Why do you come here?"
Eishiba looked around but couldn't see any farther than Torchic's flames. "I'm here for a battle!" Eishiba said.
Talim said, "This is getting a little creepy..."
The voice said, "As if you could possibly challenge me. That Torchic doesn't stand a chance!"
Eishiba was tired of all the talk and wanted to battle. "I had to get through the cave somehow."
"You don't stand a snowballs chance in hell!" the voice said.
"Then just fight me and lets see!" Eishiba shouted back.
Talim said, "Don't make him mad...whoever it is!"
Eishiba said, "Battle me now! I don't fear you!"
Eishiba realized he had lied. He was quaking where he stood but he wasn't about to say that openly.
Finally two large flames lit the room from the ceiling. The ground was dark still but Eishiba could make out a much older teenager. Maybe about 19. He was a big, strong guy, with dark hair and dark eyes. He wasn't nearly as big as Lt. Surge but for Eishiba, he was big enough. He wasted little time in throwing a Pokeball to the arena as a blinding light lit the room for a second. A rocky boulder like pokemon with arms, floated in the air. It stood motionless. Eishiba shrugged and threw his pokeball out, letting loose his Squirtle. "I knew you would use a rock type."
"So you picked a water type? It better be strong enough to battle with Geodude! We will use two Pokemon each!"
"Two?" Eishiba thought. "What other pokemon could I possibly need?" Eishiba thought again.
"Geodude! Tackle it!" Brock commanded.
Eishiba shouted, "Squirtle! Bubble!"
Squirtle opened its mouth, letting a flurry of bubbles fly towards the rocky, slow moving Geodude. Geodude shot right through the bubbles as they popped, not doing anything to it. Geodude crashed into Squirtle, sending it flying back. It crashed against the wall and laid where it landed without moving. "Thats one Pokemon down. Whats next? That Torchic?"
Eishiba called Squirtle back, not sure what to do next. Eishiba knew he couldn't use Torchic. And Buneary wouldn't be the right choice either. He had only one other option and he wasn't sure if it would be any better, but he had to try. Eishiba threw his last choice into the arena as Mankey sprang forth. It opened its eyes, seeing the arena and the darkened cave. He screeched and began thrashing about. Brock said, "Another Pokemon on its way to the Pokemon Center! Geodude tackle it!"
Geodude began to move its sluggish body. Eishiba shouted, "Mankey! Use Low Kick!"
Even with Geodude getting the first command, Mankey still was in its face first. With a swift, heavy kick, Mankey connected. The geodude made a grumbling noise as the kick left a small crack in the rocky body of Geodude. The Geodude fell to the ground with a thud and didn't move. Brock looked rather surprised as he called it back. "You have progressed farther than most people who come here. But you still have no chance!"
Mankey stood in the arena and screeched, sounding like a chimpanzee, at the emptiness it stood in. It stomped the dirt and kicked at the air as it was lonely. Brock threw in his next pokeball as it revealed a giant rocky snake. It stood about 25 feet long. Its head reached up about 10 feet from the ground. Who knows how much it weighed. Mankey continued to trash angrily until it saw Onix. Its gaze went up to Onix's head as it stopped thrashing and screeching. Mankey saw the size of Onix and let out a small high pitched, long grunt. For once, Mankey seemed to be a little intimidated. Onix growled as it made a mad dash at Mankey.
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