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Ivy continued on ahead, trying not to think about anything. All of a sudden Haji's ears perked up from ahead of her, and she felt him reach out with her senses. “Someone comes,” he said softly, and she turned back in time to see a middle-aged looking man with black hair and a Ranger outfit that was a little different than the ones the ladies wore at the office. It was a little strange seeing a guy in shorter shorts.

“Hey, guys!” he shouted as he waved an arm and got closer. “I'm Ranger Alphonzo! Where are ya headed off to by yourselves? Some place romantic?”

Ivy snorted despite herself, glancing quickly back at Chainy and rolling her eyes a little. She was sure he didn't want to be on the same run as her right now, let alone in close proximity, as she could tell from his eagerness to continue on the path. She shook her head as she looked back at the new 'Ranger', not wanting to be rude. “Hi there,” she said.

“It is strange,” Haji began with a confused tone. “I cannot sense anything coming from him at all. It is like there is a wall preventing me. Be wary,” he warned, and she nodded.

She was pretty sure she knew all the Rangers here at the Park, either in person or by reputation. She didn't remember an Alphonzo on the staff list, and it immediately made her tense. What if it was one of the poachers trying to get the drop on them? Haji was absolutely right, they should be very careful. As far as she knew, Buzz was still their Ranger, and River was doing just fine in subbing for him. Nobody had made a phone call to base.

“So where are you off to?” Alphonzo asked her.

“We're...looking for some specific things,” she answered after a pause, not wanting to give too much away in case he really was a poacher. The mental block Haji was experiencing was really odd. “River is leading us.” Then, she turned to follow the Xatu, keeping some of her senses on the new person to their group.

They continued on, traveling on the path that wrapped around the left side of the volcano, angling downward to the base. A cloud of dust rose up from ahead, and when Ivy next looked, two Pokémon came out of it. One was the lizard-like Charmeleon, a really powerful Pokémon that was an evolution of a common starter type for Trainers.

The other was an upright bipedal Pokémon that looked a little mixed between an anteater and a volcano and gray-colored steampunk invention, complete with what looked like steel arm cuffs and tubes. It was a Heatmor, a semi-rare Fire type Pokémon. It neared her as it looked at her steadily. She wasn't all that interested, but she saw Chainy's eyes go wide and a sort of awed look come over him. She supposed it was a little like Torkoal. Maybe he wanted it.

“Omgomg!” Alphonzo yelled in excitement. It seemed Chainy wasn't the only one that was interested.

“Hey,” she called, getting Chainy's attention. “I'm not real interested in this one, but maybe you want it? I can keep the other one entertained for a bit.” She nodded down at Haji, who silently agreed with her.

Maybe offering him a Pokémon he wanted would help dilute this bad blood between them. She hadn't wanted to bring out Haxbat like she had, without warning him or something, but she didn't have a lot of other options at the time since she didn't want her partners injured. She didn't want to upset him more. Now, instead of freaked out like he had been at first, he seemed a little angry, and she definitely didn't want him mad at her. It only brought some of her greatest worries to the surface...

She shook her head, trying not to think about any of that stuff. Eventually she would accept that some people just didn't like her, but today wasn't that day and she wasn't going to deal with it. Instead, she planned what she was going to do about now.

“Haji, tell Haxbat to stay hidden for now. We don't know what this guy is doing, but tell him to keep an eye out for trouble. He can intervene if he thinks it's necessary. I don't want to make Chainy even more mad at me.” She felt bad about treating Haxbat a little like an outcast, but blending in with surroundings and generally playing ninja was something he liked to do, so she knew he wouldn't mind it. “Let's be ready to help if he wants it. We'll wait for now to see what these wild Pokémon do before making a move.”

Haji nodded his agreement, taking a second to transfer the instructions to the invisible Crobat. If Chainy wanted to fight, they would be ready.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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