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Default Re: Clan Royal Oblivion

Originally Posted by Saraibre Ryu View Post
Having gotten a Photoshop trial, because I missed the program that much, I decided to rework out my Photoshoping skills and work on a banner for the clan. I'm not sure what kind of userbars we're looking for, unless I can go all free range on yeah.

I thought the clan banner needed some extra 'punch' so I made this little sucker. [The text colour was hard to pick...]

Hope it works out for you. I can still make any edits if necessary...within the next 30 days anyway...
That. Is. Freaking. AWESOME!!! there's only one problem. the banner has to be 200x100 according to the rules. but if you could just shrink it to that size, or something, that's great! thanks, man! definitely better than what I made. :)

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Credit goes to Steak for the Clan Royal Oblivion Userbar