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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Discussion

Originally Posted by Kamehamehaha View Post

You are the perfect trainer.

Declared by Chris C---------
Banhammer me for asking but who is Chris C? O_O

Originally Posted by Mizuki Emi View Post
Wow. :o They all look awesome, especially the Charizard one! The buttons it has looks kinda like flames (or maybe Charizard's footsteps?) instead of hexagons, which makes the skin stand out a little from the other two, IMO.
I didn't notice that before! Maybe because I was looking at it when my brain wasn't...wait my brain never works...ANYWAY...sweet, I am ging to be using it as my Gear skin when I get it.

I totally can't wait for my Eeveelution promotion tomorrow. I hope it'll be a female but the chances of that are lower than low rider.
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