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Default Re: Not staying logged in?

Originally Posted by Gelatini Jejunator View Post
Ever since today, PE2K is logging me out, regardless of the 'stay logged in' box being checked.

Any help?
Maybe you should try deleting your cookies, or search history...

So since I don't know the English words, Firefox is in Icelandic for me.. xD

hit ctr + shift then + delete while holding the other 2 in

Then check all the boxes except for the browser history on and the google (Search machine) search history one (If you want you can include those two, but beware that everything you have typed in and is not in favorites will disappear.). Then select how far back you want to delete, just say about everything since it's probably been more then 24 hours since the problem started. Then hit the clear button and then try checking if you stay logged into the forum again. :)

Anyway sorry that I don't have the English names.. ^^;

Also be aware that this will clear out every information that isn't saved somewhere, if you have your password remembered for facebook or something like that, that will still be there, but anything else will be gone, but bookmarks/things added in favorites will still be there. :)
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