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Default Gym Roster + Rentals

Accepted and now a full fledged Gym Leader? No? Then apply here, in the Applications thread. Alright, now we're ready! Once your Gym is accepted (Note that there can only be 8 Gym Leaders at one time), what do you do if you want to change your Gym lineup..? Well, you've come to the right place!

First, you have to decide which Pokemon you're swapping out and what you're replacing it with. Maybe Gloom isn't doing as well as you'd hoped and you're willing to give Jumpluff a chance..? Or perhaps you're just looking for a new twist. Whatever your reasoning is, if you want to do it, you're free to, as long as the replacement Pokemon fits your Gym theme.

Second, you fill out the form below and wait to be Approved! If there is any problem wit the formatting or there is a reason why the New Pokemon cannot join your Gym lineup, you will not be approved! Also, if you do not own the Pokemon you want to add to your roster, then, of course, you will not be approved.

Form for swapping Pokemon:
Pokemon you're removing from your roster → Pokemon you're adding to your roster.
How the new Pokemon fits your theme.

[Nickname] New Pokemon (Gender)
Signature Move:
Here's an example:
Swapping Seaking for Starmie
My theme is: 'Only Water-type Pokemon from Kanto may be used by the leader', and Starmie is a Water-type from Kanto.

[Shimmer] Starmie (X)
Ability: Natural Cure.
No Signature Move.
Pretty easy, right? :)

All PE2K forum and PE2KASBL Rules apply (no SPAMing, no double posting, ect.)
If a Pokemon you wish to remove from your roster is currently in battle, you may NOT remove it—you'll have to wait until that battle is completed or your Pokemon (i.e. Seaking) is knocked out.
You must wait for an approval before you can send out the new Pokemon into a Gym battle.
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