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Default Re: Leaves/Temporary Leaves/I'm Back Thread

Originally Posted by Paperfairy View Post
So, as of right now, I don't have internet access at home, and it's rather difficult to get a hold of it on a daily basis - I have to leave my house to do so, which I can't always do for personal reasons. If all goes according to plan, I won't have reliable access until the Fall, when I will be starting school again - and my school life is largely incompatible with my responsibilities here, so I can't promise activity then either.

As such, it's difficult to help run an online community given that I
not online. I also feel bad that individuals are often waiting for me to "return" and I have no idea when that will be, if at all. So I suppose this is my "leaving" post, but there's just a few things I want to clear up whilst I disappear into the smoke.

I will be completing the balancing project as promised and I'll upload it for the Officials to look at in time for the summer, because I can work on that offline. Aside from that, I can't ref, ranger, or approve stuff, and thus, I suppose it would be appropriate that I'm no longer a Moderator until I can commit to the responsibility. Doesn't matter, since I designed ASB 2 to be able to run without me anyways.
If the three remaining individuals feel that we need to replace me, then my vote, if it counts for anything, is to promote either Jenn or Khajmer to Moderator, and promote KantoBreeder to an Official... but that's entirely up to you guys. It is also up to you guys whether or not I keep my current titles (interestingly enough, I do not have a user button at all.... :() I hope everything goes according to plan, and emailing me is now the best option of contacting me.

As far as things I'm involved in on a Member Basis:
Aeon, my challenge in the Trivia Center still stands. I'll finish it... someday. Same applies to Hitmonfighter.

As far as my battles, it is up to whomever I'm battling if they would like to DQ me or simply wait - I don't care in either case.

Website Staff

Vice Editor
It's a damn shame that I did so little while I was in this position, but I'm glad I had it while I did. It's up to you, Harry, how you want to handle this, but you know how I felt about people in power that weren't doing anything. If I still have the power, I'll pop in when I can and publish articles. As for my unpublished articles, Harry, you're free to use them as you wish, since you have access to them.

Site Redesign and Creative Dex
Looks like while I was away, Ryan finally showed up... but a little too late. I can't even work part time on these, since I need to be editing on a server itself, so I would like to pass this mantle on. Randor appears to be the only other individual with the technical know-how to even complete the projects, so I'd like to pass this torch to him, if possible. As far as administrative duties, I'd like to pass the Creative Dex to Simmi and Sarah, and the Site Redesign to whomever wants it (although I imagine it will fall on Harry... sorry!)

If, by some miracle, I can consistently get online, I'd like to fold back into whatever spaces I can to help out, but I have no idea when that will be, and I'm not making any promises. Have a great summer everybody! Leaving PMs/VMs are fine, but I make no promises on when i can reply to them. <3

Aww FML!! I was gonna spend my summer vacation working with you on the Creative Dex and other stuff, and now you tell us you won't be back until my summer vacation is over. O.o;;

Your going away for the whole summer. :(

I'm not happy. :(

Anyway I will take care of the Creative Dex, hopefully the submissions will be well on it's way once you return to the forum.

So I certainly will be leaving you VM's or PM's on progress and if I have any questions.

And I'm 100% you'll be allowed to fall back into place once you return, anything else is just absurd, we mustn't think of such things.

So I hope you'll be able to come back full time as soon as possible cause I'll be waiting for you to come back.

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