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Default Fjärtzenpiipi

This is my BACK UP log:

Be nice to it please.

BMGf Judging Log--Fjärtzenpiipi

Licensed May 16, 2011 by Dunsparce Overlord a.k.a. Feng.

Total Money Earned from Judging: $16,000
Total Number of Contests Judged: 8


HexCodes for Contest Attributes:
Cute: #DB7093
Smart: #31B94D
Cool: #CD950C
Tough: #EEC900
Beauty: #499DF5

Morru's log™ is the product of a zombie-killing, air slashing, magical shotgun-slash-chainsaw. No parts of it may be reproduced in any matter, or stored in a retrieval system without consent from its producers. Also, Morru's Log™ is better than Xpedential's because it floats and has magical powers. All rights reserved. 2011© ALSO CONTESTS HAVE BEEN MOVED TO BMG, K?

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