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Default Re: Pokémon Elemental (Now Recruiting)(Free Shinies!)

Originally Posted by The pokemaster View Post
So King N dude said it was cool to join even though I don't do DS wi-fi soo... lol.

User Name: The pokemaster
Friend Code: n/a
Reason for Joining?: Because I want to get into competitive battling, and I'm hoping a clan will help me learn and give me some experience and stuff.
What Other skills do you have: So, I'll be using Pokemon Online for all of my battling for now, until I can somehow get my wi-fi working.
Experience With Pokemon: I've been playing Pokemon since the original Pokemon Gold. Only started getting more serious in my playing in Platinum, and recently started competitive battling.

So, IDK. Hi.
Welcome to the Clan
Hope you learn here
If anyone of you have any questions post here
also i want to a sprite of all you favorite pokemons
One per person ;)