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Default Re: Clan Royal Oblivion - Now Recruiting

Hey, guys. Even though we aren't even official yet, I think it's time we start working on our War Team. However, that means we need more members who are EXTREMELY good battlers. Now, I believe they have two different ways to battle in a war: Black/White and PO. Here are the requirements for being on the War Team:
1. A win/loss ratio of at least 50%
2. You must know how to EV/IV Train (this includes natures)
3. Your team must be completely EV Trained
4. Your team must have all Lvl. 100s
5. You must win three battles with other members (you can not battle the same member twice in a row)

So judging as how we will need to recruit new members, I suggest we advertise the clan in our signatures. I will also recruit people the same way I recruited you guys. Okay, guys? Alright then. Operation War Team Draft begins...NOW!!!

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