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Default Re: ATF's Pond of Judging

R/S/E contest
Normal Tough

JokesterJesse w/ Dweeble
Xpedential w/ Staraptor
U-B-E-R w/ Swampert
EeveeDude w/ Gallade

Staraptor maintained the lead through most of it but an unfortunate Take Down set him up to lose -8 hearts. Otherwise it was pretty close except for Gallade after some failed Slash attempts failed to deliver.

1st[ribbon]: Swampert w/ 500pts. +2k & 1.5k CC
2nd: Staraptor w/ 480pts. +1.5k & 1k CC
3rd: Dweeble w/ 460pts + 1.5k & 1k CC
4th: Gallade w/ 320pts +1k & .5k CC

Me: 2.0k
Coordinator Stat's

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